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  1. Colin West looked like a striker, then the similarity stopped!
  2. Or we could.... Take car, Go to Chansiri's, Kill Warnock - "Sorry Colin" Grab Forestieri, Go to the Park Hotel, have a nice cold pint, and wait for all of this to blow over.
  3. If he came in for the Sunderland game I would rather see him at centre back than manager!
  4. As Tommy Docherty is 88 now I think he may struggle!
  5. I think this was against Newcastle, Sinton didn't play many games
  6. Brentford finished 4th, I'd give this thread up as a bad job mate!
  7. Sorry to disappoint but we finished 5th in 2005!
  8. Why is that, there will be 3-4,000 going to general sale-chill your beans fella!
  9. I'll bet Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice are quaking in there boots!
  10. Anderson was injured in the First game but was captain. Palmer captained the replay, Anderson was injured and didn't play!
  11. Madden was a benefit match as he didn't do 10 years!
  12. Played in the Intertoto cup I believe! (Pearson)
  13. Teams below need to win 4 of there next 5. If that happens and we don't pick up 3 points in the next 5 I will gladly bare my B0llocks on't town hall steps!
  14. Tony Galvin, the slowest winger in the history of football and he always looked like he had shat his shorts!
  15. I suppose he will be making the donation to Heysel victims next week then! No?
  16. Did Bernhard have the chippy in the Fish market?
  17. Pound for pound it had to be Lawrie Madden. Free transfer and plucked from the football scrapheap then went on to play over 200 games for us and win a cup final medal. Who can forget the time he came on at Wembley and played on the wing or when he sent Danny Wallace hurtling into the south stand against Southampton! Failing that, Ian Cranson
  18. So if where counting Franz Carr with U21 caps we should also be counting Richard Creswell.
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