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  1. 4 minutes ago, bradowl said:


    I don't think they have a choice, if they finish more 12 points clear of relegation the 12 points come off at start of next season.

    No it doesn't, if Wigan finish in the relegation places the 12 points comes off next season (they wont/cant mathematically)

    If they finish above the relegation places they get deducted 12.


    The thing to remember is that the deduction doesn't happen until the end of the season!

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  2. 2 minutes ago, WalthamOwl said:

    we are going to have to hope Wigan lose a few because if they carry on getting points the -12 won’t come in to play this season I believe? They have some easy looking games left this season as well. 

    The -12 happens if they don't finish in the relegation places, they wont!


  3. 12 minutes ago, HarrowbyOwl said:

    That was based on a garbled report from one journo who said the Disciplinary Commission 'hearing' started last Monday and was expected to last all week.

    But it depends what was meant by 'hearing'. The hearing is usually the final stage of more lengthy displinary proceedings. If he meant that proceedings only got underway last week then its unlikely they'll get to the final hearing and decision stage that quickly. It seems from other cases that there's a gap between the decision and the announcemnt of the outcome, possibly to give each party the chance to lodge an appeal within the 14 days allowed.

    So keep biting your nails

    When Birmingham got there 9 points deduction (the nearest comparable to us) it started on the Monday and ended on the Friday with a announcement on the same day!

  4. 1 minute ago, Suzuki_San said:

    I'm surprised I've not seen more about this, but they were time wasting/niggling/fouling from minute 10.


    Chucking the ball away, standing in front of free kicks, which then graduated to hacking down when through, surrounding the ref...this even happened when they were 3-0 up.


    What's everyones thoughts on this?  If you're a Luton/Hull/Stoke, then I probably understand it.  But this lot? There is no need, at 0-0 with no crowd to incite, what's the point?  

    You've got to be like that, I see nothing wrong in it!

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  5. 27 minutes ago, airborne_rat_of_s6 said:

    Think MM has played more minutes than AA. Think AA is running that Georok Sedoski or whatever he was called who signed and never played close for the most useless player.

    Sedloski played 4 times for Wednesday, he was at the club for under a year and the reason he didn't play much was that he was She-ite!

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