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  1. He's taken a job at a landscaping company, apparently in his 1st week he pissed off all the other employees and was put on gardening leave.
  2. Thought the post was an advert for an Injury law firm
  3. We'd be better of with O.J Simpson at the moment
  4. Jones Shreeves Jewell Wilson Monk Turner Luhkay Yorath Best 1st
  5. Saw him a lot round Hackenthorpe, he was looking tired. Remember him well from the late 70's/early 80's usually taking a slash of throwing his scarf on the pitch (after a poor performance) One of the characters that we wont get back. A bit of Wednesday has died. RIP Sammy
  6. Wigan's local paper-the Stoke Sentinel? It's 50 miles from Wigan to Stoke.
  7. No it doesn't, if Wigan finish in the relegation places the 12 points comes off next season (they wont/cant mathematically) If they finish above the relegation places they get deducted 12. The thing to remember is that the deduction doesn't happen until the end of the season!
  8. The -12 happens if they don't finish in the relegation places, they wont!
  9. When Birmingham got there 9 points deduction (the nearest comparable to us) it started on the Monday and ended on the Friday with a announcement on the same day!
  10. You've got to be like that, I see nothing wrong in it!
  11. How anyone can make a decision on this at the moment is baffling!
  12. Been there, done that, got the ill fitting T-Shirt!
  13. According to Wiki, Wim Jonk played 70 times for Wednesday, that cant be true, can it?
  14. Bannan signing a deal means nowt, if the price is right......
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