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  1. Not sure about season tickets but if it stays like this, and with the prices we charge I think we’ll struggle to get gates of over 20k next season, well without some decent investment. League 1? Now that’s a scary thought. I like to think I’ll still be there but I know a few others that won’t.
  2. Hutchinson and joey both starting with and no recognised striker? Can’t wait for this one
  3. Sounds about right for us. I’m sure some of our fans will be expecting Fergie though
  4. This will be interesting, wonder who he’s got lined up? No one worth their salt will want this job and that’s a fact
  5. Chansiri just doesn’t have the money. Other than the Rhodes instalments, Abdi, FF, Reach and VA. In 5 years who have we paid good money for since? Pelupessy?! If he did correct we’d have done a wolves and actually splashed some serious cash (in football terms, not mine
  6. He’s working with very poor players, due to amount of games 3 games in a week, training and tactics will be limited.
  7. That he did. I just don’t understand what TP wants, we create nothing but the expects goals not happening with this team, bannan not played well for last 2 games but carry on lad
  8. I just don’t get all the negativity for Pulis, for where we’re at this moment in time I think he’s a good appointment.
  9. Just think if we hadn’t had that 6 point deduction we’d be in 21st right now! Great job Monk
  10. Just noticed Kyle Naughton is out of contract, ex blade I know but Sheffield lad and one that could do a job for us
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