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  1. Grenoside owl

    "Thank you Dejphon Chansiri" banner

    He won’t let you take it down, he’ll ban you first
  2. Grenoside owl

    What's to stop

    What’s to stop him from paying £30m+ to sponsor the ground?Surely there must be ways to get his money into the club if he wanted
  3. Grenoside owl

    Could chasiri be ready to walk away?

    Thank God for the spelling police! Saved the day again. Chansiri isn't liked by auto correct for some reason. BAD samsung tut tut
  4. Rumour as it that his family are wanting him to stop throwing money at the club. There was little movent in the last transfer window till he had no option but to buy a new centre half His persistence with cc when everyone else can see his time is up! Is this so any potential new owner can bring their own new man in??? Just a thought but stranger things have happened....... I think ;)
  5. All this who would you have that's better than Carlos nonsense is absolute rubbish! Had anyone seriously heard of him before he came to wednesday? if not why do you believe there isn't any better out there?! There must be numerous managers with more/better experience than him. Just because we've not heard of all the managers out there it doesn't mean there's non better
  6. Grenoside owl

    Villa gonna be tough

    Hopefully our season will kickstart now, would be nice to go at them with some pace though. Does anyone know what's up with matias? Think he could be the one to tear terry a new one. 2-1 to the owls
  7. Grenoside owl

    Swfc training gear

    Never mentioned the stitching. I did say it was like something off a turkey market stall though if that's what your referring too? As for the moaning comment, me?! Haha are you genuinely happy with what's going off with swfc at the moment? Blinkered if so happy clapper no2???
  8. Grenoside owl

    Swfc training gear

    Just my point of view and I don't like the top. Keep clapping mark77 well done
  9. Grenoside owl

    Swfc training gear

    It's the material that's not up to much, cheap and the pictures don't show this in its true light. Still can't get use to the awful badge too. That might just be me though
  10. Grenoside owl

    time for rhodes and hooper to start

    Matias for Wallace then you can have Carlos's job for me
  11. Grenoside owl

    Swfc training gear

    Would've thought so, think they have to refund if your not happy. It's just disappointing really as this could've been a good top
  12. Just been to collect this training top as I thought it looked like a half decent top online. Now for the problem... The quality is of what I'd expect from a market stall in turkey and that's being harsh onTurkey markets! Really does feel like a cheap snide and a fairly expensive one at that. The more I think about it, is this the reason they aren't stocked in the shops? I know I wouldn't have purchased if I'd seen it first and that's a fact. If your thinking or purchasing be prepared to be disappointed
  13. The 5th most expensive shirt in English football, 3 months late anyone who buys it is a fool!
  14. What's happened to Federico venancio? Surely we sign players to improve the 1st team so we actually should play them maybe?! I'm now starting to question if cc even wants these players we keep signing, if not I don't feel he's totally at fault for our current state
  15. Grenoside owl

    Club 1867 / Plaque Membership

    This is something else that is just wrong! Who's advising chansiri? There's this then..... the badge, looks rhubarb 150th celebrations or lack of. Little sponsorship in ground, why? replacing swfc on north stand with his name, really?! ticket prices (overpriced) the kit (no stripes) errrrm.... then to top it off no kit to purchase Becoming a bad joke