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  1. Spot on mate with your early morning thoughts ..... it’s all just spiralling out of control and I see nothing good at all coming out of Thursday from DC unless he has planned changes on his advisors, a change of structure on ownership (new money maybe) and most of all a change to the coaching staff ... I don’t think we will get this level of action or honesty, it will be a defensive rant which will just alienate the fans even more !!
  2. What a complete idiot .... if that’s what he said !! ... please just go you are an embarrasment of a man to be the manager of our great club ... you are a Chairman muppet that is clearly hanging out for his pension pay off !! ... 2015 was passion play by the team and the fans ... we expect better in 2018 based on the changes and the further investment and what you were brought in to do ... please DC if you, your son and KT monitor social media, please fully understand these comments ... get rid of Jos now and bring back pure passion ... shambles today pure shambles !!
  3. I really do appreciate and have sympathy with what you guys witnessed today and all the other loyal fans that were with you too ... really has to change !!
  4. As the title says ... and it’s a mess. Continued changes to the team line up, formation, tactics and poor substitutions. No real answers ever why some of our fit and respected senior players are not in squad. No passion from the manager to get the team to play for him, nothing from his assistant manager either and Bullen has gone very quiet too !! I listened to iFollow today and the guys struggled to say anything positive about us at all in the first half ... the first half stats probably support the same ..... the second half was not much better, comical tactics and play to get to 1-2 down and the only bit of passion maybe in the second half was at the time of our eaqusliser !! ... but it then just reverted to poor play again after that, poor substitution and so many players that just appeared to go missing and not contribute at all. We really need honesty and answers to this team selection nonsense from the squad we have and the continued perpetual injuries. Jos really has to go .... DC needs to get real about his “vanity project” and do this ... getting someone in with passion and give freedom of selection of the full squad and the whole of the support staff.
  5. Great read ... thanks. A very honest insight into the make up of our manager and the “hand” he has been dealt with on the injuries front and not being able to bring in reinforcements due to the embargo. His need to look at the youth talent available to him in the U23’s and the U18’s and to bring these lads on and into first team contention. A necessity and to certain extent a success. Potentially he is still trying to get to grips with English football and the ever increasing intensity of the Championship. Not sure he is right with him looking for the individuals in the team to take more responsibility to read the game and react rather than it being “barked” at them from the dugout !!. That’s a whole step change and we don’t necessarily have the mix of players or the leaders in the team to achieve this. A modest man who just gets on with it on the field with what he is given and maybe does not get too involved in the issues of the running of the club at CEO/Chairman level. A good fit for the CEO/Chairman with the current circumstances at the club. Maybe too modest and lacking in the passion to get what’s needed out of the players in order to succeed and deal with the demands of the Championship.
  6. Following the the last open forum with supporters he offered to go if we wanted him to .... after the events this evening he may just do that !! .. either way he has lost the backing of the rank and file fan base .. selling up yes is process but he might realise to get value from a sale he has to deal differently with his blind stewardship of everything at the club !!
  7. DC, if you or your Son, or your advisors, pick up on social media then I beg you to reflect on where you are taking our precious and historic football club !! ... your manager is a shambles, his comments this evening on our best goalkeeper, Westwood, being injured coming out of the blue confirms he is not in control of team selection ... you need to let go of your tight control of footballing matters of which you know nothing and bring in a manager who is able and can get the best out the current squad or simply sell up and go !! .... leaving us fans and the North of the City to do our best to turn all of this around ... you are making us a laughing stock of a club, an embarrassment ... reflect on this please and compare to the outpouring of admiration of how your fellow countryman, the Chairman of Leicester City was looked upon by the fans and community following his recent tragic death .... he got the plan right and you should follow this or please go !!
  8. Really don’t get this .... . Dawson does not deserve the jersey every outing !! ... Wildsmith needs a chance, and we need as fans, an answer to the Westwood saga !! . Fox .. don’t get it, never will .. waste of a shirt !! . Defence ... what defence, Lees is our man, our Captain ... all set up to be a mess tonight, I feel for Pudil, who I really rate, but he has the short straw tonight !! . Midfield .. is as good as we have, hope they can hold it !! . Attack .. is as good as we can offer given all the injuries !! . Bench .. do think some or most of those guys should be on the field to start with !! Lets see ... I fear a result like the last outing to Loftus Road !!
  9. How does Fox get a game !! ... what a crap line up this evening ... we deserve to get thrashed !! .... so dissappointed in Jos .. we are done and we will get found out big time these next five games !!
  10. I’m with you on this ... a woeful service ... I am going to demand a refund
  11. Also living in Salisbury now !!! .... and know of a least two other fans that live local too .... could end up hiring a mini bus for the games !! Not a season ticket holder but a member and get to some home games .... happy to share the travelling. Martyn
  12. You stole my words ... I was going to post “Dire” ... listened to it .... commentary on iFollow was awful too .... an all round poor performance and terrible substitution at the end.
  13. Stealing a wage, driving his Bentley and making us all pay more for our tickets to see dross like him !!
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