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  1. Will do mate. Ban me when you get to upset. Cancel culture is all the rage.
  2. We probably all had nicknames we didn't like at school etc but were weren't compensated by getting paid thousands of pounds a week. Anyway he's gone and i never rated him so i'm probably biased.
  3. Wait you're suggesting big dave is racist? otherwise i don't follow?
  4. I think its an affectionate nickname tbvh - different cultures though.
  5. Big Dave is better than useless f***ing lump who had 1 good period - when he needed a new contract..
  6. Ian Knight was another owl unlucky with Injuries. He looked absolutely class.
  7. Some guy posted some stats on twitter which showed Joey had averaged the most tackles per game in the championship. I've also noticed his passing has developed lately. There's a lot of positivity popping up - I'm not used to it!
  8. Just cut in and shoot on your left foot - it's not difficult. But if he cannot see that then yes find a player who can play the position. That first half pass to set us free he over hit was very annoying.
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