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  1. Makes me ashamed to be an owl, this forum sometimes. The baiting of Cameron Dawson, the calls for Jos's head, the shouts for Chansiri to sell (when it took Mandiric years to sell us). Theres a fair few on here that need to grow up. Down vote all you like but if you cannot take your wednesday hat off and see what a good job he's doing you're idiots!
  2. I thought he came across alright and should be rightfully proud of his team. Take the tinted glasses off lads, we've squandered our money on Doyen and gave Carlos 1 year too long. Now we're in a bad state but there is some positives. Cracking result tonight, thanks Cameron dawson and let's hope we kick on from here UTO.
  3. I find Lawro's constant moaning and cynicism quite endearing actually!
  4. Marc Degryse

    Hawaii 5-5-0 formation

    Even a genius is not allowed to make 4 subs!
  5. They are more optimistic than I am tbf.
  6. Last seasons football was terrible and he should have walked after the play off defeat. If he had, he could have left as a hero. Now his reputation is just getting worse with every revelation.
  7. Marc Degryse

    Sean Clare first league start

    Really excited if he signs on with us but: #SeanFlair
  8. Derby should batter us but lets hope the owls get Luhukay! Come on Wednesday.
  9. Marc Degryse

    Team for Brum announced early on twitter?

    TBF I've woken up with a hangover and i'm having a moan. You're right. Hopefully the Owls can cheer me up today... Come on you blue and white wizards!
  10. Marc Degryse

    Team for Brum announced early on twitter?

    Bloody hell. I repost a twitter msg on here and I get down voted. I think I will continue being a lurker in future! Some Wednesdayites really are miserable gits.
  11. Marc Degryse

    Team for Brum announced early on twitter?

    Maybe a wind up, I dunno, seems a bit defensive. https://twitter.com/Owlstalk/status/959566871744823296 Going for the fourth 0-0!
  12. Normally just a lurker but saw this on twitter. owlstalk.co.uk‏ @Owlstalk 36m36 minutes ago More Tomorrow's team is: Wildsmith Palmer Venancio Loovens Pudil Fox Butterfield Reach Pelupessy Wallace Nuhiu Earliest I've ever been given the team news. #swfc #sheffield
  13. Ridiculous... Never a sending off. Especially considering it was 4 mins in and a first offence. Ref should have realised it was the club captain and had a word with him with a yellow card. The penalty was a harsh enough punishment, referees used to have a bit of common sense. IMO it wasn't even a foul but thats neither here nor there really. Summary: Shocking run of poor refereeing decisions are exacerbating a terrible run of results.
  14. Marc Degryse

    Rare Sheffield Wednesday items

    7 hours ago, owl-zat said: I own this test pressing vinyl 12" Single of Wednesday's 1993 F.A Cup Final song, probably the only one in existence https://www.discogs.com/The-Hillsborough-Crew-If-Its-Wednesday-It-Must-Be-Wembley/release/7935025 Got that vinyl, has the team all with sunglasses on. Also a signed football from being a mascot in the owls v blades game in the simod cup? (sheridan et)
  15. What's your point caller? My position is that i don't like the shirts or the badge but in the big scheme of things i would put up with it for Wednesday to be successful again.