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  1. Need Adam Reach for balance , why people keep dissing the man
  2. Totally in agreement with you , are we all not innocent until proven guilty !!!! Apart from in the Fessi case that is
  3. The statement says it all for me !! Fighting talk and threats of a counter claims for me is not the sign of a guilty club , yes DC has made mistakes , the first one was not keeping SG , then choosing a failed foreigner and retaining him after Wembley to name a couple , but then again look at the dollar he’s put in , he tried to buy promotion and got so close , I’m hoping he comes out a winner and I’ll support him and our club whilst he’s pulling the strings , if he moves on then so do we !!!! WAWAW
  4. The EFL is corrupt it’s gotta have more handshakes than the effing masons !!! If there there to protect and be administrative !!! How come they alienate its members. For instance —- parachute payments being the main crux of the matter ??? Rick Parry didn’t he have something to do with the premier league before is new job with the EFL or is this job a golden handshake must be his parachute payment !!! Hope DC rinses them
  5. Fessi case didn’t end up in court though , we appealed we lost we got on with it !!!! This is 100% different DC won’t roll over in this IF he has all the documents as stated !!! Here’s hoping
  6. Managers fault , for bottling it not DCs if only we hadn’t left Lopez out on that fateful day (Hull) all because Cc had his favourites
  7. So we’re not guilty !!! But we take a fine, a point deduction say thank and roll over !! Your embarrassment at supporting our club is the EMBARRASSMENT here matey
  8. Lawyers with balls !!! Looking at the statement
  9. You welcome dude , I’ll see you in the crown sat , I’ll but you a stones !! Just in case you don’t recognise me , I’ll be the little bloke in the corner , bit Asian looking wearing glasses
  10. After DC has finished with them , hope he goes after Gibson at shitboro that 2hat is no angel !!! Bound to be skeletons
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