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  1. What a man , we are pretty privileged as supporters that he was part of SWFC !!!! Heart rendering watch
  2. Absolute horrendous football, to say we’re the home team this is football at its worst , feel for Rhodes our defensive centre forward !!! This is terrible tactics from DM
  3. A lot better with Hutch in defence , and a decent performance from joey
  4. And from a supporter of a club , where the chairman set the ground on fire to claim the insurance
  5. Borner is excellent with the ball at his feet , only problem he’s left of the 3 man line , if he was centre of the 3 then maybe
  6. If only we could Reincarnate Robert Bob Jackson easily the best presenter of praise and grumble not 100% sure if he was the man behind the idea
  7. Purple to go with the flashing on his top
  8. Celtic are confident they have him !!! It’s on a Celtic page somewhere
  9. Rhodes the player from 4 years ago hasn’t disappeared , it’s the service that’s disappeared if he gets the service he’ll score look at that beauty the other night
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