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  1. Is TP the man to bring us sustained success??? I don’t know , but I know one thing for sure if he gives us the same success that he gave Stoke city the man will go down in S6 folklore !!! I hope he does , irrespective of people’s opinions on his style of football if he gives us 25+ 1-0 crappy wins I’ll be one happy owl . To put a different slant on it ??? When we have not been to a match ( work and family commitments etc) the first thing you ask is WHAT WAS THE SCORE !! WHO SCORED !! If the reply is we won 1-0 and ???? scored we are all happy Owls !!! no one asks how did we play
  2. All the moaners on here , they would still moan if pep was appointing
  3. I’ll support every single appointed manager , he doesn’t come Hillsboro to be a failure !! Let’s hope it works out
  4. I’d rather have a 1-0 crappy win every week getting beat 4-3 is no good for anything or anybody !! Winning breeds success
  5. Good luck with your progress, hopefully happy days ahead
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