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  1. Imre-Banana

    Flag Down on Kop

    Fire retardant init..
  2. Happy Birthday Waddler you absolute LEGEND!
  3. Imre-Banana

    New manager new right back

    Roland Nilsson, sorted.
  4. Imre-Banana


    He looks scared to death when he receives the ball, immediately looks for Bannan no matter where he is on the pitch. How can a professional football be scared of the ball pretty unbelievable really! Positioning is very poor. On the plus side he puts a tackle in and takes a half decent dead ball. Overall verdict - CRAP.
  5. Imre-Banana

    Happy 75th Sir Howard

    Strachan was actually close to signing for us before Leeds came in at the last minute. Would have been a great signing.
  6. Imre-Banana

    Wednesday and Forest links

    Clough signed him first year of the Premier League if memory serves me right.
  7. Imre-Banana

    Wednesday and Forest links

    Big Ron Francis Chapman Bannister Palmer Hart Walker Clough Jemson Bart-Williams Prutton Antonio Laws
  8. Imre-Banana

    No Transfer Fee 11

    Think Atherton cost us about a million also didn't he?
  9. Imre-Banana

    Euro 96 Banners

    I've got the one with Stanley Matthews on and Sheffield welcomes Euro 96. Picked it up from Chessie market last year. Didn't realise there was different designs gonna have to get them all now!
  10. Imre-Banana

    Fernando watch

    Bikini line could do with a trim lass..
  11. Imre-Banana

    Last time we played Hull at home

    And its a goal for Wedenenssddayyy. John Helm