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  1. Millwall's gone. ..what about Villa?

    Got a sneaky feeling he'll go with 2 keepers on Saturday..
  2. Young George Hirst

    I used to watch Hirsty snr as a kid from the Kop thinking he was a giant of a man, Looks like a Hobbit in that pic.
  3. Bannan is the problem

    Give over poor tonight but our best player by a mile.
  4. Jordan Rhodes

    Rhodes was shocking last night, people saying no service but there was 2 or 3 crosses into the box last night that he should have attacked but instead he just let the defender bully him off the ball. Far too weak should have been taken off way before he was. I've been desperate for it to work out for him with us but last night was the final straw for me time for him to move on.
  5. I'm sure that's the fancy dress party I went too dressed as MR.T! Frohawk wig, gold chains and questionable face paint..
  6. Statue

    Michael Jackson.
  7. Think he was in Batman, had a funny voice and a mask on.
  8. Reminds me of the Spurs game in the snow..
  9. Good work enjoyed it, nice to hear Praise for Sheffield Wednesday in the middle - reyt tune!
  10. People who can't get players names right.

    Got to be David Hurst....that really does my head in!
  11. SWFC Celebrity XI

    Wee Pipe & Dom