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  1. Imre-Banana

    No Transfer Fee 11

    Think Atherton cost us about a million also didn't he?
  2. Imre-Banana

    Euro 96 Banners

    I've got the one with Stanley Matthews on and Sheffield welcomes Euro 96. Picked it up from Chessie market last year. Didn't realise there was different designs gonna have to get them all now!
  3. Imre-Banana

    Fernando watch

    Bikini line could do with a trim lass..
  4. Imre-Banana

    Last time we played Hull at home

    And its a goal for Wedenenssddayyy. John Helm
  5. Imre-Banana

    First 5 Fixtures

    1996 top of the premier league after 4 games. I had a copy of the table on my desk at work for about 10 years..
  6. Imre-Banana

    Love these...

  7. Imre-Banana

    Goal of the Season Competition

    Bazza's was a beauty as well, totally forgot about that one.
  8. Imre-Banana

    Blast from the past - Lee Chapman

    Good point removed it, don't want the blame for that.
  9. Imre-Banana

    Blast from the past - Lee Chapman

    Found my old young owls autograph book a while back, I used to write the players names next to their signatures, next to Chapman's I wrote - Lee Chapman (The Best).
  10. Westwood Sterland Lyons Pearson Worthington Waddle Palmer Sheridan DiCanio Hirst Chapman Subs. Hodge, Nilsson, Warhurst, Curran, Marwood, Carbone, Varadi, (42)