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  1. I was going to say that the offer of refunds wasn't made for fans who might be struggling financially and those in that position should either ignore it or accept the consequences. However, I appreciate that people in this position might feel they don't have a choice. This unintended consequence has only come about because of the Chairman's offer. So I can understand people saying it is unnecessary. But I do think anyone else accepting the offer is being disloyal and therefore the terms are fair (apart from the 'lifetime' element maybe!).
  2. Anyone else notice the Wednesday fan bouncing up and down in the away end after Hooper's goal? 01:28 (Above the Brown McLeod sign)
  3. And I think the fans did a sterling job of thanking Wallace after his goal... by singing 'Sammy, Sammy Hutchinson'! I think if I were Wallace, I'd be tempted to write myself a song instead of waiting for the fans to do it.
  4. Looks very close in the play off positions to me. We've beaten Huddersfield home and away, Huddersfield have beaten Leeds home and away and Leeds have beaten us home and away. And Reading have beaten us and Huddersfield at home but have a shocking away record.
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