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  1. Had to work last minute. So can’t go anymore. Ticket would need to be picked up from a pub in Staveley on the edge of chesterfield about 10-15 minutes away from crystal Peaks. Whoever buys it can have it for 25 quid. Message me for more info. cheers
  2. Anyone who wakes up with a spare Forherham ticket this morning please get in touch as I'd love to go and cheer on the mighty owls at this one thanks
  3. Apologise for another same old thread. one last attempt to see if anyone had a spare ticket for Rotherham away will pay more then face value. Cheers WAWAW
  4. Hi just wondered if anyone has a spare SEason Ticket ID I can use for a non ST holder mate watching to go to the game with me Thanks
  5. Hi just another message to see if anyone has a spare ticket for Rotherham going. Will pay over the odds if that is necessary. Thanks Owls
  6. If you know anyone selling another Rotherham ticket I'll buy it mate. If you haven't been hung for money laundering by then that is ;) ...
  7. On the reserve list hopefully we get some more like other have said it would make sense for us too we shall see
  8. Yeah. They will get swfc to just run the name in the system and see if it comes up with you ever buying tickets from them and you ll also need a Rotherham postcode with a matching bill. Theyve been clever ever with making sure we don't get our mits on them. Unless you have a miller mate. Long and short is just send us more tickets, there won't be many of their fans there and we could easily take 5000 plus
  9. Don't think there is any pay on the gate pal
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