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  1. Tbh I don't dislike the format, think with a few tweaks it could work at the top level in most leagues. For example top 4 play off in the EPL to play in the grand final Charity Shield. Purists would hate it, but I think it would take away the meaningless overblown preseason friendly and add a three more meaningful games in the process and generate and extra two games for charity. We couldn't have a state of origin type game though (north vs South), clubs would go bonkers if a player got injured.
  2. I can see that might be an issue, would definitely cause issues in the UK that's for sure football wise. I saw one of the Melbourne teams won the actual league. Just assumed it had finished. Suspect mass will end up back here next season, but not sure where. I'd expect him to go back to Sydney though and if I'm honest, he's got at least two more years at champ level, so it'll be a big call for him to come back early. Is that the same with the rugby, do they argue over that as well? Or is it a case it's always been like that? It seems that way of doing things in Rugby League has been adopted quite well and accepted (in the UK). (I'll be honest I wasn't a huge consumer of league in the UK, this is a layman perspective)
  3. I've been trying to get into this, managed to catch the first five minutes of Weston utd vs Wellington. It's great that it's on free to air as well, nice to have that back. Is it some sort of play off thing for the winners of the league, like in Rugby. So you have a league winner and then a grand final winner?
  4. The key is just to enjoy the ride. Up and down with the most bonkers club in the world.
  5. I'll hold my hands up and say I did, the job he did with Chesterfield first time round and with Wigan, pushed me to think he'd be a good fit for us. His stock has taken a massive nosedive lately. Suspect the James Rowe situation at Chesterfield has cost the club this season. Cook really shouldn't have taken that job, based on what was going off behind the scenes.
  6. Not the greatest news, if i`m honest, i`m in the camp who would rather he moved on. I`m not going to slag him off, but do feel there is better value to be had elsewhere.
  7. Climb down klaxon. Imagine giving someone grief over how much they earn, in public then eight hours later, when presumably the beer has worn off, calling him "mate".
  8. No, sold out to a community based consortium type thingy
  9. Because they are a decent club, no love in, more respect. They did a job and got the reward. Wasn't our year and shot ourselves in the foot on many occasions during the season. Hopefully we can go one better next year.
  10. Meh, just Sunderland's turn I guess, didn't do enough all season.
  11. 1.24am here, no sleep, think I'm just going to go right through without any. Screw it. Going to be a long old day tommorrow.
  12. Dear SWFC Also, don't be like the chicken, be like the mixed kebab. Regards Bob
  13. Dear SWFC Seriously, don't fizz it up this time. Regards Bob
  14. I'm a mayo man myself. But you cant beat a mixed kebab, with the sauce of choice my good man.
  15. You go into every game to win, to do otherwise is madness. This is a two leg game, still in it. Save the critical stuff till after the whole tie.
  16. I remember being stuck on a coach to Gillingham with him. Ooohhh that was a long journey. Dispute that hope he's ok and still enjoying his football and the mighty owls.
  17. Way I see it, look we've lost a game of football, that's not a good thing, but it's a two leg tie and everything to play for.
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