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  1. I'm starting to waiver, this team isn't working, something isn't clicking. Look, my concern is that we just haven't played well. You can win and lose in the right way. Everything just looks wrong. I'm starting to get concerned.
  2. Agreed, it called scanning. Every player does it.
  3. Obviously not after 3 howlers in three weeks.
  4. Awful keeper and no better than we had. Simple case of emperor's new clothes.
  5. And people said Dawson was bad.
  6. Yeah, but the state of professional "football" in this country.
  7. Said it before, I'll say it again. Much prefer grassroots anyday of the week. Two decent clubs in Dronfield as well.
  8. Nope. I'm saying some posters will be critical regardless of approach. Personally I think you bring them back gradually.
  9. 1. The neg thing is nowt to do with mods. 2. Imagine if we started moving stuff, people would start going on about being silenced and go all conspiracy nut on us. Again tongue in cheek. But you just know what people would say about it and frankly it's to much work and you'd have to remove about 90 percent of Neil's posts. And nobody can be bothered with that. Or the neg button.
  10. Looked to slow for me. Did some nice work though.
  11. Gregory is suffering from the formation, as would Patterson (remember he's slower and frankly a bumbling fool). Needs a big athletic lad in the middle.
  12. So your critical regardless of what he does then? Because from where in sitting he can't do right from wrong. I'd wager you obviously don't like him for some reason at a guess. Surly not every player takes to the field 100 percent fit everytime? How do they regain match sharpness? Because if you are match sharp, surly you aren't fit??
  13. I'd have brown at left back and Palmer at right back myself. Patterson makes me want to remove my eyeballs from my skull. I'm not a huge fan.
  14. Regaining match sharpness? So if he dosn't play them.. he's wrong If he dose..... he's wrong Can you see what I'm getting at?
  15. Patterson should be nowhere near the first team.
  16. What happens if they were carrying injuries? Quite clear behrinio isn't fit. Other two are back from lay offs.
  17. Tbf I thought we ran out of steam. Blew our load first half. It nearly worked. Don't like the formation. Don't like our main striker, he's not mobile enough. For the formation. Wing looks like Izzy brown. Bannan is overplaying the ball. The keeper isn't an upgrade. Hunt urrghh not sure. Behrinio isn't fit Theo looks like a rabbit in headlights. Love our number 7, can watch him all day.
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