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  1. The terrace store, do some brilliant stuff. Not just owls related either. https://theterracestore.com
  2. Well for one, i blame him for rushing back lee. Im honestly not bitter about it, those days are gone. The key is and i think your right when you state it "recovery processes"
  3. Yup, alot of the players were recruited in his timr and trained by him. Likable bloke, gave it a good go but hes definitely responsible in my eyes for some of it.
  4. Lazaar is made of glass, its well known. However, i think. Its down to poor recruitment and holiday training and playing players when not right under Carlos.
  5. Just glad weve got some interest in the end of season shake up. If bruce and the players pull this off, sweet jesus, they would go down as legends. Its going to be very, very tough. But dont shout about it. Weve given ourselves a bloody chance.
  6. Dont give one flying chuff what utd do. More interested in how we get on.
  7. You say that, but i think, Id rather mount an amphibious assault on cuba than go through a playoff double header with utd.
  8. Twitter seems to say we might be struggling a bit. #frustratingwednesday
  9. Trouble is players arnt getting paid either. How meny meal deals can you buy when you need to make a mortgage payment?
  10. Dear swfc, stop getting transfers wrong.
  11. The epitome of a player whose legs have gone. You can probably see the brain knows what to do, but his body cant. 5 to 8 years ago, he was a player. Unfortunately we got this signing, very very wrong. Same with david jones.
  12. Very, very, very tough place to go and we got a positive result. For one im quite happy.
  13. I understand that, yeah infact at the time, id have agreed with you. However looking at the bigger picture. If it was, yep ive screwed up and im asking for another chance. Id personally draw a line under it, say right show us what uve got and see where it takes us.
  14. A bit bitter fella, thats football. Never made a mistake? Oh and im very much in the real world. The one that gives people a second chance if they muck up, and learn from it.
  15. Why would you need a basis? We gave stobbs another contract? Hes nowhere near the first team. In my view, its a very short sight attitude to take. Just to right him off.
  16. Look, he was badly advised. Hes had a rough couple of years. Perhaps we should be the bigger man and give him a chance, if he needs it. As ive said nothing to lose.
  17. Quite happy to give him a second chance, weve got nothing to lose. Id like to think the club, would be open minded enough to give him that 2nd chance.
  18. Dear efl, Seems your p and s rules are working fantastically. Also you have that fit a proper person thing working well. In addition to Bolton. We currently have Coventry on the verge of becoming homeless and Notts County in admin.
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