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  1. Think is that's the same excuse every week. If it's not that it "they are in the top half" Or "they score lots of goals" It was a self inflicted 10 men, tonight. Time will tell.
  2. Thing is mate, I'd disagree with you, plenty of mistakes, that haven't cost us.
  3. I honestly think we've go one good chance in us left.
  4. Mate 10 years ago, you're a lad for putting that tackle in. These days, yeah you might get away on a Sunday league game. (and I'm being generous) On a pro pitch, it's a sending off.
  5. Oh jeez that was a penno. Odjob again. Got away with one.
  6. Yup, completely agree. Thems the rules unfortunately.
  7. It's the studs up off the ground matey. You just can't go in like that, hit the ankle and serious damage.
  8. Well it you look at it positively, its obvious that pulis was correct in his assessment.
  9. Ahhh I might have been wrong, Studs up and off the ground.
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