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  1. We ate going full blown wednesday again arnt we?
  2. Maddogbob

    Adbi playing for U23's

    Well at least we know hes alive. Best of luck to him, hope he gets through the game.
  3. Maddogbob

    Stop the blame game.

    Ive said it before, turn up, put some effirt in and if your beaten by a better side, thats fair enough. Turn up, bottle it and disrespect the fans, with a nothing performance. Then unfortunately pelters will follow.
  4. Maddogbob


    No your right we dont get it. Its almost something that you started on purpose, thinking that'll be cool. Then everyone, started laughing at you. So everyone went, quick its a self deprecating thing. Then we all just carried on laughing. Look we get that you want rivalry, but lets be honest, we dont really care about Barnsley, Rotherham or Doncaster. So how do i put this. Please stop stalking us. We are flattered. So nah. Like Huddersfield, your a bit plastic and nobody really cares about you, outside your town. (sorry i know that hurts). We just dont care, soz. Ps that tiger thing you do is rubbish. Pps next time you go to Wembley, sell some tickets.
  5. We are at the end of an era, think the lomg standing players know it, we know it. Some of us care (this includes the players) I think playing wise, some probably want to go and some ptobably need a new challenge.
  6. Maddogbob

    Steve Agnew is the new Alan Irvine

    Nah jos was the new irvine. Hes the new turner. "nightmare ht 2-0 lead" and all that.
  7. Maddogbob

    Steve Bruce is going to be so annoyed...

    Chuff sake its started already.
  8. Maddogbob

    its the managers fault apparently

    Dispite jos, and he wasnt great. We still have a glut of gutless wonders and last paycheck merchants on the wage bill.
  9. Maddogbob

    its the managers fault apparently

    Totally agree, bannan is the most consistent performer we have. Least of the problems we have.
  10. Maddogbob

    its the managers fault apparently

    Quite apparent that certain players need removing from The club. Sooner the better and rebulid a team.
  11. Maddogbob

    Hull City 3 : 0 The Wednesday OMDT

    This steve bruce thing seems to be going well. Urrrrrgghhhh. Really needs to get to work, in feb.
  12. Maddogbob

    Lookman deal done....wow

    Come on chaps lets not be posting those types of pictures. Angry mad google bots wont be happy.
  13. Maddogbob

    Imre Varadi

    Sime top quality owlstalking in this thread.
  14. That might change things, im not worried, id rather have the straight cash, players youve mentioned would be on a fortune, unlikely we would be able to match let alone improve.
  15. I highly doubt villa have the money for reach. The are seriously in trouble ffp wise should they fail to gain promotion.
  16. Maddogbob

    Why was Hutch not rested

    Exactly, play your best team etc. This is no different from any other match he starts, its always a gamble.
  17. Totally agree and suggested it, need to get over the rivalry, and get this sorted. Both clubs, both sets of fans. Stand up and fight it. Only together can we fight it.
  18. Maddogbob


    Didnt enjoy the performance, found it very frustrating. If and its a big if we set up like that regularly, we need pace. From somewhere. I really dont want to be watching a jos/carlos hybrid of turdball. Thought fox played well and was nice to see winall on the pitch. Only positive today got some ace father son time, he left with a smile on his face having got the chance to sit at the front and see his favourite players very close up. Overall nice to get out. Not fussed about the reply against the edl scumballs.
  19. Maddogbob

    Wednesday -V- Luton (FA Cup) OMDT

    Ok less turdball this half ill take it back.
  20. Maddogbob

    Wednesday -V- Luton (FA Cup) OMDT

  21. Maddogbob

    Wednesday -V- Luton (FA Cup) OMDT

    Boring as hell. The hang the ball up to Fletcher is tedious, if this is bruce ball he can stay on holiday.