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  1. Maddogbob

    Owls watching Tranmere player

    Id agree, both injury prone. Although Flectcher has been earning his wages this year.
  2. Maddogbob

    Owls watching Tranmere player

    Even at 28, if hes any good, id say hes got at least 5 good years in him. So depending on price, no problem with his age. However as always, money how? When? Unless we encounter something we dont know before the transfer window. (god only knows)
  3. Maddogbob

    Need your help.

    Retweeted, everything crossed for the safe return of your dad. Best of luck fella.
  4. Maddogbob

    53 tickets sold for Swansea

    Brilliant account that, well worth a follow on twitter.
  5. Its the three year trading losses thing.
  6. If he sacks jos pre meeting, it will pacify most of the baying mob. The ones who care less about the state of the club and only care about wining games. After that Who knows. Get gubbed by swansea and do nothing. Itll explode.
  7. Initially said no good will come of this meeting. Its now been made super big, could be absolute carnage, from both sides.
  8. Maddogbob

    Paul cook

    In theory id agree. However again we are just chucking names about in desperation. Jos is here for a bit longer, it seems.
  9. Maddogbob

    Fans Forum - Change of venue

    Totally my thinking, following a tonking at swansea.
  10. Maddogbob

    Fans Forum - Change of venue

    I honestly expect him to sack jos the day before to calm stuff down.
  11. Maddogbob

    Fans Forum - Change of venue

    Hmmmmmm, lots more voices. Could be a long one.
  12. Maddogbob

    Alan Nixon

    Correct on every level. Said at the weekend, no manger, survives on this sort of run. Except ours for some god forsaken reason. His position, is so untenable. Why is he even turning up everyday.
  13. Maddogbob

    Alan Nixon

    Tedious at villa, his last club. Laugh all you like. At some point youll be calling for his head.
  14. Maddogbob

    Alan Nixon

    Just look at his time at villa, would be a hideous appointment. Your all just desperate, for anyone. In the cold light of day, thinking about it rationality. Not for me. They all fail eventually, so im sure we might get someone I like next time.