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  1. Take everything as a pinch of salt fella. That said it's not the first time these two have been trouble is it?
  2. Yeah I see why mate. The actual game, is only a small part of the day. Its the stuff around it.
  3. I think we all need to calm down firstly. Secondly I don't tittle tattal, I'll only confirm what I know if it defuses a situation. Like others people share stuff with you, because you don't drop them in it. Personally I don't want Hutchinson or Westwood anywhere near this team.
  4. I have heard the same. So I'll back you on that.
  5. Why did you renew your season ticket? Surely that validates what's going on? You see I have a big problem here, you're telling folk not to turn up to a game, but you're a season ticket holder. Just renewed. Bit hypocritical. I'm not being an arse, but you can't say don't turn up, when you've just validated your support with a season ticket purchase.
  6. It's an interesting point, does monk have any of his own staff?
  7. It's the players. You can change the manager a million times, but until you get those toxic idiots out. It'll just be a repeat.
  8. Not gonna happen. You do remember how long it took us to sack Carlos and Jos. Blokes not even in the country.
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