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  1. No, Also slightly uncomfortable with some posters rounding on guru, hes offering an opinion, it may differ from yours. Debate the points, dont just dissmiss everything as just negative.
  2. Id take him In a heartbeat. Might be pricey, but could be a good investment.
  3. Tbf we could find better value in league 2. I fail to see what he would bring to improve the side.
  4. Basically someone tweeted skybet and asked for a price on big hec signing for wednesday. Skybet went sorry whos big hec? Alot of players jumped on it.
  5. Could you imagine it. Would be pretty epic. Sorry weve been quite, have 10 new signings. My brain would explode.
  6. Is this the player celtic were sending tweets out about earlier in the week? Its the right type of signing. However the dosh required is a bit of a head scratcher for me. This smacks of agent talk, if in doubt, link Wednesday. That might hurry up things with celtic.
  7. Subscribed to this last year, brilliant stuff mirodo. Now if i could get my kids u8 team to do this that would also be a huge help.
  8. Pah! Thats not even a record! We keep going till we hit at least 400.
  9. Sometimes transfers dont work. This one really didnt work out. Best for all parties to move on. Get him sold at a realistic price. If that 3 or 4 million go for it. We really need to be getting players sold.
  10. Make a point of going or trying to go every year with my two kids. Even the missus loves going, even though shes not even into football. Id love to see the return of the live music (you cant beat it on a sunny day), it free, lots to wander about and see. Gets eveyone together wednesday wise. Love it tbh and im greatful the club can put it on.
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