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  1. I think that would happen at most clubs, with foreign investors. Might be a good thing.
  2. Kinda voids international football if you think about it. Interesting. Why play for your national team if that's the case?
  3. Not out of the realms of possiblity if you think about it. Couple from South America, perhaps one Australian team. Create a world league
  4. Well they might get one depending on other teams. Just seen the new UCL format. That looks utter bobbins as well.
  5. Suspected a link myself. Could see Mourinho telling telling them to stick it.
  6. Then they get what they want. That will be the ultimate insult from the greedy 6. Sorry guv, we had no option.
  7. Non league? Everyone moves up six places. Or reform the six clubs, all be it in league 2
  8. Just to let everyone know if anyone wants one of t shirts Leeds are wearing. The terrace life are selling them. Donations to grassroots from every sale.
  9. Wonder if the government might be able to introduce a rule. While I'm no fan of politics getting involved in sport, this could be used to force the German model.
  10. Really? I disagree on the grassroots money, it's a token amount at best. And totally agree with this, who actively goes hmmm palace Vs Burnley thats worth watching on my 100 quid sky subscription
  11. Very little comes from the pro game into grassroots, well in my experience (someone can correct me however). My biggest gripe with grassroots is it somehow thinks it's important to the pro game. Complete hyperbole.
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