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  1. Its almost as he being set up to fail in that respect. You could argue a manger is only as good as the team he has around him.
  2. Just confirm bullen or hire someone, we need a permanent appointment. Its time to decide. If its bullen, then so be it and you get behind him. Let him bulid his coaching team and we move forward. At the moment its all very wishy washy and nobody is sure. That breeds uncertainty and leads to negativity. Last thing we need.
  3. Im gonna step in here and ask you all to chill. Dont really want to be handing out holidays.
  4. Totally agree, Its not worked before, it wasnt or isnt working now.
  5. Ill take another muggy 1-0 win here. Tough place for us over the last few years.
  6. Totally agree, its almost as if they are forcing the closure of the stand via the back door. Theve got a battle on, with old DC imho. He certainly wont give up without a fight.
  7. That club reminds me of us when we got relagated.... Without added steve harkness.
  8. Stay under the radar. Always the best approach.
  9. Enjoy the view, as its going to take a long time to get out.
  10. Thats a bit daft if hes coming here, he'll have to put it straight back up for sale.
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