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  1. Just a rumour...

    There isn't a book open anywhere fella from what I can tell. It's not a market that's offered.
  2. Just a rumour...

    Currently looking for odds on next manager to leave in the championship. Just in case.
  3. What's that strange mythical shirt they are wearing?
  4. Have to agree, now that was bad. Eye watering bad.
  5. The ticket prices for potd, where always going to catch up with the club, if/when we had a downturn. (Seems we are now upon this). Hell for what it's worth, I'm priced out. With everything else going off shirts etc. It's only making things worse. I almost fear this hasn't bottomed out yet, so it could and might get a bit worse yet. It needs ripping up and starting again. Sadly. Can't see Carlos getting sacked. For me however he has to go now.
  6. Sack him dc

    Well sadly it's he can go for me. Thanks for the memories Carlos, but I've personally given up as well.
  7. Something isn't right

    Something hasn't been right since the start of last season. There seems no unity. The club's gone backwards, commercially. How that was possible I've no idea. There is alot wrong. It may get worse before it gets better.
  8. Bolton 2 : 1 Sheffield Wednesday OMDT

    Bit fed up with this.
  9. Thanks for sharing fella, it certainly highlights and encourages others to talk. Something I've learned this year, talking is the most important thing you can do. Best of luck.
  10. Great that he's been able to come out the other side and now talk about it. Wish him all the luck in the future. Never let us down in a Wednesday shirt either. Was great to see him back (media wise) when we played Leeds. Huge respect.
  11. Best question in the thread by miles! Top work sij
  12. Meeting people off the internet is weird. In all seriousness, think it's a great idea.
  13. Insert commercial department joke here__________________________*