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  1. Personally I think it really started around the Stoke defeat away. However it was bad around last season Carlos and Jos.
  2. Reckon he would want a 2 year deal and finish on a high. Fairplay to him.
  3. Oddly (probably for most people), I'd keep Nuhiu, always available and does a job. We have 1 striker (and its debatable if we can call him that) on the books, we can mitigate the loss of Lee (who has had his injury problems, all be it debatable if as a club we made that worse for him) with hunt, if we want to push him on next year.
  4. Dear god, that the type of accounting we seem to enjoy.
  5. Unfortunately that's what this is, an ego trip. A little yapping dog, desperate for attention and wanting to be loved. "There's a crisis, hold on lads we might be relevent"
  6. I think we have a huge job on, signing players. We've got one so that's a start, but it needs a huge rebuild and we are on - 12 already. Our saleable assets could also be tempted to look elsewhere. Big month needed and it could get very bumpy.
  7. I expect to start the season. On zero points, with the same chance as everyone else. Hold on, I've just been told to "Man up"
  8. Yup, from grassroots upwards. Some of the utter testicles I've come across the last few weeks. All about money and ego. Football is just crap.
  9. We are in a league we have no chance of winning (as it stands currently) this makes it a non competitive competition for us. Recruitment will be an issue because of this. We need players. I'm not actually being mardy, it's factually a write off, a complete waste of time. One I won't be investing much emotion or money in. Its non competitive garbage and DC and swfc can stick it. Personally I'd suggest getting your head out of the sand on this one, but if you want to be all zany and pretend, we are going to be fighting the good fight, when we've been done for breaking the rules (rules that wouldn't have been broken, if we ran the club sustainably), then crack on. Lastly, our only current signed striker is Jordan Rhodes. Let the sink in.
  10. Yes I'm sure a bunch of angry 50 year olds banging a table outside a working men's club in Grenoside will solve this. Jeez.
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