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  1. Completely agree. The club can do one when it comes to lectures on morals.
  2. OK I've updraded my sneaky Wednesday win to teir 3 high risk. With that defence.
  3. Got a sneaky feeling for a Wednesday win today. Fingers crossed for a good day.
  4. Agree, he pops up later in another of his travel series on a Sheffield United decorated bus. I forget where (maybe India or Thailand) He's neither and just proud of the city he's from and nowt wrong with that. Utterly adore his travel programmes. Some of the finest TV ever.
  5. I'm sure if I've hit the point, where I'm not sure I'd pay to watch Wednesday on TV. I think u've hit the nail on the head. Financially the "Big" clubs are starting to get twitchy. It's starting to affect them now, so this is there attempt to try and hoover up whatever money is available.
  6. Cancelled mine the minute we went into lockdown. And I had it on a cheap deal via talktalk. Won't be going back to sky sports ever.
  7. As a Wednesday fan, would you or anyone pay the extra to watch Liverpool vs man utd/city I know I won't. I'm starting to think the EPL clubs are getting a bit twitchy with regards to finance.
  8. Another one here thats just realised we don't have a game tommorrow.
  9. Borrowed spendaggeddon, during a pandemic, its the worset type of spendaggeddon. Jeez, if we are potless why are we going after zahore on silly money.
  10. I don't really understand the murky world of football finance but this bit makes me twitchy. We do not arrange loans or use debt finance (important in the new debt restricted environment) but instead utilise non-recourse and/or off-balance sheet and/or other structures created specifically by us to meet our client’s needs, whether to manage cashflow, generate funds for new player acquisitions, finance a new training ground or stand, or create new revenue streams. "Off balance sheet"
  11. Hmmmm, this offically make me nervous. Securing a loan against the stadium that you sold to yourself, yeah not great that.
  12. Ah the old laugh, I'm embarrassed reaction.
  13. Thoroughly confusing performance, looked like a right back playing upfront.
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