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  1. Thats one hell of a performance from england. You can pick the bones out of it, but england won, in chuffing spain.
  2. Maddogbob


    How would we "stick with" Westwood, when for whatever reason hes not available? Thats not been an option this season. Its a pointless debate. Saying Westwood this Westwood that. Forget him. We have two keepers dawson or wildsmith. Thats it.
  3. Maddogbob


    But would he? Are you 100% sure? Or are you just throwing it out there. Facts are, we are 6th, with Dawson. Westwood hasnt played this season so we have no idea (this season) if Westwood would be any better. Based on form last year westwood was no world beater. Your argument is based on pure conjecture and speculation. Westwood pretty much dosn't exsist and wont play for us again. Get over it and used to it. Just chucking out oh Westwood would get clean sheets, isnt an arguement and your doing a disservice to our current keeper, who as part of the team has got us to 6th place.
  4. Maddogbob


    The thing people need to get into there head is that Westwood is done. Hes never going to play for us again. He pretty much dosn't exist. We could be equally higher or lower if he had played. But he hasn't and the squad, which dosnt include Westwood has got us up to a fantastic 6th. The Westwood arguement is quite frankly pointless.
  5. Yeah we used to be ace at vote adjustment.
  6. Maddogbob

    OK..No clean sheet..but

    Nice!! Didnt know that!
  7. Maddogbob

    OK..No clean sheet..but

    Alas you pretty much have to stand next to eash other to trade. Have a not added you? Shoot me a pm. With your code i'll add you. Gen 4 i reckon come halloween.
  8. Maddogbob

    OK..No clean sheet..but

    Yeah, im all about the catching of the Mon, during times of great stress!
  9. Maddogbob

    the Bbc, they say...

    I literally wouldnt care who won it, if we somehow pulled that off. Wouldnt it be brilliant for Sheffield to have both teams dominate the championship for a season.
  10. Maddogbob


    Brilliant today. Commanding performance.
  11. Maddogbob


    Saw him come and claim at least one, he maybe flapped at one in the first half, when we weren't at it as a team. Made a few good stops along the way, wasnt at fault for the goal. A solid performance, im not seeing the doom, fear etc. Only thing missing is a clean sheet. Thats a team thing, not a Dawson thing.
  12. Maddogbob


    Hector takes MOM for me.
  13. Thank god, can this team start to believe