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  1. I'm of the opinion we could lose at least ten clubs, its why the government are trying to force through solidarity payments from the EPL. The fact that the EPL want something in return worries me.
  2. Again might just be another thing we have to get used to. That said. Where the hell are they catching it?
  3. Most clubs are due to Covid.
  4. I think It's in the EPL's best interests if the Efl finally end the madness of trying to continue. The clubs at the bottom of the epl don't want relegation and for that reason don't want to continue, all they are bothered about is the remaining sky money. If the championship continues, that forces the issue of promotion and relegation. We are already seeing that it on clubs outside the epl to provide testing, as appose to the EPL's approach. Be interested to see if a deal via a solidarity payment can be done for all leagues. Which if we are honest will bail out the majority of leagues clubs. They certainly won't be arsed about Leeds or Wba potential promotion.
  5. Locally we arnt a favourable option. Based on experience I've seen over the last year. If you compare us to Utd, sadly they are lightyears ahead of us, they are out in the community doing allsorts.
  6. This is going to get very messy, I believe the EPL will do whatever as long as it completes and it gets it coin. I'd expect some sort of money deal to be done, to smooth this over. The FA/EFL/EPL have no problem with weeing all over the sanctity of the game as we've already witnessed it.
  7. I just can't see the championship finishing either now. Seems the fair method. EPL will do what it pleases anyway.
  8. Taking the emotional aspect out, has anyone considered if we can afford to keep them?
  9. Simple answer, money. The EPL don't care how they get it, the clubs are unsustainable without it.
  10. That said, would a void cost the league less, if that makes sense. Could it cost way more in potential litigation and lack of revenue coming in, down the road. Due to completion under restrictions. We all know league two can't afford to re start. Creating a domino effect re promotion and relegation anyway. Either way, what a bloody mess football has got itself in due to volumes of money.
  11. End it now clubs will have prize money. That should cover wages for the players. Those out of contract can then be released. Meny clubs can't afford to run games without fans coming through the door.
  12. i`ve been looking at flights, you can still book them, admittedly one way ones not to Europe, around June seems fine. however its heavily stated these could be cancelled or re arranged
  13. They do by poxy by taking the pay cut. Players aren't angels in all of this. Yes perhaps a chicken and egg argument. But if they have only played 80% of the season then they should only get 80%. Most clubs probably can't cover that other 20% without revenue coming in. It's excatly the same as the man or woman on the street.
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