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  1. Look put simply as stated in the article, change the way we operate. It's the only way now. Can't change the rules from our position, for now we've got to live with them. Zero point arguing that. That's where the article falls down.
  2. I'm ignoring that, it's the part, that gives the facts of how fizzed we are. Like I say, arguing for a change in the rules. Just because we broke them. Well that's just mute hypocrisy layden waste of time.
  3. You can't just whine about the rules just because you broke them. Very few gave a fizz, when we were spending.
  4. Pretty much sums up the current situation. In plain hard cold facts. We desperately need to change the way we operate. Dare I say it, change our expectations. Certainly no quick fix.
  5. I think most have got to the desperation stage. If we do x y z we can get players, go for promotion. Simply that's just not going to happen.
  6. Actually really looking forward to this one. Really want to see what some of these youngsters are about.
  7. Maddogbob

    A Quick Look at SWFC's Finances

    Thanks for putting the time and effort into the post. Good read.
  8. Maddogbob

    Sheffield Wednesday Ladies FC

    It's not for me, however happy to support those that enjoy it. Yes I've tried watching it. I don't know, something missing from the womens game. Perhaps it's the tribalism, rightly or wrongly thats missing. You know what I mean? That edge to a game. Or it's just me.
  9. Maddogbob

    Sheffield Star

    I don' think its a bias, i just find them rubbish, like bbc radio cheapskate.( I have a wider issue with the bbc full stop) I do enjoy alan biggs articles. Swings and roundabouts
  10. Maddogbob

    Football Heaven 2018-2019

    It's all covered in the pinned thread. The information is out there.
  11. Maddogbob

    Football Heaven 2018-2019

    It's really not that simple. Seriously get your head out of the clouds.
  12. Maddogbob

    Football Heaven 2018-2019

    I highly doubt it, we need to get our heads out of the clouds.
  13. Maddogbob

    Football Heaven 2018-2019

    Yeah that's not gonna happen.