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  1. My god the worlds gone flipping insane, go on jordan!!!!
  2. Reyt player, has a big future,if not with us, definitely in the epl. Also that we thought he was a full back.
  3. Tbh I cant be arsed to drive 10miles to watch them. So fair play.
  4. That is very strongly worded, brave man taking the EFL on. An organisation who seemingly make it up as they go on. Well hes come out fighting, lets see what happens.
  5. Id quite happily forfit the tie now. Pointless competition, we wont take seriously.
  6. Thread locked due to it being derailed due to people falling out over negs. My god. Actual grown up humans falling out over negs. On amln internet message board. Wow.
  7. Think all we can realistically hope for is to start building for next year. Trouble is, (mellow drama alert) can we be sure, with the efl apocalypse haging over us that we will retain our championship status. Will we be embargoed again? Will we be made an example of? So will dc keep his hands in his pocket? Can we shift anyone? My opinion would be to try and find a gem or two from league 1 or 2, at least draw a line under stuff and start again. However can we? Or are we not allowed or will DC wait and see?
  8. Cant wait for us to conceed on the 85th minute.
  9. Lees is a dithering nightmare from minute one. He has been for at least a season and a half. Also possess the heart of a pea. Like the other playoff failure players.
  10. Iorfa stays at centre back for me. Odjob or Baker is Palmers replacement. Lees misses out until he get a genuine opportunity.
  11. No im sick of them. Time after time they fail. Sick of accepting 2nd best, from well paid players. Enoughs enough. Grow a pair or chuff off.
  12. Got to the point of hating this group of players. Thank chuff we are done with them in the summer.
  13. Im fuzzy on that, but wasnt it around 2 to three weeks before the season. Roughly bruces exit? Edit. Quick google suggested 26 july ish Bruce left 15th july ish
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