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Community Answers

  1. Keep ya money in your pocket regardless. Be interested to see what sort of valuation comes in.
  2. Don't be daft, in today's market that's about right I'd imagine.
  3. Even at at 3 million (which is about his value) I think they would struggle to pay that, on top of his wages. Be a good adventure for him though.
  4. If people keep funding in it, this is the result.
  5. I'll be surprised if Luongo doesn't return to Australia.
  6. I refuse to lose my shizzle until I see what's lined up. Plus the ones offered deals arnt forced to sign them.
  7. They aren't forced to accept. It's basically we've offered one.
  8. It's not as a general rule, or wasn't (like I say this was about 10 years ago). Oddly, if I leave the gold coast, I'll be swapping it for Ilkeston. Long and short, I wasn't overly surprised it was an Ilkeston based forest fan at fault.
  9. Perhaps the majority need to suffer, because of the minority. Perhaps that's what's wrong with society. Always someone else's fault or problem.
  10. If you arn't from "there" it can be a bad idea. I used to go out up there now and then with my younger brother, alot of folks knew him and was ok with the main faces in the town. I'm talking maybe 10-15 years ago. It's the same with some of the town's that are close by like Ripley, Heanor etc. My accent is slightly different having lived in different areas, I'd apparently picked up a bit of a chesterfield accent, so it was useful and advisable to have him around. People might think I'm messing about, but it's very very locals only.
  11. It's one hell of a place is ilson. I'd get a flying headbutt just for having a slightly different accent.
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