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  1. Maddogbob


    No promble. I shall zlonk Neil about it.
  2. Maddogbob

    Westwood Going

    I'd hate to see him go, however from a business point of view it makes sense as we are lucky to have two great prospects, pushing each other. Only time will tell, but fantastic servant, great keeper and ill certainly wish him well should he move on.
  3. Maddogbob

    George Hirst

    Why hasn't he left yet?? Come on George crack on. Windows open.
  4. We simply don't have the cash to burn. Put its simply the three in the article don't have 6-7 million it would cost. Plus its a huge gamble, that amount of money on one player.
  5. Maddogbob

    #SWFC Vacancy

  6. Maddogbob

    #SWFC Vacancy

    Well, if they wanted an official glasses maker I'd be more confident of an interview. *fun Bob fact* I once made yoann folly's glasses. I might apply its closer to home than my current job. You never know.
  7. Maddogbob

    #SWFC Vacancy

    Might apply I've got 5 gcses
  8. Maddogbob

    Westwood will be Off

    It might be a case of if we can get money we take it. Need to balance the books and with two quality young keepers on the books, I certainly wouldn't have a problem with going into the season with a Wildsmith/Dawson combo.
  9. Maddogbob


    Something about the lad. Just keeps improving game on game. We might have found one. He also seems loovens natural replacement.
  10. Maddogbob

    What a day!

    All you have to do know is wake up with a full head of hair and Best Weekend Ever!! *only joking I've got a headache and I had to go to work today.
  11. Maddogbob

    #QPR 4 - 2 #SWFC - OMDT

    Grim, very very grim.
  12. Maddogbob

    #QPR 4 - 2 #SWFC - OMDT

    Soooooooo This is a bit poo. You gotta
  13. Maddogbob

    hirst to united

    Got to the point, if I'm honest. That I don't give a chuff, where he goes. Makes no odds to me as long as we get some cash in.
  14. Maddogbob

    How far behind are we?

    We are not far off, but most of the league could say that. Fulham clearly better, however we've had an awful season. Need to regroup and sort the squad out in the summer.