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  1. Not using ST next Friday

    I think the price is a huge factor, you don't really get value for money. Let's be honest when we sucked, I mean really really sucked. It was cheap and it was just a laugh to go. During the troubled times, we had a common goal. What happened? We still went, it wasn't to expensive. We all mostly banded together for a common goal. Football was secondary. So we got good all of a sudden and it's top price time, which is fine when your winning, unless your priced out, but hay it's OK. I'm happy to go as a treat because we win games. So we start this year, top wacky for everything, we start to lose. Suddenly it doesn't look like money well spent. The cracks begin. I do remember one poster here, forget his name. Who stated the true test of the chairman, would be when the wins started to dry up. Looks like we are about to find out.
  2. A few ‘outsider’ thoughts..

    Tbf a lot of what the op has posted has been there to see for a while. When your winning, you kinda gloss over it. The worrying signs started last year, with the FF thing. That was the tip of the iceberg. That this titanic hit. Nothing has felt or seemed right since (for me anyhow). Now we seem to be heading towards relegation (the signs are there, for me)
  3. Mass Boycott

    Any need? Seriously? We shouldn't really be labeling people, in the heat of the moment. Just because we lost a game of football and you don't agree with the posters point of view. Please keep it friendly Ta.
  4. Adam Reach

    A tad harsh imho
  5. On way home

    It's a long old drive having done it a few times. Safe trip home @torres
  6. On way home

    You deserve a refund. You won't get one but you deserve one. I'm surprised the away crowd was so lack luster, no voice of discontent, nothing. Strange IMHO.
  7. Mass Boycott

    The prawn sarnie brigade that can afford tickets won't like that one bit.
  8. You utter bunch of.... There are just no words.
  9. Fans at the match quiet as a mouse. I thought they would be Carlos out etc?
  10. And now it's quick panic we might lose time.
  11. Yeah like that's gonna happen.
  12. This team needs to roger off and die.
  13. Well obviously you guys were right hideous and tedious once again.
  14. Put some pace on the poopydoo flipping pitch you utter idiot Carlos.