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  1. Ross Wallace

    Agree on letting it lie. The way I see it are people are people, you cant please and agree with everyone. Now back to Ross and I'm off to bed.
  2. Ross Wallace

    Oh we had it all this week, people want loovens to retire (another player who has given sterling service). Don't remember the huge outcry on that thread(that's probably because he had a bad game and isn't injured) People advocating violence against today's ref and a villa player. On social media Hay that's football fans for you. It's not club specific, it's a football social media thing. Sadly.
  3. Ross Wallace

    Ok if you would like to use the report button, I'd be happy to look at the posts. Then can we get back to debating Ross Wallace, his injury and his time here.
  4. Ross Wallace

    I would say that's a fair assessment of his time here. In my opinion anyhow. However as you know, football and football supporters are fickle. It's with time we then look back fondly.
  5. Ross Wallace

    Ok so we have the report button, if your unhappy with anything ever. Please use it and the mod team will look at it. It's as @@owlstalk says it's impossible for us to read everything and interpret how each and every member might react to each post. However we will always endeavour to help out best we can.
  6. Ross Wallace

    I think people are just debating the point really fella. Facts are yes he has been a good player, however perhaps his time is up (loovens would be another example). He has been a good player and I really don't think anybody is glad he's injured. He will be fondly remembered. His career isn't over, he will be here or elsewhere this time next year, still playing. If someone thinks he's rubbish that's just an opinion.
  7. Ross Wallace

    I shall remember him (assuming he's off) as Ross "thunderchuffer" Wallace. As he was the original scorer of thunderchuffer goals.
  8. Ross Wallace

    Still makes me laugh that.
  9. Ross Wallace

    I think we can all agree we are laughing at the situation, not the actual injury to another human being. The situation is quite frankly redonglous You literally couldn't make it up. We all know who's to blame for that and it's not the players.
  10. Ross Wallace

    It's the situation, not the injury. Hence I wish him all the best after the
  11. Sean Clare

    Thought it looked liked he was signing something, like I say. No inside knowledge and probably wishful thinking.
  12. Sean Clare

    Re watch it, you'll see what I mean. Watch what he's doing with his arms. Probably 2+2=5 but makes you wonder.
  13. Sean Clare

    Also just watched his celebration hmmmmmmmmmm.
  14. Sean Clare

    Sure Alan Biggs said he had signed a contract on his talksport Comms bit after his goal. Could have miss heard.
  15. Ross Wallace

    This season All the best Ross, if we don't see you again best of luck and thanks for the memories.