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Community Answers

  1. I'll be honest when we first heard about the interest, I wasn't overly keen. That said the way we've recruited the players around him has changed my mind. Willing to go with this one now.
  2. This is great news and congratulations. Keep at it!!
  3. Excited by this one. Looking forward to see how he gets on.
  4. I think we are pretty well covered in defence.
  5. I think we are already at that point.
  6. Only a matter of time really, it's not going to go away this. They won the battle last time, but they will lose the war.
  7. Die to the shenanigans in the DR thread I'm locking this one. Im not shutting down discussion on the subject. I just think we will get a repeat of the DR thread.
  8. This could be on par with getting pulis in as manager.
  9. Big Colin in the house. (Are we allowed to do that)
  10. I think he's still signed going by Twitter so we are about to find out.
  11. He will probably be going to Swansea with wilder
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