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  1. We are inviting pressure onto ourselves and the silly free kicks, its all very daftey first, which often cost you thr game. However, hold on there, will have done us a favour mentally, that we can hold out. Conceeding again, it could have ended up playing with us. That said 3rd in the league, ill take that.
  2. Hillsborough more dangerous than chernobyl, without the radiation.
  3. Good line up that. Fairly positive on our chances.
  4. I think there are alot of us knackered matey. Its really getting daft now.
  5. Its almost as if Hillsborough has become as dangerous as chernobyl.
  6. Mess, can of worms, dark arts etc. One thing you can say for certain, this clubs never far from Drama. Very tired of it.
  7. Ill be honest, looking at that map and having it explained to me. I cant be arsed.
  8. Thats utterly insane. Plus if i was a local resident, id be bloody furious, if i couldnt leave or go home, during a game. Definitely suspect dark arts at work from the council.
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