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  1. Next big money spend

    Double cake balls. Imagine it. 2 cake balls Would be epic.
  2. Next big money spend

    Only has a year to year contract so not that expensive.
  3. The baseball ground was like a version of the great escape, except no nazi's or guns.
  4. Yeah there a bugger to shift.
  5. I've got 4 Hobgoblins of different strengths.
  6. Enough is enough

    Marks right on this 100%
  7. Enough is enough

    Forget promotion. It's now more unlikely, than likely. People kicking off for whatever reason. Just not worth it. Overated bloated squad of aging players, club seemingly on hell bent on distroying itself commercially. This inst going to be sorted out quickly. Nor by "sacking Carlos" It's a flipping mess.
  8. Enough is enough

    Enough is enough He's not getting sacked, well not immediately. DC showing public support. I'd say we have a least a month.
  9. Ah so I've just realised, I don't get any shorts this year for my two boys kits ( kids are 2 and 5). So im paying more and getting less. Or let's be honest they haven't made any yet. Wonderful. I'm so bloody annoyed.
  10. It's fair to assume that the price was always going to be 49 before the season starts then the plan was to.put it up. Baffling imho.
  11. I can honestly say, I really don't give a....... I know winning football matches is hard, I know things perhaps haven't gone the way, everyone has wanted. But Just go and show us something. lift the clouds. Show some life. If not, last chance saloon. Just walk away before this ruins what he did achieve.
  12. Just another local journo, doing what they do best. Turning that screw. Stirring and looking for clickbait. Especially as we aren't doing that well. It's easy chucking hand grenades when a side is in poor form, while sucking up to the rivals. Lost alot of respect this year for the local rag writers and BBC radio Sheffield. Nothing we didn't already know.
  13. Club 1867

    Smoke and mirrors? Or commercially we are that stupid.