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  1. Adam Reachs left peg

    Luhukay's Credentials

    Came with a reputation as a defensive manager yet we have joint worst defence in the league, however i dont think we will really see what hes about until hes giving some financial backing and that wont happen until some of the big earners are let go . He has only signed 3 players in ten months remember
  2. Adam Reachs left peg

    Andy Hinchcliffe

    Something must of gone off during his time with us not out fault he turned out to be tug
  3. Adam Reachs left peg

    Jos out

    Sorted out the defence tonight next job might be to sort out the attack couple of weeks now to work on it
  4. Adam Reachs left peg

    Next two matches !!!!

    Watch us win and get our first clean sheet on friday night, .........
  5. Adam Reachs left peg

    Gary Hooper has had surgery

    Pulled his tail swinging his club about
  6. Adam Reachs left peg

    U23s v Burnley (h)

    wildsmith's confidence is shot
  7. Adam Reachs left peg

    Our next 3 opponents

    In all honesty qpr,Birmingham,Norwich were/are all winnable games but unfortunately all are in form at the minute, last night was a shambles there needs to be a shake up like there was after Brentford game we’ve just come out of our hardest run of this season and did very well out of it then we just collapse like last night it’s not good enough stop with the bullshit jos and tell it straight
  8. Adam Reachs left peg

    Team v QPR?

    dawson lees hector pudil palmer fox bannan onomah reach nuhiu joao
  9. Adam Reachs left peg

    Adam Reach goal

    Great strike but only time we hit the target all game
  10. Adam Reachs left peg

    Joao get him off

    So frustrating has the ability to destroy team yet can’t be bothered and just lazy most of the time
  11. Adam Reachs left peg

    When is the keeper responsible?

    Neither goal was his fault tonight wee wee poor defending again not first time this season
  12. Adam Reachs left peg

    Lees why...

    He was awful tonight and not captain material needs dropping
  13. Adam Reachs left peg

    Team for Boro

    Dawson palmer lees hector pudil penney Bannan pelupessy fessi joao reach would have liked onamah in there but with him playing last night think he will be rested bench wildsmith throniley onamah fletch nuhiu matias hutch
  14. Adam Reachs left peg

    Hector and Onomah

    Great post hector and onamah have made a huge difference to the team, and added there own bit of quality. Thought lees was struggling before hector came in but has improved immensely, onamah is an upgrade on pelupessy as much as I like him, isn’t in the same bracket as onamah, we just need to tighten up at the back a bit hector is out of contract end of season so got to be looking at signing him permanent
  15. Adam Reachs left peg


    Reminds me of how Gerald Sibon used to be so frustrating at times but can also provide a touch a magic, great feet and pace he just needs to believe in him self more