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  1. Fletch having his best season, Rhodes returning to form could winnall be next?, nobody has mentioned strudwick maybe the players are miles fitter than before and now we are seeing the rewards
  2. Looked decent when he first signed for us, but had fair share of crap that will knock anyone's confidence starting to prove his worth again though looks solid
  3. Hutch-suspension Odubajo - suspension Westwood-injured? Fletch-doughtful
  4. Gone for fletcher based on his work rate and goals
  5. With our current financial situation can see a few leaving come January, I think monk has had time to look at his saleable assets, even those coming to end of contract that would maybe get a small fee for can see Rhodes, winnall, ff, and Westwood going hopefully van aken will sign permanent for his current side, so maybe we could raise 2-4 Mill there and cut the wage bill massively its to late to save us but might give us some room for transfers?
  6. Not convinced by him really I don't know if he's just unlucky shoukd of won us more pens, Hull one of them and scored more open net vs Swansea but did better today lacks confidence
  7. Apart from throniley are any of these lads actually gonna make it
  8. Dawson Odubajo iorfa Lees fox Harris bannan luongo reach Fletch ff
  9. Has the ability no question, scored some crackers for us even his goal at Middlesbrough earlier this season was decent enough, but just totally disinterested atm doesn't seem capable of beating a man maybe switch him back to the left so if it makes a difference
  10. I've been at work since half 7 this morning still here,so hoping 3 points to cheer me up
  11. Yeah believe Westwood isn't injured either, maybe a chance for him to come out the firing line and recompose himself, but has been poor this season on the whole
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