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  1. Adam Reachs left peg


    Might provide a few more chances for us though more than Boyd can create
  2. Summer clear out get rid of the deadwood start again
  3. Adam Reachs left peg


    Surely must start the next game I don't understand the obsession with Boyd he others nothing,with FF now missing we will lack even more creativity time to give the lad a run has pace to frighten teams and push them back might not be ready for 90 mins but give him 65/70 mins see how he does then bring Boyd on to make us more defensive depending on result
  4. Adam Reachs left peg

    Big Hec

    Poor today properly be m.o.m against blunts in the next derby game
  5. Adam Reachs left peg

    Out of Contracts

    Westwood deserves a new deal,think Palmer will be kept on to rest can go
  6. Adam Reachs left peg

    Out of Contracts

    Matias to
  7. Adam Reachs left peg

    Out of Contracts

    Palmer Pudil Jones Abdi Boyd Lee Hooper Westwood Nielsen O'Grady
  8. Adam Reachs left peg

    45 minutes

    Poor player needs moving on,ok defensively but offers nothing else yet he can do it goal at Millwall away last year for example
  9. Adam Reachs left peg

    Team v Millwall

    Westwood Palmer Hector Throniley Fox Reach Bannan Hutch Aarrons Fessi Fletch
  10. Adam Reachs left peg


    Looked decent when he came on quick and tricky would like to see him start Tuesday and given a hour see how he goes
  11. Adam Reachs left peg


    Has a bright future ahead and will only get better learning from Bruce,great asset to have
  12. Adam Reachs left peg

    Iorfa...bought in as a Centre Back?

    Be interesting to see were he is utilised either challenge Palmer for rb role and maybe send baker on loan or he will be on the right side on a 3 man defence ?
  13. Adam Reachs left peg

    Would you take a draw?

    Take a draw and get them back to Hillsborough it would sell out and the revenue would be massive in helping us with ffp you never know we beat arsenal so why not these
  14. Adam Reachs left peg


    Based on today's showing he's not worth keeping which is a shame because I think he's a decent player
  15. Dawson quality first half