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  1. Tough one today this probably tougher than the Millwall game but confident we can get something
  2. Bullen's assistant could be a good move all round
  3. Decent move just hope jos plays him and doesnt ignore him
  4. Can see rhodes going norwich by thursday, maybe winnall on loan would like to see atty go but think he'll stay
  5. Sell Rhodes and joso, bring back Aaron's lazaar and hector sorted
  6. Wouldn't be the worst idea to start the season with bullen in charge,times getting on a new manager will need time to access and bring in his own ideas depending on how we start the season might point out our strengths and weaknesses
  7. Seeing quite a few reports suggesting Norwich are still interested in signing him, originally the club's couldn't agree a fee but believe we've dropped our asking price don't think it would be a bad idea to offload him personally, we have to many strikers as it is
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