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  1. Dawson Palmer iorfa borner fox Murphy Lee bannan Harris Ff Wickham
  2. I can see pelupessy getting a new deal, monk keeps picking him so seems to like him, in the summer can see Lee and hutch being let go windass will go back and luongo is a crock, would only leave bannan so joey will get a new deal and be a squad man
  3. Has to be bannan and windass today for me best of a poor group
  4. Based on current form not expecting anything I'd take a 1-0 win right now
  5. Weather's crap teams crap crowd will be wee wee poor great start to the game
  6. Dawson Palmer iorfa borner fox Lee bannan reach Harris Wickham ff
  7. Bore draw we have nothing to offer and players are starting to give up
  8. Needs to go but unfortunately with luongo injury and hutch not getting a look in we have nothing else
  9. Ff looked interested for once da cruz looked decent and with windass and Wickham to come in could be a breath of fresh air for the team, looking at our next few fixtures there games we should be winning but it's Wednesday so we won't
  10. Iorfa stands out a Mile won't be here next season if it continues might be only player we'd actually get some money for
  11. Hope this guy has something about him because current lot are useless hope his hot headed ways fire a few of the others up
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