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  1. Adam Reachs left peg

    next 3 at home

    Anything is possible keep the faith
  2. Adam Reachs left peg


    Quality this lad come out of nowhere get that new deal sorted
  3. Adam Reachs left peg

    Tom Lees

    Hopefully playing with hector alongside him it will bring out his best again had a tough time but he’s had kids around him
  4. Adam Reachs left peg

    Team for Villa

    Wildsmith palmer lees hector penney onamah bannan pelupessy matias joao reach
  5. Adam Reachs left peg


    Jos has made his mind up on the keeper situation, Westy isn’t part of it heard rumours it was down to a attitude issue ? If he was part of the plans surely he’d have seen some action in cup games at least
  6. Adam Reachs left peg


    Whilst jos is in charge Westwood won’t play for us again it’s as simple as that really nothing left to discuss
  7. Adam Reachs left peg


    Think he's a decent keeper and will only get better with a run of games has'nt really done anything wrong for me however needed to be stronger on the goals yesterday if he stays big and doesnt drop his shoulder i dont think afobe scores the first one
  8. Adam Reachs left peg

    Marco Matias Hows He Doing

    I like him as a player maybe its because of that leeds goal, but he's always had something about him he really needs to stay fit though and continue with the run of games he's currently getting, maybe he's upped his game as he out of contract end of the season
  9. Adam Reachs left peg

    Worst Signing Ever

    Daryl lachman?
  10. Con blastis centre half on loan from derby or Mikkel bischoff from Man City
  11. Adam Reachs left peg

    Matt penney

    Has put in 3 quality performances maybe the loans he had were he was overlooked has done us a favour, probably thinking I don’t just gotta any to be left in the reserves and took his chance
  12. Adam Reachs left peg

    Leeds in for Batth

    Can’t see us signing anyone
  13. Adam Reachs left peg

    Leeds in for Batth

    Little worried that there is little news coming from the club regarding players, thought we’d have someone in by now with a day to go
  14. Adam Reachs left peg

    10 changes

    Seen a post on instagram today guess it was a tour of stadium or something they were in the changing room stobbs shirt was there so guessing he may get a run out ?
  15. Adam Reachs left peg

    10 changes

    We’re have you got this from ?