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  1. Think winnall and nuhiu will be let go not getting a look in here
  2. Westwood Iorfa Lees Hector Lazaar Hutch Onomah Bannan Aarons Fletch Fessi
  3. Solid tonight made a great block when game 0-0 best game for us
  4. Never looked confident from moment he stepped up body language was all wrong
  5. Give extensions to palmer, Westwood,hooper get rid of the rest but can see Boyd getting another year try to sign hector,Aaron's,lazaar sell fessi,rhodes,joao,fox, pelupessy
  6. Like him his Instagram story shoes how hard he's fighting to get fit hopefully see him before seasons out maybe a full pre-season do him world of good take him if the fee is right
  7. Definitely the type of player we need quick and direct and makes things happen go and get him Bruce
  8. Think they will get van aken fit over the summer then he will be sold on at a massive loss
  9. Westwood Iorfa Lees Hector Palmer Reach Bannan Hutch Matias Aaron's Nuhiu
  10. Quite a few of these playing for new deals wildsmith needs a loan somewhere
  11. Westwood Iorfa Lees Hector Palmer Reach Bannan Hutch Aarrons Matias Fletcher Dawson Fox Pudil Boyd Pelupessy Nuhiu Winnall
  12. The guy is quality as already mentioned similar style to Antonio hope we can sign he permanent but a lot depends on ffp
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