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  1. Pantomime season started early…….
  2. He played very well amongst some very average performances……
  3. His goals to games ratio looks pretty good.
  4. Be unbeatable getting that hand at Scrabble…….
  5. Yep. When in any doubt, it’s row z……..
  6. Daily Mail reporting that the no show of Wednesday’s new kit will have an adverse effect on house prices……..
  7. Jack Whitham was fairly fearless back in the late sixties. Andy McCulloch was in big Jack’s days too……..
  8. I remember my parents always calling it Owlerton during their lifetimes. Never Hillsborough.
  9. Glass half full for me. We’ve acted extremely quickly by our normal standards to acquire some quality acquisitions that should be more than good enough to get automatic promotion in my humble opinion.
  10. Wish him all the very best, but I believe we have brought in an excellent player in Vaulks…….
  11. He may have other twix up his sleeve…….
  12. My mate was recently diagnosed as being colour blind. He said that his diagnosis came right out of the green…….
  13. From the sixties to the tune of Yellow Submarine. Can’t remember all of it, but to summarise…. And our friends are all aboard. Jim McCalliog and David Ford… Chorus…. We all live on a blue and white kop. A blue and white kop, a blue and white kop, etc… Apologies to all of you under 60…….
  14. I’m here right now in Cascais some 40 minutes north of Lisbon and it’s schorcio……..
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