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  1. RIP Bill. Will be thinking of you and yours today, Dunsby. It's my fathers funeral on Thursday. Both my parents held season tickets in the north stand from the dark days of the mid seventies until our relegation from the prem. Would have a loved a result at Norwich as send off, but what the heck? WAWAW?
  2. Last 5 matches the points return is satisfactory but not fantastic. Our problem is that after another slow start we are playing catch up yet again.
  3. Said it before that imo DC won't pull the trigger until its mathematically impossible to reach the playoffs.
  4. Agreed. But this Elev8 crap looks like it will disintegrate just by looking at in the packaging.
  5. On paper certainly. Afraid this is not being transferred to the pitch at the moment. Whether they last the distance is debatable.
  6. IMO,don't believe that DC will fire CC until its mathematically impossible for us to get into the playoffs.
  7. Agreed, Snoots. 3 points lost to a side that is going back down to the pub league. Time for some fresh impetus?
  8. Played a big part today, made a nuisance of himself and got one or two of them riled.
  9. True. His distribution is also a cause for concern.
  10. I've noticed that as well. Like someone from Nottingham?
  11. Yep. United first home defeat since Ww2 apparently.....
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