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  1. I remember us playing Hibs in a pre-season friendly wearing that shirt. What sticks in my mind though, is that we spotted both that and the black and yellow away kit on sale in a local sports store in Edinburgh (not a massive chain store). We wandered in (naturally - about 13 years old) and it was nothing to do with the friendly, the shop owner said we were one of the best selling English clubs he sold shirts for; how things change!
  2. 2PWRROwl

    Surely not the new #SWFC kits?

    If we go back to stripes those "record" sales figures will be blown out of the water; in spite of the exceptionally dissapointing season we've had. FACT. I'm going to buy one if its stripes, and get two toddler kits for the kids just to show we should play in stripes; having boycotted the recent abominations. Everyone I know is saying something similar. Based on that, it could turn out to be a genius bit of marketing from DC (albeit unintentional). That is if the design isn't too bad (e.g. NOT like the Wandisco shirt) and it is released in a reasonable timeframe. Gi' stripes back!
  3. 10 years service in 2 PWRR (infantry regiment + hence the name on here) and still going. Funniest moment was in Iraq the other year. Working in a tented camp when ISIS were still growing, we had British Forces Broadcasting Service (BFBS) and watched the pigs against Swindon in the play offs. There was a blunt working with the RAF from Kiveton on the same camp and loved rubbing it in his face as Swindon scored goal after goal. Ran into a few fellow Owls in many places and also seen pro Owls and anti blunt graffiti in places as random as the Falkland Islands and Cyprus; always raises a big smile when I see it. There are definitely more Owls than blunts serving, although that just reflects the relative fan base sizes imho.
  4. Currently watching "The Muppets Christmas Carol" with the kids. I'd pick any of the cast over Carlos; except Miss Piggy of course. She can bug ger off back down to the stain.
  5. 2PWRROwl

    You're as Sheffield as?

    Work has stopped me living in Sheffield for 9 years now and there's not a day I don't miss it. My wife is Welsh and can't understand that I'm more 'nationalistic' about being from Sheffield than she is about being a Taff. There's always relish in the cupboard (ordered on line) and all our cutlery and knives were made in the steel city. Simple reason is the people, funniest and friendliest in the world. When I get home sick I watch vintage Wednesday games and listen to the Everly Pregnant Brothers, Pulp and the Arctic Monkeys. When I'm done with this job there's no place I'll settle but Sheffield and I've lived in multiple cities in different countries. Greatest city on earth!