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  1. We should also remember that they had their chance over the summer break and Moore judged the majority not up to Div 1 standard. Rather than allowing them to languish in the U23s till the contract expired and they left, he got the ones he thought had promise lower league loan deals,
  2. Yeah, some people will defend fans no matter what.
  3. Bannan just MotM ahead of Hunt, who played really well both attacking and defending.
  4. I don’t know what’s up with the crowd today. Going on the pitch could get Wednesday in trouble. Brennan didn’t help by giving one of them a hug. Wouldn’t be surprised if he gets in trouble for that.
  5. Well, at least there is a central defender playing today. To start the season with four, and then bring one back from loan, and to have all five unavailable as happened midweek is unfortunate to say the least. I have to think that Moore doesn't trust Corneanu defensively, which is why he is back today and was out midweek, but who knows
  6. Sure, why not. The squad last year was good enough, if only just and this years is better - fewer weak links where there are no good options and some actual depth, so injuries to the best players while still severely weakening the side don’t leave them effectively playing with 10 me
  7. There are now 6 teams above Wednesday. We’ve played them all in the league, won 4, drawn 1, lost 1
  8. Overall, good performance, completely dominated the previous top side, who had won at Plymouth midweek. play like that every week and there will be a lot more wins than draws
  9. Windass off? Not sure that is wise, but maybe it makes sense as he hasn’t played much recently
  10. Give it 5-10 more minutes to run them ragged a bit more, then get Corbenau on to fill those holes
  11. The ball has to find someone who can score soon. Doesn’t it?
  12. Wednesday looking good so far, by far the more likely to score, so expect Wycomb to get one on the break
  13. They are probably my regretting being so slow. A week or two earlier, they could have appointed Wilder who is probably most likely to get them promoted with their current squad.
  14. Going into summer with a squad of maybe half a dozen professionals, I was expecting the club to probably bring in 12 or so players released from previous clubs because the got old and slow, or who had never recovered from an injury and that 1 or 2 at most would be good enough- the rest might have to play because there was no one else, but relegation was beckoning. After the recruitment, I was more hopeful, Moore had managed to bring in people other clubs actually wanted and there seemed to be depth. How many have worked out? the standout players - those that seem to be a level above Div 1 are probably Bannon, Luongo, Dunkley and Iorfa, I don’t know that any of the newcomers, with the possible exception of Corbenau if he can show it for more than a couple of games fit that category Shodipo, Sow and Berahino look like failures, and Wing has been a disappointment. Byers has looked mediocre, but out too much, and Gregory and Kamberi fine at this level or perhaps none of that is reasonable?
  15. Really, I don’t think we can pay much attention to when Moore says “he’s looked good in training, he’s worked hard, built up his strength and gives up something different” he says that about everyone
  16. https://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/football/sheffield-wednesday/sheffield-wednesdays-intriguing-ps13m-squad-value-compared-to-wycombe-wanderers-plymouth-argyle-according-to-fm22-3444850? Based on the values in Football Manager 22 Apparently, Doncaster Rovers have the most valuable Div 1 squad, of just over 31m, half of which is the 14m valued Pontus Dhalberg They have Wednesday 5th at 13m, with Adeniran the most valuable player, at 3m. Though with Gibson valued at 9m, if he started, the overall value would be higher I really have no idea where they come up with these numbers,
  17. That is a disturbingly attacking bench. I suppose Johnson has been left back enough that he can count as a defender, but the rest are all forwards,
  18. Well, that’s a weird lineup. No idea what to make of it, other than it doesn’t fill me with confidence. midfield of wing without Bannan is interesting though.
  19. So is that 3 at the back with wing backs, or a 4-4-2wiyh Bannan and Hutchinson in central midfield? Or 4-3-3 with Shodipo and Berahino wide? not sure if Hutchinson still has the legs for a defensive midfielder role
  20. Should be a better performance. It may be that a midfield of Wing, Byers and Bannon is just to lightweight, and the return of Adeniran could fix it. Or it could be that although we have a very good squad for this level, many of them are players that weren’t wanted for whatever reason by top-mid table championship sides, and those sort of players are going to have poor games. being at home should make a big difference
  21. Back 5 was predictable. Only doubt would have been maybe Dunkley for Hutchinson. Byers for Adinitan an interesting choice - Wing does seem to be more of a regular. Sow up front will hopefully give more attacking threat good line up alltogether
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