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  1. ashamanic


    Well, Fletcher, Nuhui, Hooper, Rhodes, Joao and Winnall are probably inarguable, Matias and Forestieri somewhat debatable
  2. ashamanic

    Ins and outs

    I've seen many players rumoured, but most common, full back, center back and forward. Hopefully if a forward comes in, someone will go, otherwise, there are already 5 at the club, with Rhodes on loan. 7 if Forestieri and Mattias are counted as forwards. I'm just not sure who will take them. Is anyone going to take Jones, even on another free transfer? Would he agree to the 50-90% drop in wages that would surely require?
  3. Who will Bruce bring in, and are there any surplus players that can be moved out (so, not "We should sell Jones for half a million") .
  4. Sure, major surgery was needed, and there were fading stars, but Pleat came into a team that maybe needed a coronary bypass and performed a brain transplant if that is the analogy we are going with.
  5. ashamanic

    Matt Penney Contract

    He seems to be first choice left back and ahead of Fox. If he has any idea what Fox is on, he’d be mad to take less.
  6. ashamanic

    Mid table team

    It's hard to say. We are more familiar with the strengths/weaknesses of the Wednesday players, so can look at many of them and say "he's deffinately good enough to be in a top 6 side" or "DEcent players as a sub, but shouldn't be a starter in a team challenging for the play offs" For West brom, and Middlesborough, the same might apply, but can people really look at Brentford, or even Derby/Forest and make a realistic judgment on the squad?
  7. ashamanic

    Mid table team

    From the squad, definatly a mid table team. But other tha. Maybe West Bromwich and Boro so is everyone else currently in the top half.
  8. ashamanic

    Here is tonight's team

    I think it will be a while before Jos is comfortable playng Fletch at the weekend and midweek
  9. Up to fifth. Though the same happened against Leeds last week and the equaliser saw Wednesday drop about 10 places. Still, if they can keep ahead, should put them n the playoffs
  10. Or 18 weeks If you really wanted, you could probably find someone saying this 18 days ago
  11. If he keeps this up, we might develop a consensus that he should be in the team Assist by Onomah, so he is also apparently doing something useful
  12. What system the playing? Fotmob thinks it is 3-5-3 with Hector in central midfield and Reach just behind Nhui and Forestieri, but that seems unlikely
  13. The bench is ok upfront, but the defence and midfield looks extremely inexperienced.
  14. Where's the problem? Players? Keeper? System? Midfielders?
  15. If Penney doesn't sign soon, will they abandon the technique of "don't play him, don't train him" that worked so well in the past few years? But looking good, up to fifth, only a point off top, though the next 8 are still within 3 points. Its getting remarkably tight up there Reach, despite inconsistency is probably a 10m player these days