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  1. True enough,but on the other hand, only Wigan and Sunderland have more goals, so scoring hasn’t been a problem.
  2. If players are going to feign injury like that, the ref should make them wait before they are allowed back on. A couple of minutes down to 10 men might make them rethink it.
  3. MK Dons are at Rotherham on Saturday, so If Rotherham can do us a favour, their points/game over 10 games should drop (assuming they didn’t also lose 10 games ago)
  4. I called Berahinio being rested and a change in defence (though I predicted Iorfa rather than Gibson). No Byers wasn't something I expected, and as he isn't even on the bench, I assume an injury or some sort of minor knock that Moore doesn't want to risk him Should still be enough for a relatively easy victory, though we could really benefit from Gregory or Windass back
  5. I think the days when a side would put out the same 11 twice a week, week after week are gone, so I would expect one or two changes, though there doesn’t seem to be any options in midfield. Kamberi it Sow for Berahino and probably a change in defence -Iorfa back if fit
  6. I went for Byers because he was involved everywhere and got a goal, but no one really stood out. They were all competent and dominating without being spectacular
  7. Nothing spectacular, but they did what they had to. Charlotte offered virtually nothing up front, so the defence had little to do. Very hard to pick a man of the match
  8. Maybe Green and Lees, but Green did so little last year that even with his form this year I’m not convinced.
  9. https://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/football/sheffield-wednesday/how-each-of-the-16-players-that-left-s6-in-the-summer-are-getting-on-3580086?amp from what we saw last year, and how they have gone since, I don’t know that I would want any of them back. I still hold the view the squad and first 11 this season are much stronger.
  10. Still, if results go our way, Wednesday could be in the play off positions after this round of games
  11. Don’t see many goals in that line up, but it should be good enough to beat Doncaster.
  12. Last year, an inferior Wednesday side to the current one only went down because they had a points deduction. on the other hand, this team is no better than Rotherham and they’ll probably be right back down
  13. Don’t think we can blame the ref for Wednesday not having strikers or Rotherham being good at set pieces
  14. Are Rotherham legitimately much better than they were last year, or are they still pants, but it doesn’t show because everyone else is so much worse?
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