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  1. I can't say I'm surprised at how well he's done, but I also wouldn't have been surprised if he'd been a 5 goal a season player. He always had ability and promise, and that several times while he was here, he appeared to have made a breakthrough and that he was going to show his ability on a consistent basis, but every time, he always dropped off. As it was, he was a luxury player we could not afford,
  2. Not convinced that "player Derby don't want" is quite what we should be aiming for, but maybe beggars can't be choosers
  3. Wednesday haven't had much luck recently with resurrecting the careers of once promising players who got an injury and never made it back, but sometimes these players do come good again, and if Green does, he'll be an assett
  4. Depends a lot on the player. If they aren’t ready by 22/23, they’ll probably never make it. Curtis Jones is 19, and he’s ready at the top level, though far from the finished article. Harvey Elliot isn’t quite ready at the Premiership level, but seems to be doing a job for Blackburn. does it depend on how good the player is? Or how good the academy is? Teams like Liverpool and Chelsea seem to have a lot of players capable of playing in pretty much any Championship team while teenagers, but it’s been a long time since Wednesday had a teenager who was genuinely good enough.
  5. Does it matter? The last couple of transfer windows have been failures, the club doesn't have the money for anyone good, or anyone another club wants to keep, so will be left with the same type of player they've been buying for the past couple of years 1) Someone who was good/promising a few years ago, but failed to make the step up/never fully recovered from an injury 2) Someone who used to be good, but is now past their best 3) Someone who is constantly injured 4) Someone who failed to make the grade at the youth team and they don't even want to keep him on in the hopes o
  6. This is a mess. I can’t imagine anyone wanting to come in and be the manager, and even if Chansiri was willing to sell, I doubt there will be people lining up out of the door to buy the club off him.
  7. There aren't many Last year there were only 3 players to get 20 in the championship. Mitrovic and Watkins are now in the Premier League and Grabban is not having a good season at Forrest. The previous year there were more, 9 of them, but most of those are also now in the Premier League. We can't pick up an experienced 20 goal a season player - they don't exist at this level, so its either going for someone who has done well at a lower level, and hoping they will make the step up, or someone who has done 10-15 goals a couple of times and hope that they get such better service that the
  8. To be honest, most of the time, looking at the team, it does seem ok. Obviously it isn.t though. probably a combination of players not been good enough to consistently perform at or near their best and not having anyone to score goals so opposing teams don’t really have to worry about defending.
  9. Not going to pick a player, but only Derby have scored fewer goals. The defence however, is pretty solid, only 5 teams have conceded fewer.
  10. anyone looked at the Charlton Forum? No doubt they are mostly saying "Woe, we were wrong, it's a good thing the punishment was delayed, as we'd be in a terrible mess if the reduction happened after Wednesday were relegated because of it. We'd probably have to offer to swap places with them"
  11. Well, it didn't last, but for a couple of hours at least
  12. Well, edit doesn't seem to be working, so it is also possible that the site made up some numbers (like Westwood, but I'd acknowledged he wasn't going to play). It does seem accurate that there are 6 central defenders and just 2 left sided players
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