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  1. If they feel he is ready, or near enough, it at least helps explain why they were happy to let Thorniley go.
  2. Perfect chance to go clear of the sides chasing the play offs. Brentford and Swansea (6th and 7th, both on 37) play each other and Preston have a difficult trip to Leeds. Fulham shouldn't struggle against Luton, but it's possible that if Wednesday beat Stoke, they'll be 4 points clear of 5th-9th on 38 points. No matter how it goes, a victory will see Wednesday 4 points clear of 7th.
  3. Looking at the next few games, they are ones Wednesday should win, so every chance of at least getting closer to the top 2
  4. So, a draw would have been a fair result because even though Wednesday dominated, home teams are expected to do so?
  5. If Nuhui hadn’t started, now would be the perfect time for him to come on.
  6. Looking pretty good but not great so far. Well on top, but if Wednesday don’t take advantage, Leeds are going to either score on a counter or come back into it. And Westwood makes a fantastic stage as I type this.
  7. Ever since I saw the Mitchell and Webb sketch mocking people for using “we” with football teams, I’ve felt uncomfortable doing so
  8. Are my maths off, or do Wednesday go top if they win? and probably drop out of the top half once the games have been played if they lose.
  9. Deffinately a second string side, other than Murphy, but hopefully some of them will see it as an opportunity to show they are worth a slot in the league side
  10. Top for a day, but theoretically the rest of the top 6 could win tomorrow. Wouldn’t be surprised to see 10 teams with 7-10 points
  11. I know nothing about Millwall. On an individual level, do they have any players people would put in the Wednesday side?
  12. Though having said that, I don’t think there were any Barnsley players I’d take and put in the Wednesday side. Not sure there will be many other occasions this year where that happens.
  13. The OP seems to think there are now much better choices in all the positions he had been used
  14. Sometimes thread titles are in code For me, Harris just ahead of Lee
  15. Sometimes thread titles are in code For me, Harris just ahead of Lee
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