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  1. “May have been mistaken” and “unlikely to have been mistaken” are not even mutually exclusive. a statement such as “he may have been mistaken but this is unlikely” would cover it. it seems a little odd for the judge to basically say he thinks Forestieri did it, but based on standards required (presumably reasonable doubt if this was a criminal rather than civil case), had to find him not guilty.
  2. How much of a loss donthink the club would take? Would Wednesday be able to continue paying part of his wages? it might depend on how much of a cut he would be willing to take to get first team football.
  3. Wishful thinking probably. Norwich have done well this year, and Rhodes got a few goals, but I'd be amazed if they thought "lets spend a few million on him as a fourth or fifth choice forward" if they go up, or if he has made any other championship teams think "Rhodes still has it at this level, we should have him here"
  4. That’s good, at least they should be able to fulfill their schedile
  5. Isn’t today the deadline for paying their players, and if they don’t, players are free to leave?
  6. Jos started off so well, but it should have been obvious last season that there were problems with him - he quite clearly had favourites, and even though his promotion of youth players looked good at first, it was obvious pretty soon that he was going to far - virtually any player the club kept after 20 was getting a game as long as they had an even number of legs
  7. He's never going to get into the first team at Chelsea, so in theory,they should be open to letting him go, but they've held onto him for a few years, despite this being obvious, so who knows
  8. Bruce is on record as saying the club has too many, so some will be going - and that is if he doesn't want to bring his own in Winall, Nuhui, Hooper, Fletcher, Rhodes, Joao are outright forwards and Mattias and Forestieri sort of Rhodes is on loan, and Hooper injured, but the others have all got time under Bruce I assume the out of contract ones the most likely to go (Hooper and Mattias I think), and Rhodes if anyone would take him (probably not Norwich if they go up), but is there any indication who has most impressed Bruce and that he would be likely to want to keep?
  9. Well, Fletcher, Nuhui, Hooper, Rhodes, Joao and Winnall are probably inarguable, Matias and Forestieri somewhat debatable
  10. I've seen many players rumoured, but most common, full back, center back and forward. Hopefully if a forward comes in, someone will go, otherwise, there are already 5 at the club, with Rhodes on loan. 7 if Forestieri and Mattias are counted as forwards. I'm just not sure who will take them. Is anyone going to take Jones, even on another free transfer? Would he agree to the 50-90% drop in wages that would surely require?
  11. Who will Bruce bring in, and are there any surplus players that can be moved out (so, not "We should sell Jones for half a million") .
  12. Sure, major surgery was needed, and there were fading stars, but Pleat came into a team that maybe needed a coronary bypass and performed a brain transplant if that is the analogy we are going with.
  13. He seems to be first choice left back and ahead of Fox. If he has any idea what Fox is on, he’d be mad to take less.
  14. It's hard to say. We are more familiar with the strengths/weaknesses of the Wednesday players, so can look at many of them and say "he's deffinately good enough to be in a top 6 side" or "DEcent players as a sub, but shouldn't be a starter in a team challenging for the play offs" For West brom, and Middlesborough, the same might apply, but can people really look at Brentford, or even Derby/Forest and make a realistic judgment on the squad?
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