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  1. So is that 3 at the back with wing backs, or a 4-4-2wiyh Bannan and Hutchinson in central midfield? Or 4-3-3 with Shodipo and Berahino wide? not sure if Hutchinson still has the legs for a defensive midfielder role
  2. Should be a better performance. It may be that a midfield of Wing, Byers and Bannon is just to lightweight, and the return of Adeniran could fix it. Or it could be that although we have a very good squad for this level, many of them are players that weren’t wanted for whatever reason by top-mid table championship sides, and those sort of players are going to have poor games. being at home should make a big difference
  3. Back 5 was predictable. Only doubt would have been maybe Dunkley for Hutchinson. Byers for Adinitan an interesting choice - Wing does seem to be more of a regular. Sow up front will hopefully give more attacking threat good line up alltogether
  4. Good move, but it does show why Moore didn't feel these players were capable of doing a job in league one
  5. I can’t help but think missing Windass, Sow, Shodipo and Corbenau for most of those games might have contributed to the lack of clear chances.
  6. Full match from Sow and Corbenau has to be a huge plus - with a break to come, they should both be ready for the next league game
  7. Don't know who's playing, but anyone decent for Liverpool seems to either be in the first team squad or loaned out. Maybe Kaide Gordan is the only one that is even close to being able to play professionally
  8. Wouldn't surprise me, as he doesn't really seem to be a wide player, and is unlikely to play once our other three are fit, and Moore doesn't seem to see him as the central forward
  9. To be honest, I was expecting all the signings to be like this - someone who looked very promising years ago, but either had an injury or never developed and is hoping to re-start their career. so I can’t feel too disappointed
  10. Overall, disappointing not to score, or even create any clear cut chances, but there were probably more shots or half chances than the other games combined. Any other day and Wednesday could have had 2 or 3 with Dunkley or Hutchinson to return in defence, that adds more stability (not that Palmer was poor, but he isn’t at that level) and Shodipo, Sow and Windass to return up front, I’d expect more chances to be created. it does seem Gregory is the only outright goal scorer, so if he is having an off day, goals might be harder, but that is why we need more from midfield or the wide players.
  11. If 10 from 5 is promotion form, there are more teams on promotion form than spots.
  12. I’ve liked what I’ve seen from Corbenau so far
  13. Was just about to say that as long as it 0-0, there is a chance for Morecombe to score
  14. More shots than I’ve seen from a Wednesday side in a while, even if there haven’t been many clear chances. should really go on and win this, though it might require a change up front.
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