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  1. That’s what I’m hoping, but it seems to be a immense step up in quality
  2. Sure, extend them especially if playing. It seems unlikely that after 1 or 2 academy players over the past decade being championship quality, there would suddenly be half a dozen, but not impossible.
  3. The fact that he, as with so many other players has not got a new position does heavily imply that we were paying far too much and no other club is willing to offer anything like that.
  4. Makes sense to me. New signings might be decent, but they don’t look the sort that would make anyone say “oh, with these players, they are no longer the relegation fodder they were at the end of last season, they look like real challengers now”
  5. It’s hard to see any reasonable formation with that line up Maybe a Liverpool style 4-3-3 with Palmer at left back and Reach and Harris in the Mane and Salah roles?
  6. That with the 12 point deduction? So without it they would think Wednesday to end on 61 points, just 6 outside the play off?
  7. If he hasn't made it at Chelsea by 23, it's not likely he will, but the last time we had a player on loan who wasn't quite good enough for them, he did very well at Hillsborough.
  8. Clear out can be a good idea, but only if people are brought in to replace those that leave. Offer them 1 year contracts, on sensible money and if the club is able to bring in other quality players, they can be back up, if the only other players that arrive are those that aren't wanted anywhere else, they'll probably be regular first team players.
  9. Probably because little flexibility - hardly any room to change things around Also, as others have suggested, how many of them are really top quality championship players? I don't think any are premier league quality, and most teams have at least a few players who could do a job at a bottom half championship side. How many could really be said to be one of the top players in the position? Obviously, direct comparisons are hard, especially when systems vary so much and the types of players used varies, but if there are maybe 40 forwards in the championship, is Rhodes in the top 20? Is Bannan one of the top 10-20 creative midfielders? A few years ago, if we could have our pick from any other team, we'd take no more than 2 or three from any apart from the very best, now? I think most teams in the league would have at least half a dozen players that could easily get into the Wednesday side
  10. Apart from no depth to cover injuries, poor performance or flexibility in tactics depending on opposition, that doesn't look too bad. That may just be familiarity bias though, as the results since the season re-started suggest it is pretty terrible - 21st of 24 teams with just 8 points
  11. I just noticed the midfield - Hunt, Shaw, Brennan, Hughes, Grant, Waldock How many appearances do they have between? Based on recent history, is there any chance more than one or two at the absolute most would make it? This really does look disastrous. Maybe plenty of other clubs are in a similar situation and will also have players not sign a contract because they aren't offered as much as the past (an assumption, but not a huge one)
  12. Never the most talented player, or a natural goalscorer, but there have been plenty of times when he came on late and disrupted the opponents defence so much that Wednesday were able to rescue a point or even get a victory. Hopefully this is because someone else who is thought to be better is lined up, or he wanted to try somewhere else and not because the club is so broke they can't afford any players
  13. I'm hoping that is down to the manager or midfield. I remember* in the days it went wrong under Tricky Trev, we had no attacking threat at all, so the decent teams didn't need to bother defending and could just go all out attack. It wasn't pretty *Just because I remember it, doesn't mean it happened
  14. I’d forgotten Nuhui was only on a short term contract. one has been striker. Maybe two or three Championship quality defenders and the same in midfielx
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