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  1. Flying V

    S.T renewals.

    In the final year of the original three year, then start my five year one. I also thought I'd made the wrong decision but not now. UTOs.
  2. Flying V

    Steve Bruce in one word

  3. Flying V

    lee Bullen

    God Bless you Lee.
  4. Flying V


    On my way home, I believe the game would have been closer had Willian not played, terrific player.
  5. They still need replacing Debram.
  6. I've voted Fox, thought he played well again. Nuihu played well too.
  7. Flying V

    FA Cup Semi Final v Brighton 1983

    It was the only time I'd been to Highbury, and on returning back to Sheffield, we had a few beers in the Beauchief Hotel.
  8. Flying V

    Attendance today

    Hope I can get a ticket for Luton, I've not been before.
  9. Flying V

    Every player today

    Every player since Bullen took over has worked harder, and played well. Just need that bit of quality in front of goal. Excellent end to end football today, the kind of match that will bring fans back.
  10. Flying V

    1993: A few questions

    At a forum earlier this year at the Royal Vic Hotel, Waddle said "We could beat any side except for Arsenal" It was the only team we didn't want to meet.
  11. Flying V

    7 from 9

    Know what, walking out the ground today I was still very happy. Not just because of the points but how well we've played over the last three games. In my opinion there's not been a bad performance from a Wednesday player during this time. Well done lads.
  12. Flying V

    Just Got Back

    Haha, I was just behind you at that point and the two stewards said you will be stopped and the ball taken back.
  13. Flying V

    Booing of Fox

    Booing isn't the right thing to do, very childish in my opinion.
  14. Flying V

    Waterfront + We are Sheffield Wednesday

    That video is spine tingling, play it every match for me.
  15. Flying V


    Is potato head ok then ?
  16. Flying V


    I don't like teetering, in fact I don't like any Norfolk village.
  17. Flying V

    Jeunes Gilletes

    He's the best a man could get though.
  18. Flying V

    Nuhiu yesterday

    Couldn't agree more.
  19. Flying V

    safe journey home

    Half way home now, and hoping there's no snow around Sheffield.
  20. Flying V

    53 tickets sold for Swansea

    Well, I'm driving to Swansea cos I've not been before, and looking forward to it. UTOs.
  21. Flying V

    Perfect draw

    There's a few away grounds I've not been to (Blunts fans will have) so one of them would be good, especially on the coast.
  22. Flying V

    FA Cup 3rd Round

    Halifax Town away, hopefully or Grimsby away.
  23. Flying V

    Season ticket holders

    Bought a three yr one then a five yr one, I'll always be here.
  24. Flying V

    Car crash

    Reasonable performance, though Derby didn't look a good side, too many missed chances for us and several poor decisions in defence.