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  1. Fans need to grow up, Not proper fans that boo their own players.
  2. Saw him against Northampton and he was awful, no better tonight.
  3. Defended very very well, but his passing let's him down.
  4. I watched Spain V Switzerland in the 66 world cup at Hillsborough, can't remember much about it though.
  5. I hope we keep him, he's such a huge talent.
  6. Madness to sellJoao imho
  7. Now is not the end, it's not even the beginning of the end, but is is perhaps the end of the beginning.
  8. Can't stand the bloke, just wish he'd keep his big gob shut
  9. Done all these grounds, that's why I was hoping Portsmouth and Donny would have got promoted, not been to either.
  10. I've heard that Boyd has gone, not sure though.
  11. Top lad, all the best Daniel and good luck.
  12. Shhhh, they've forgotten about that.
  13. Blades fans have never seen their club play in European Cup competitions or seen their club in a cup final, let alone seen their captain lift a major trophy. Oh! But they have watched them in Div 4. So glad I'm a Wednesdayite.
  14. I was going to crack a joke too but sod it.
  15. Best side lost today, their players coming off the bench was far better than ours and made all the difference.
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