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  1. north west corner

    Or St. James park, Newcastle. Mountaineering.
  2. Graham Pugh - Please help

    Think he had the Freemasons in Hillsborough at one time, not sure though.
  3. So, am I the only one...

    Thought we did really well after the first 10 - 15 mins.
  4. Barry F&%!in Bannan

    Excellent game.
  5. OMDT - Stags vs Owls

    Even my wife is coming with me today, first time in many years.
  6. OMDT

    Haha, that was some vid.
  7. Steven Haslam

    Watched Steve since he was 8 yr old as my son played along side him for young owls and Sheffield boys. Very intelligent player but a little unlucky in his career. He deserves this chance. Good luck Steve.
  8. Favourite Player

    Fantham. Curran.Waddle.
  9. Medical Department Sacked

    Yes please.

    Or buy Carroll at Christmas.

    Proper fans will really feel that statement deep down. He is truly a great man to be in charge of our Football club.
  12. THIS article is outrageous

    We go again next season, promotion is a matter of time.
  13. On The Cusp Of Something Great

    Good post Mark, I've watched Wednesday since 1961 - 62. Still love it all.
  14. Didn't think we'd ever get into 5th slot.
  15. Your Dad.

    My Dad stopped going after the bribes scandal, and never took me to a match, my best mates Dad took us for my first game in 1962/63. I used to go to the reserves earlier.