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  1. 1) 1962, but cant remember who we played. 2)Johnny fantham 3)Chris Waddle 4) Owls 5 man ure 4 5)Beating brentford way 2-1 in prmotion season 6)Alliance in Munich 7) Johnny Fantham diving header in the last minute but cant remember who against. 😎 Kaiserslaughtern home and away. And Brighton in Playoff. 9) Roland Nillson. 10) absolutely not.
  2. We have to stand up, dust ourselves down and get back in the race. No point in feeling sorry for ourselves. UTO. WAWAW.
  3. Brilliant shot from Harris, Great save from the keeper.
  4. Even my laptops had enough and crashed just before their third goal.
  5. Watched Owls V Forest on ifollow last week but I cant access yesterdays game to watch the highlights V Bristol for some reason. I clicked ifollow then season ticket holders ( I chose option 1 two weeks ago) Just a "subscribe" pop up.
  6. How many major Euro competitions did we qualify for, was it four or five?
  7. Yep, bought the black away shirt today £15......bargain.
  8. Played very well away at Brighton and Leeds. I wouldnt want him to go.
  9. Problem is, if GM left who would do better than SB?
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