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  1. I don't think we're far off, hopefully two or three players in January recruited and a top six position is more than possible.
  2. Loads of cars parked outside of the cafe on Catch bar lane had parking tickets placed on them.
  3. Iorfa was a colossus today, in his best position. Nuihu was awesome too, so strong.
  4. Not bad is it after the fiasco of pre season?
  5. Said this many times, needs working on.
  6. Demote LB, and get a management team in. Allow players to leave at the end of season whose contracts end and start again.
  7. I've sat on the fence with Bullen, cos I like him, but I wouldn't keep him here now in any capacity. Rowett for me now ASAP.
  8. Losing 3-0 to Tranmere in a night match a few years ago, we were dire and for the first time ever at an away game I came out early with my daughter and Grandson.
  9. I turned up at 14:10 with 480 points to see if there was any left, she said 120 only. I came back at 15:50, all gone. I'm on the reserve list, doubt that I could get any at Rotherham.
  10. Fans need to grow up, Not proper fans that boo their own players.
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