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  1. Flying V

    Back from Lincoln

    Totally agree, he was very good.
  2. Flying V

    SWFC and young England

    Fantastic young player.
  3. Flying V

    Happy Birthday Big Jack!

    So glad to have met him and his wife at open evening, had my picture taken with him which signed. Great man and who forget those 3rd Division games ?
  4. RIP Julie, God bless you. UTO
  5. Flying V

    Eyad Hammoud

    Andy Powell is my favourite guitarist Dukeries, cheers mate.
  6. Flying V

    Eyad Hammoud

    I left school at 14 and started work at 15. (Probably why I'm thick)
  7. I think Charlie Browns was called The Blue star garage many years ago.
  8. Flying V

    This is Sheffield Wednesday

    Reyt enjoyed that S8. Cheers.
  9. Flying V

    #QPR 4 - 2 #SWFC - OMDT

    Yes, that was my son.
  10. Flying V

    Joey Barton

    I'd sooner French kiss a Rottweiler.
  11. Flying V


    I was there that day, could hardly hear Scousers singing. This is the only ground where I was crushed, as I could hardly breath pressed up against a metal fence. Great day though.
  12. Flying V

    FF miss.

    Slightly behind him and still a bit rusty, had he scored they would have been mugged.
  13. Renewed yesterday £1175 for 5 year plus next year's already paid for.
  14. Flying V

    Quality balls

    Also Nuihu gets in the area far more than he used to, hence the goals.
  15. Flying V

    Jos maybe...

    He's doing just fine under the circumstances.