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  1. Sean Clare

    One helluva player.
  2. The Referee

    Totally bent ref.
  3. Works so well with Joao. Theres a good player there, no doubt .
  4. Wadsley Bridge Railway Station

    Caught the train from Victoria station several times in the late 50s to Morecambe changing at Manchester. The small goods train runs from Aldwarke to Stocksbridge steels as the tracks are parallel to our road at Oughtibridge.
  5. Matias

    That was a terrific 2nd half performance from Matias, great pace at last, just what we need.
  6. Weather tonight

    I just hope they get home okay.
  7. Spion Kop or East Bank?

    Damn it, beat me to it.
  8. Spion Kop or East Bank?

    Think I read somewhere that Spion Kop was at Rorks drift in the Boer war and a Wednesday fan said the East bank resembled it.
  9. German

    True dat.
  10. Oy! I'm 5' 5" I'll bite yer knee caps if you call me a midget.
  11. Jos Luhukay

  12. Were we better off under Mandaric?

    We just need the right coach/ dof, backroom staff/ inc medical team and success will arrive.