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  1. Flying V

    The 'pen'

    Totally agree
  2. I'd have thought they'd cost as much as our team tonight
  3. Dot cotton for me, oooooh!
  4. Flying V

    slack passing across the back

    Bang on, we're not good enough to do that.
  5. Flying V

    Changing Room War Music

    Kashmir - Led Zeppelin.
  6. We certainly didn't play "crap" we have to accept that Leeds were very good. This is a transitional season and we're doing just fine if unspectacular.
  7. Some of our players are as old as The Rolling Stones.
  8. I've known Steve as an 8 year old player with the young Owls and Sheffield boys. An intelligent person and a good player in his time, its good to see him doing so well with the young uns.
  9. Flying V

    Bruce Grobelaar

    I was crushed that day, the worst experience I've ever had. Won 2 - 0 though, what a day.
  10. Flying V

    Well this is awkward

    When I heard that Seaman was at the game, I didn't realise ....!!!!
  11. Flying V

    Is it just me

    We need better.
  12. Got six years left on my S/T and I hate missing games. I was away for the first game but I always look forward to the matches.