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  1. I've known Steve as an 8 year old player with the young Owls and Sheffield boys. An intelligent person and a good player in his time, its good to see him doing so well with the young uns.
  2. Flying V

    Bruce Grobelaar

    I was crushed that day, the worst experience I've ever had. Won 2 - 0 though, what a day.
  3. Flying V

    Well this is awkward

    When I heard that Seaman was at the game, I didn't realise ....!!!!
  4. Flying V

    Is it just me

    We need better.
  5. Got six years left on my S/T and I hate missing games. I was away for the first game but I always look forward to the matches.
  6. Flying V


    We could always sign Gary Baldy.
  7. I've got six years left, on my ticket and I'll be 71 yr old by then. Don't think think I'll renew after that though, might not live that long.
  8. Flying V

    Back from Lincoln

    Totally agree, he was very good.
  9. Flying V

    SWFC and young England

    Fantastic young player.
  10. Flying V

    Happy Birthday Big Jack!

    So glad to have met him and his wife at open evening, had my picture taken with him which signed. Great man and who forget those 3rd Division games ?
  11. RIP Julie, God bless you. UTO