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  1. I’ve not seen it mentioned specifically, but to my knowledge we have Lord Hattersley our club president, David Blunkett and Clive Betts who are all keen owls. Are they petitioning on our behalf to get these crazy new safety rules relaxed? if not they should be..... Write to your MP or local councillor and ask them to petition for a sensible solution to this issue. No other ground in the country can be operating under such extreme rules, do they stop Utd fans exiting onto Bumhole stain because there are away fans also? No. Over the years there has been far more trouble around there than at hillsborough. its one thing grumbling on owlstalk, but we need to work through the proper political channels to get this sorted out!!
  2. Dear Steve, You have a very crucial 48 hours ahead of you. Take your time and think VERY carefully about what is best for you, your career and your family. I have been a Wednesday fan for nearly 50 years, I love my club, BUT I WOULD NEVER WANT TO MANAGE MY CLUB. The magic would be broken. As a boyhood Toon, think very carefully about letting your heart rule your head and taking this potentially attractive but ultimately poison chalice job. Mike Ashley has no love for Newcastle, he’s a Southern hard nosed businessman, who openly wants to sell the club. You are only a stop gap, allegedly 3rd or 4th choice manager. Like as not when the club is sold, the new team will appoint their own man. Your retirement will be accelerated. The Newcastle fans are amongst the best in the country, BUT get off to a poor start and your Sunderland past will come back to haunt you. Finally, the Newcastle team is threadbare and will be favourites for the drop. If you take the job you have 3 weeks to assemble a team.......... Sheffield Wednesday is not the countries most glamorous club, but as you recognise, it is VERY special and is desperate and ready for success. In DC we have a 100 percent committed chairman, who having made some early mistakes has learned and passionately wants us to reach the premier league. He has always backed his managers ( perhaps too much in early mistakes) can the same be said of Mike Ashley? I think not. I’m sure the money is better at Newcastle, but do you really need the extra money. Happiness and job satisfaction at this stage of your life is surely worth more....... The choice is yours. Think carefully and make the right choice.
  3. ........PIGS MIGHT FLY !!!!! Donated !! lets raise a MASSIVE amount for a fantastic cause........ UTO
  4. Playing in midfield is an entirely different role to playing CH as the play comes at you from all angles and players move around you. As you can see with JP, he often gets caught between players and the ball gets passed around him. In defence the play is mainly in front of you. As good as prospect at CH as Thorniley is, he's no midfielder.
  5. He didn’t have a mare, he was a constant thorn, but he did look rusty in front of goal and should have scored at leat 1 chnacechance
  6. Dont be stupid. No one played well but they were two of the better ones in a terrible all round team performance
  7. OP really should get a grip !! They are young lads thrown into a team that lacks talent and commitment in many areas and a tried tested and stable defensive system (not to mention pace and physicality). The defence gets changed every week both in people and formation. No wonder they struggle to gel it together. Dawson has made some great saves and yes an odd mistake or two but has real potential (as does Wildsmith). Him, Baker, Penny, Thorniley and Co are first year pro's (in the championship). They all show promise, but should be allowed time to develop and have the senior pro's carry the load and the pressure, but this is just not being allowed to happen as they are being hung out to dry by the manager and senior pro's ....and i feel sorry for them. Don' start scapegoating them or we will ruin them. Take manure or any of the other premiership clubs, they blood their youngsters slowly (even when they cosy many £10's of millions). The fault is with Jos for dumping the older 'steady pro's en-mass like Westwood, Hutchinson, Jones Boyd and Abdi, who can do a holding job for us in this situation. Taxi for Jos and the entire back room team !!!
  8. Incorrect team selection and a 'square pegs in round holes' formation were the primary reasons for last nights poor showing. Reach hasnt been the same since he's been moved into a strange central/floating supporting position behind the strikers, Joao isn't a winger and Nuihu cant hold the ball up when played long, Pelupessy would have made no difference last night in my humble opinion. It was just too many changes and a bad night !!
  9. We get two mentions here. A brilliant one from Jarvis and another from those boys from High Green........... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-manchester-45443993
  10. 1970. A friend of my dads took me to see Wednesday v Norwich (as my dad had zero interest in football), we sat in the Cantilever. All i remember of the game was us winning (2-1). My main memory strangely was the meat pie and bovril he bought me. I thought it was amazing 48 years later, so much has changed in the game (and not always for the better), but a pie and bovril, still does it for me on a cold day. UTO WTID
  11. Brilliant day out. Early train to London, meet some old mates and have a few drinks around Paddington, fast train to Reading. Some more beer and quality fish and chips at the station in Reading. Taxi to ground and straight in...... yes it’s a bit of a soulless stadium, but we won and played well. Post game walked back to the Hilton, had a beer while crowd cleared, taxi back to station and then back to London for more beer a curry and a very happy headache this morning !!! whats not to like??? UTO
  12. Agreed....... apart from your Reach comments. Reach was poor against Ipswich, but he is being played out of position and looks lost. He is not lazy and doesn’t bottle it. There’s were many games last season where he carried the team. Cut the lad a bit of slack, he’s in important part of our team and when he finds his form again, he’ll contribute greatly.
  13. Actually it can get quite rowdy in the south stand. Lots of huffing and puffing by older gentlemen and shouts of 'crikey by jove' surely thats a foul referee. Added to that you get to see whos blagged a seat in the directors box...... plus if your a foundation member there's direct access to the foundation lounge from the concourse where you can get served quicker (beer and coffee) and if you dont want to rush your beer you can watch the second half on the big screens. Whats not to like ?!?!
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