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  1. Just popped into loft to retrieve something else and found the programme from the game
  2. I got a lift there from a work colleague (and Aldershot fan) - was living in Wokingham at the time. And yes he did give me a lift home
  3. 4, 12, 15, 21 & 23 are all upstairs somewhere. 29 may well be added this year. But overall, 21 is still my favourite. 24 was awful, closely followed by 7. But actually overall, compared to some clubs, they're not that bad a collection (ignoring the sponsors on some that is)
  4. I seem to be with the majority, which always suprises me when it happens. 7 & 12 for me. Whats really a suprise is how good the new shirt looks compared to some of the others from the last 20 years. But it would look so much better with the stylised Owl (and no shield), mirroring the Bukta logo (IMHO of course)
  5. There is a very retro feel to them, I even like the pink one - think they'll sell well
  6. Have had the pleasure of having a beer with him too. And he bought it! Great leader on and off the pitch - we were lucky to have him in the side
  7. I was over it weeks ago, well before the inevitable. I just don't know what comes next? I have a horrible feeling this isn't the worst day i'm going to see as a Wednesday fan in the next few years.
  8. My nerves are ok too. If things do go our way though, the final game of the season will be a different matter.
  9. Just come in having not been listening/watching - have I entered the Twilight zone or something?
  10. RIP Frank - great player, great character. That Bolton goal was world class.
  11. Was going to say 2-0 nightmare lead, but every lead is a nightmare. Actually every game is a nightmare! off to find a darkened room of my own.
  12. I expect a mini revival near the end followed by a home defeat to Forest (think thats still the last home game) to send us down
  13. Well the Wednesday Cricket Club, from which we were started, was formed back in 1820 - so we win that one too don't we?
  14. The "Bluebirds" club - think that was its name of Cardiffs supporters bar - prior to the game in 84 - full of Wednesday fans Winning at Old Trafford on New Years Day - Hodge saving a penalty The "We said we'll be back... and we are" 2-0 at Anfield Going 3-0 up at Stamford Bridge (in the first half I think) having seen us lose there many a time
  15. Easiest vote of the season so far, from my point of view - glad you all agree with me One of the best things about Shaw, is he really looked like he was enjoying himself out there.
  16. Out of the relegation zone. That will hopefully boost everyones morale after the nonsense of the last couple of days.
  17. We'd be in the bottom three without a points deduction - that kind of sums us up right now
  18. There are plenty of present day footballers that have won games by feigning injury to get players sent off, by diving to get penalties and so on. He's remembered for the "hand of god" goal rather than the other goal that day mainly because it was against us in a World Cup and because he was Argentinian. The drugs saw him off I suspect, much like the alcohol saw off other famous players. He was an undoubted genius on the pitch and sadly very much flawed off it - and for that I sincerely hope he does rest in peace
  19. Nothing wrong with any of those. Maybe the home shirt is too dark a shade of blue? I actually rather like the zig-zag effect - makes it different without really changing the format we all want too much. Shame all the best looking Wednesday kits i've seen over the last ten or so years have been mock-ups posts on here.
  20. Before we get in a Twirl over this news, we need to take Time-out to make sure its a real deal. I wasn't Bournville yesterday!
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