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  1. Well it is panto season. the club is up for sale Oh no it isn’t Oh yes it is
  2. FAT OWL

    Alan wheen

    Rest in Peace Weenie. One of the few faces that seemed a constant during the last four and a bit decades of travelling away to watch Wednesday games.
  3. Slight technical hitch. Went to re-register, but it won’t let me complete as the system “recognised” me and instead asks me to login. Now I set this up a while ago and can’t remember my password - which would be fine, but I’ve also changed email accounts so have no way of retrieving a password reset email! Any suggestions?
  4. FAT OWL

    #SWFC vs Chelsea in 1984

    Ah, the Stamford Bridge of old. Usually a bad result (or an unlucky one) save for that 3-0 on year. Mickey F'in Thomas. Nowhere to pee other on the terraces. Nutters on your left, nutters on your right and usually a few in with you for the first 10 minutes. Never much fun. And the worse thing was trying to get back to the tube. You either didn't risk it, or they wouldn't let you. After one game, may have been the protest game, not sure, we ended up being marched down to the Wednesday coaches after the game. No way to turn round and all the sides streets full of their boys. Fortunately a guy I was with new some people on one of the coaches and we got given a lift and dropped off near Victoria Station. The good old days eh ?
  5. FAT OWL

    #QPR 4 - 2 #SWFC - OMDT

    Its only a positive if Rangers don't score again - but I'll take it for now.
  6. Now when was the last Wednesday player to get a Hattrick?
  7. Never had this problem, although equally bizarrely "Swindon" has cropped up once or twice
  8. Lord, there's some names on there that would scare me more than getting Brian Laws or Paul Sturrock back.
  9. Good luck to him. He'll be a good manager for some team in the not too distant future, maybe that will be us, maybe not. But I reckon he'll cut it.
  10. I'd rather have Brian Laws back....
  11. Actually that bit annoys me. Makes it sound like they only got plastic glasses because they were football fans. Everyone who sits outside the Angel gets plastic glasses and has as long as I can remember.
  12. FAT OWL

    Now here is a home shirt...

    Yep definitely Stretford End
  13. FAT OWL

    #RIP Bill

    Very touching Dunsby. God bless.