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  1. Now when was the last Wednesday player to get a Hattrick?
  2. Never had this problem, although equally bizarrely "Swindon" has cropped up once or twice
  3. Lord, there's some names on there that would scare me more than getting Brian Laws or Paul Sturrock back.
  4. Good luck to him. He'll be a good manager for some team in the not too distant future, maybe that will be us, maybe not. But I reckon he'll cut it.
  5. I'd rather have Brian Laws back....
  6. Actually that bit annoys me. Makes it sound like they only got plastic glasses because they were football fans. Everyone who sits outside the Angel gets plastic glasses and has as long as I can remember.
  7. Now here is a home shirt...

    Yep definitely Stretford End
  8. #RIP Bill

    Very touching Dunsby. God bless.
  9. Think I might have a nice glass of Port. Had too many lagers today, feel dirty....
  10. Just got back...

    I sympathise. Although in fairness I've made plenty of 300 Mile round trips to Hillsborough to watch rubbish
  11. ..Well I do live about 5 miles from Reading ground. The wife dropped me off and went shopping, frankly I wished I'd joined her. Three hours walking round the Oracle shopping centre fighting through the hordes of Christmas shoppers would have been paradise compared to the game I just watched. I'm almost stumped for words - were both teams playing for a draw? Marks out of 10 for the players? Well Bannan can have 5 for running round as usual and the rest can share the other 5. One shot on goal !!! I think one of the many back-passes got the biggest cheer (ironic obviously) and when did we sign all those Darren Potter clones? I'd cry, but my tear ducts are still frozen...... UTO
  12. Reading away

    Nope, honestly Park & Ride (a33 one) is best bet for a quick exit. Even if you found somewhere on Acre Road, it would take a lot longer to get out. The bus gets its own lane going over the M4.
  13. Reading away

    Park and Ride just off A33 south of M4 - drops off and picks up at bottom of slope leading up to away end. Less than five minutes on bus.