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  1. If you want a few close together start at the Three Guineas (in the station), over the road to the Oakford Social club (my usual after work drinking establishment), come out hang a right and walk round the corner (keeping right). Blagrave Arms is next followed by O'Neills on the next corner. The Monks Retreat over the road is cheap but a bit dire, so keep going round to the right. Theres a Yates, which does good cocktails and a Walkabout down an alley behind it. Theres another bar next (forget the name and then there is a Pitcher and Piano on the next corner. Right again (aiming back down to the Station and theres a Revolution Bar on the right. All in all nothing special, but that's 10 odd without going more than a few hundred yards in total in a small circle. Want food? then head towards the Oracle shopping centre wheres there's around 15 eateries on the riverside (well canal side as its the Kennet and Avon not the Thames) Greek, Lebanese, Mex a Steakhouse or two - the usual mix. All Bar One is cheapish and the Beer is ok. Las Iguanas for more Cocktails and spicy food. No more pubs there, but theres usually an overpriced pop-up outside bar (goes up before Christmas, may already be there this week) but if you come out at the West side of the Centre, theres a few on the Walk back into town. Zero Degrees (micro brewery) Purple Turtle and some other bar next to it, Allied Arms (Proper Pub - only one left) and a few more eateries. All very walkable, even when you've had a few. I shall no doubt be doing that round in December after the works lunchtime xmas do!
  2. Reading away

    Hopefully there will be POTG (as per previous years) as I havent got one yet - and it would be annoying to miss, particularly as I could probably walk it to the ground (i certainly could from the office)
  3. From the card game Nap, where you try to win five hands out of five (called going “Nap”)
  4. Had a "Be wise...follow the Owls in Division 1" T Shirt in '84
  5. Next season kit

    WOW and not in a good way. To me, the home kit looks nothing like the 60's original its supposed to be honouring and therefore has absolutely no claim to be representative of any of our 150 years of history (i'm choosing to ignore the three buttons horlicks). The away kit may look better in the flesh....but I suspect not. The sponsor is largely irrelevant to me and I've never bought or not bought a kit on the basis of the manufacturer. I do however, despite my age (50+) like to buy a shirt each year, on the basis that its added some more into the clubs coffers. But I only started buying the home kits again when the stripes started appearing on the backs of the shirts - so I'm never going to buy one with no stripes at all. We've had some nice away kits over the years and I bought last year 3rd kit - so hopefully this years 3rd choice may allow me to part with some money, because lets be honest, thats why clubs produce repro shirts. Why of why couldnt they just have copied a striped shirt from our history even if it was just for one year, would maybe have forgiven a 60's style one the year after...
  6. What and ruin it before we reach 200 pages of nothingness?
  7. Born in Lincolnshire, moved to Norfolk within 6 months and down South since 1977. Dads family from the middle of nowhere in Worcestershire! But his best friend at school in the 1940's was a Wednesdayite. He picked up the bug and passed it on, the good man.
  8. Well I'm going shopping. Hopefully Reading town centre will be a little quieter than usual today.
  9. Play off final

    i live near and work in Reading. And on that basis I'll be hoping Huddersfield do them. But no I won't be watching.
  10. Not only is it a good statement, I think its an honest one too. He's got the bug, you know the one we all have, whatever the league, whatever the result. We all whinge like buggery at times, but we love the club, we cant help it. I don't think I've ever come across another group of supporters like us. For those of us who are parents Sheffield Wednesday is like one of our kids. We will always love him/her, we can't do otherwise. Next year is our 150th birthday. Its the year we go up. As Champions.
  11. Listening to radio on the bus home from work arrgghh hate the tension
  12. Come on you Blue and White Wizzzzzaaaaards
  13. Come you Blue and White Wizards. Lets wrap up the playoffs.