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  1. Remember it well. there was a bit of anything you can do we can.............in terms of slum clearance . living in Mexborough as I did at the time you always wanted to beat Rotherham in later life I have socialised a few times with wee pipe Finney a lovely guy who I am sure was the anti christ when we played them. funny old world!!!!!!!!!
  2. Did you go? Nuhiu, and I am not a big fan, had one of his best games for us, Rhodes might as well have sat with me, he offered absolutely nothing,,,
  3. Another excellent close season where you have fully backed the team management in the transfer market. This year we appear to have been more disciplined and leveraged better deals for players and not been bullied by other clubs like Chelsea. I am as disappointed as most that we didn’t sign MH but would rather miss out than pay £5m. i have supported this club for the last 50 years and Mr Chansiri is the best chairman we have had by a country mile!!!!!!!
  4. Just been on sky sports news that the deal is very close to being done!
  5. This must be a different Mel Morris to the one who employed McLaren not once but twice and a succession of other failed manager who is now looking to waste more millions on Wayne Rooney the master coach! ignore the facts and write a critical comment! All these now we have beaten Reading , banging on about how bad Reading are, I will tell you now less than 10 teams will win ar Reading this year, there are no easy gimme games in the Championship!
  6. Because DC wants to look at every option before we make an appointment. If Chris Hughton had said yes he would be manager now!
  7. I am not against Lee Bullens appointment but given where we are right now I don’t see the rush. if we appoint someone from outside with the transfer deadline on Thursday he is not going to have a chance to be effective. Bullen appears to know his targets which may well be SB targets so let them get on with it. But I am also aware that if we lose on Saturday people will be shouting for his head. Ghive him an indefinite period as manager and lets see what happens if it doesnt work out bring him back into the group. Lee is very honest and will give 100% so give him a chance but with more support!
  8. Do you seriously think he would lie in his first comments on the job? yes avoid the question or give an answer that could be interpreted either way but not say this!
  9. Apologies , should have put the source, apparently an interview with 5 live sport yesterday!
  10. Just read an article interviewing Gary Rowett where he said he would be very interested in the owls vacancy but, where he confirmed he had not met with the club to discuss the vacancies! what do you make of that?
  11. Still evens on sky bet,bookies aren’t usually wrong!
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