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  1. Thurgoland Owl


    I went down there and travel to two thirds of away games but even I was genuinely shocked a our level of support, expected 800 to 1000 and closer to 2000. great support !
  2. Thurgoland Owl


    Get off his back , too many people concentrating on his errors and not enough on his positive attributes! Westwood is being shunned by the club and his fellow players because of his alleged philandering and won’t play for us again, Dawson will only improve by playing, yes he will make the odd mistake and he does need to improve his presence from crosses but we have an exceptional talent on our hands, so get behind him!!
  3. Thurgoland Owl

    Fernando’s trip

    At the time I thought it was too theatrical, has anyone got a video? was it a penalty?
  4. Thurgoland Owl

    50 Years AgoToday

    I was there in the corner between the pep and the north stand. Probably the most memorable game I have ever seen and I have seen a few.......
  5. Thurgoland Owl

    Morgan Fox

    As a footballer your first action when the ball is played in behind you should be to get there control the ball , look up and pass. He strolls to the ball by which time two of the opposition are on him and loses the ball puts someone else in trouble! As a footballer when you receive the ball in space you should drive it forward causing the opposition to come to you and opening up space for the other players, He virtually without exception stops the ball with his body facing back towards our goal keeper meaning he kills our attack whilst putting another player under pressure. I was and still am to a great extent a fan of CC but who the hell do we get scouting because FOX never has been a good footballer. Ps the last said about his attitude and commitment the better
  6. Thurgoland Owl

    Man of the match

    Game of opinions but I must have been at a different match, Fox was better 2nd half but was abysmal first half. Our best outfield player for me was Palmer but I would give Wildsmith MOM bounced back well after last week
  7. Leeds signed Tyler Roberts yesterday for £2.5 million which could rise according to the press to £4 million. He has never started for WBA and scored 5 goals in 19 games whilst on loan at Walsall, He has never started for a team that has been unable to score all season!! 4 years ago I think would have cost £200k, Makes the 10-15 million paid by Wolves for tried and tested strikers look cheap!
  8. Thurgoland Owl

    Player Rating v Boro

    Wildsmith 8 Another very good performance palmer 7 Overall a good game venancio 8 Very good performance pudil 7.5 Great again thorniley 7 very accomplished performance from the young lad! fox 4 Very poor defensively , and offers little going forward wallace 6 Quiet but didn't give the ball away! reach 8 100 per cent effort pelupessy 7.5 Improvement on debut butterfield 7 Looked a lot better joao 6.5 Worked very hard with some success A good team performance in a game we would have won with FF and GH on the pitch but we have to accept our limitations with all the absences.
  9. Thurgoland Owl

    Player ratings

    Dawson 8 his best performance in a Wednesday shirt ,confident shop stopper with great distribution hunt 3 really poor both defensively and offensively Fred 7 decent player, run of games doing him good . Pudil 7 making one of the three spots his own loovens 5 tried to drop his clanger a game in first half but got away with it fox 5 cant defend New lad 6 will take time to adjust to a faster pace Boyd 7 grew into it , again much needed game time reach 7 kept things ticking over adthe 8. quality centre forwards performance . Ignore the idiots big man Matias 9 very good tonight, good work rate,concentration and skill, attitude is now spot on.
  10. Thurgoland Owl

    Joe wildsmith

    Wildsmith is the number one now and stays in for me
  11. Thurgoland Owl

    Player Ratings

    Dawson - 7 - couple of dodgy moments but dealt with most things really well. A couple of smart saves Nielsen - 8 - grew into game good debut Venancio - 8 - looked very assured again. Looked after the two young lads admirably O'Grady - 7 - not the biggest but a like Nielson grew into game. Hunt - 6 - . Did ok on return but crosses poor Fox -5 - passed book too often and negative, not good enough Jones - 7 - solid enough. Nothing spectacular but great sense of positioning Butterfield - 6 - a bit less crab like but not the player I was expecting when we signed him Boyd - 7 - great in the first half, not quite a good in the second but nice to see him in the pitch for 90 mins Matias - 8 - again, nice to see him back. Took his goal well and was lively all evening NUHIU - 8 - led the line well, took his goal well, clearly loves playing for the club. Well done big fella Reach - not on long enough to judge Jos - 9 - good team selection with some of the young lads in the starting line up at last. Got us through with another clean sheet and saved enough legs for Friday.
  12. Pauls wife Ann has asked me to pass on these details. Cremation at South chapel Grenoside 1430 Reception at the golf club Concord approx 1600. AllPauls friends over the years welcome.
  13. Thurgoland Owl

    Ask The Chairman Part 13 - GEORGE HIRST

    The point is that if we paid George Hirst 10K per week players like Wildsmith and Dawson and many many more would want big increases. Congratulations to the chairman for sticking to his principles and his structure,, So sorry GH has been so badly advised, what hurts even more a club hero is to blame, shame on you David Hirst!!!!!
  14. Thurgoland Owl

    Paul Chittenden RIP

    Paul has for the last 20 years Sat in the North Stand at row 35 seat approx 133.