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  1. Dave Clements was a very average division 2 full back should be mentioned in same breath as the Don or Irish!!!
  2. Star linking us and others with him, he’s out of contract predominantly a winger who scored 7 goals last season. somebody more technical can di kinky dink!!
  3. Not a route for this weather dubious for 5 months of the year! Use m62 , my son travels regularly and he says to avoid woodhead pass
  4. He deserves his chance. You can write into contract can be terminated by club with 4 weeks notice or whatever ,
  5. Lee has been a great player for us over the years and has been well rewarded . A fit Keiren lee would still be in our first 11, I don’t think there is any harm in offering him a pay as you play deal 2 grand a week and 10 grand a start. If he gets back to full fitness this can be reviewed
  6. Agree with 90% of this a very assessment of how we played and where we are!
  7. Think these scores about right but I made Palmer my man of match at the centre of our best passing with excellent control!
  8. I went down there and travel to two thirds of away games but even I was genuinely shocked a our level of support, expected 800 to 1000 and closer to 2000. great support !
  9. Get off his back , too many people concentrating on his errors and not enough on his positive attributes! Westwood is being shunned by the club and his fellow players because of his alleged philandering and won’t play for us again, Dawson will only improve by playing, yes he will make the odd mistake and he does need to improve his presence from crosses but we have an exceptional talent on our hands, so get behind him!!
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