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  1. I mean if we are serious and Monk is here to stay the whole backroom staff needs a bit of a shake up, we know Monk wants Beattie, we need a defensive coach as we are playing 3 at the back, organisation and solidity is required and with the players at our disposal / people we have been linked with i think the formation suits.
  2. i know the above was said in jest, but always thought he would make a good coach. Think he guided Tom Lees very well when they played together and would be a good addition to the coaching staff and from all accounts well liked and respected.
  3. I would add Lyle Taylor to the List. Pros: he is a free agent. Cons: recent Injury? age?...althought if one of 4 new strikers his experience might be an asset.
  4. Approach each week praying and hoping it gets better. Although we are showing some fight
  5. I’m done. It’s the hope that kills you. Another Saturday ruined.
  6. Certainly feels like it. Just so underwhelming. I might just forget the rest of the season after today.
  7. also wins us free kicks to move us further up the pitch. We don't look "flat" when he plays either...the issue is getting a level of consistency from him.
  8. Think the media team that puts this stuff together has done well this season. The player reveal videos and the kit release, they’ve kept to a theme and it’s only if the many small steps the club has taken in the right direction.
  9. Painful. Remember listening to it on the Radio. I mean talk about warning signs.....
  10. ^^^^ get the right team behind the man. At the moment its a bit thin on the ground. it has been a good start 6 points from 9 on offer (should have got at least a point at the Den). if we beat Luton that's 9 from 12 on offer and a decent shout for LB to get the job full time. the test will be Preston on Saturday.
  11. Hiya, does anyone one know where I can get a driver cover for my golf clubs. Went to the Wednesday shop in Meadowhall and they said they were in the megastore website. ive looked and can’t find anything. any ideas? cheers
  12. I totally agree with this. A tough year for him and his family. Having a proper Xmas break and some quality family time will allow him to be fresh and ready for us. Don't forget Fulham were roughly where we are now in the league last year and the run they put together got them to the playoffs. We have seen a renewed impetus the last 2 games with players fighting for each other, with a fresh manager at the helm who can harness that will only be good for us.
  13. My only question is how did the pigs get Inter. That is a bit of a glamour fixture for them
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