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  1. Think the media team that puts this stuff together has done well this season. The player reveal videos and the kit release, they’ve kept to a theme and it’s only if the many small steps the club has taken in the right direction.
  2. Painful. Remember listening to it on the Radio. I mean talk about warning signs.....
  3. ^^^^ get the right team behind the man. At the moment its a bit thin on the ground. it has been a good start 6 points from 9 on offer (should have got at least a point at the Den). if we beat Luton that's 9 from 12 on offer and a decent shout for LB to get the job full time. the test will be Preston on Saturday.
  4. I totally agree with this. A tough year for him and his family. Having a proper Xmas break and some quality family time will allow him to be fresh and ready for us. Don't forget Fulham were roughly where we are now in the league last year and the run they put together got them to the playoffs. We have seen a renewed impetus the last 2 games with players fighting for each other, with a fresh manager at the helm who can harness that will only be good for us.
  5. My only question is how did the pigs get Inter. That is a bit of a glamour fixture for them
  6. I like this way of thinking and Jos has been known for his promotion of youth. If our youth teams are a success there is nothing wrong with blooding those players as they already have that willing mentality. All for it
  7. ^^ This Although it would have been great to have been great to have one of our own (and son of a club legend) fulfill his potential with us its not happened as i don't think he himself saw it as if he was one of our own, if he had he would have stuck it out, even on what we were offering he had time in his career for a a larger upside. all a bit money grabbing tbh...he would have the support of the fans here as we were all willing for him to do well. not sure he will get that love elsewhere.
  8. Is this true? I read an article on how he influenced Klopp at Mainz when he played under him. It talked about Frank playing 4-4-2, whereas Jos like to play 4-2-3-1 (or showed adaptability playing 3-5-2 at the sty). Would be nice to see that sort of influence at Wednesday. UTO
  9. But we have 2 Dutch players (Jos is Dutch albeit his coaching has been all in Germany). It’s more so how he can translate his coaching methods.
  10. Good shout. Stalking horse tactic. No way we can wait till the end of Jan. DC has told LB that he has the Burton game and maybe the FA cup game.
  11. Just so much apathy running through my veins. Always want us to do well but it’s just rinse and repeat every game. The trigger needs to be pulled. I never buy he injury list excuse or even the ref decisions as we should be better and not be effected by that. thanks but now it’s time DC drops the pals act and gets rid.
  12. As a owl from an Asian heritage background I’ve had that song sung a few times I’ve the last 30 years I’ve been to games (mostly away) has never been pleasant, but people do think it’s “banter” and that it’s ok. Strange behaviour to say the least!
  13. Irrespective of whether people want Carlos as manager or not, the real question is who would be a realistic option who can work with the current squad and achieve promotion. This is a real challenge for anyone who would come in. Who do you guys think could manage the above?
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