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  1. There was some buzz about him before the chairman’s conference call. He listed on his social media that he was a shareholder of SWFC. This was denied by the Chansiri, but he acknowledged he was a consultant to the football club.
  2. Not sure if it's him dealing with Cardiff or the other consultant Erik Alonso as he had Cardiff as one of the clubs on his website.
  3. I've always thought this would be a class appointment....alas far too forward looking and sensible for us to pull it off
  4. I had hope we would escape relegation. Watched the last 4 games and no desire from anyone, it breaks my heart seeing people wear the shirt I love and showing it so much disrespect by not putting in the minimum effort required. It gets my goat when interviewed after the game no matter which player, it’s the same old line of hurting, wanting to put it right blah blah and next game revert to type and fall apart.
  5. This 100%. Just ruins my mood and I always hope it’s the next game that will give me something to cheer about but it just never happens.
  6. so depressing to read. i genuinely hope we are the right fit for him, after watching the Oxford University interview with him he comes across as a good solid bloke but that does not get you promotion. the only highlight i can so far see is him making us tough to beat but dire to watch.
  7. I mean if we are serious and Monk is here to stay the whole backroom staff needs a bit of a shake up, we know Monk wants Beattie, we need a defensive coach as we are playing 3 at the back, organisation and solidity is required and with the players at our disposal / people we have been linked with i think the formation suits.
  8. i know the above was said in jest, but always thought he would make a good coach. Think he guided Tom Lees very well when they played together and would be a good addition to the coaching staff and from all accounts well liked and respected.
  9. I would add Lyle Taylor to the List. Pros: he is a free agent. Cons: recent Injury? age?...althought if one of 4 new strikers his experience might be an asset.
  10. Approach each week praying and hoping it gets better. Although we are showing some fight
  11. I’m done. It’s the hope that kills you. Another Saturday ruined.
  12. Certainly feels like it. Just so underwhelming. I might just forget the rest of the season after today.
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