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  1. Q the YouTube vid the lad looks a real prospect hope it comes off.
  2. Good old roxy,'s rock night, lads used more hairspray and make up than the lasses
  3. Always liked him i would be happy with his appointment a nice guy who did well with WBA.
  4. Cough sweets, but I don't think getting a bag of those out now would go down too well.
  5. So sorry for your loss gazza, love and best wishes your in my thoughts, God bless you.
  6. Two pages in and I'm still ferking confused.
  7. We've really got to get Shaw nailed down I'd be gutted to lose him, players like him are our future, we'll never improve signing old has beens.
  8. Happy new year tinks, here's hoping next year will be better for you
  9. I agree totally in a well run club thats the managers remit, BUT this is not a well run club since dc took control we've turned in to a giant streaming turd circled by companies, advisors, individuals who could see a way to line there wallets and bank accounts with DC's money, players donning our shirt who were brought to our club not because of there abilities, skill set and fitness but to grease the pockets of the flies circling our club, our owner has been taken for a ride but still he travels the same path with some of the same people unwilling to admit his mistakes, good god he must love
  10. The biggest change we need is at the top, DC needs to swallow his pride stop micro managing and recruit someone who can manage this club on a daily basis and put in place a long-term plan, my worry is that if things don't change we will be back to square one in a few months time looking for another manager, the way this club is run is a disgrace.
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