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  1. Quite sad poor little thing, I go most weekends to the botanical Gardens to hand feed them, lovely little things ❤
  2. This one, I Don't know why we had to frigg about and change it, get it back on dc.
  3. A few yrs ago I took my old dad to a game it was dreadful, at half time he turned to me and said Wednesday will never do anything while I've a hole in my arse, when he was on his death bed he said I know it will be hard for you son when I'm gone you need to find something you enjoy doing to take your mind off things I said I've got my season ticket at Hillsborough I thought he was about to take his last breath when I said it, tbh I think he was right I don't think we'll ever do anything whilst I've a hole in my aris and take my last breath as exasperated as he was rest in peace dad.
  4. What a blow gutted tbh, he was the most exciting player we had, time to go Moore your a nice bloke but a shocking manager.
  5. Just going to burn my visit havelock Square guide book once owned and personalty signed by david pleat.
  6. I'm in I'm half blind and have a foooked spine and I'd still fig battle harder than these bustards.
  7. Flecking usless were going to get a leathering at this rate.
  8. One of the best days out as Wednesday fan I've ever had, the stadium the people was something special, being in witherspoon's packed to the rafters jumping up and down the floor was bouncing up and down it was that bad I thought it was going to collapse and we'd all end up in the cellar, watching the Wednesday fan's playing football against the hartlepool fan's on the grass outside Cardiff Castle, one hartlepool kid kicked the ball his trainer flew off a quick thinking owls fan picked it up and threw it on the top of a double decker bus poor sod was trying to chase down the bus to retrieve his trainer funniest thing I've ever seen
  9. Though the tread was about the old boozer in base green.
  10. I was too I was saved by a big copper on Penistone Rd from getting stabbed if he haven't been there I'd have two ass hole now.
  11. Used to stand up there against the wall in the middle in the 70's, and at half time try and have a pee sharpish before a police dog was sent in to sort out the hooligans rolling about in the concrete p☆ss troth.
  12. Your not wrong nearly got hit with a pool ball thrown through a pub window and after had a chunky pint pot aimed at my head it must have been the Doc Martins and denim jacket that attracted it
  13. Not at the game but as i got off the inter City owl at Chelsea I was about 12 yrs old I got to the front and let out at the top of my lungs ......Sheffield Wednesday's back in town again, it still makes the hair's on the back of my neck stand up when I think about it, great times.
  14. We'll be trying to ship some players out and some of the loans could be recalled by there clubs.
  15. Too all on here today I wish you a very happy Christmas be safe and god bless you all.
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