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  1. He wouldn't pay what Dc wants for the club, not sure if I would want him here or not there's a few thousand geordies couldn't wait to see the back of him.
  2. I thought we'd have dropped to a back four and matched them up, lorfa was having a mare in a three he's definitely not the player he was after his injury
  3. Just parked up on harries Rd another hour and it will be chocker set off early
  4. Just watch out for the usual trip hazards of worthers wrappers, chequered blankets and hot water bottles.
  5. Feeling nervous but excited, can't wait to walk in to the ground the hair's on the back of my neck still stand up when I see the pitch, looking forward to seeing the people I sit with in the South, this is my 50th season watching the owls win loose or draw there's nothing better than waking up on match day, good luck lads for the season and let's just enjoy the ride... up the owls
  6. Got mine last week, can't wait winner winner chicken dinner.
  7. To say what clubs he's played for and how much he's been worth he was a bloody disappointment, light weigh a lack of effort he should have bossed this league I wouldn't want him back if he crawled on his hands and knees.
  8. God I hope he never misjudg's one of those back flips and lands flat on his fizog.
  9. Yellow Yellow yellow Love them both tbh, Pity I'm such a fat barsteward and would look a right tvat wearing them.......salad it is then.
  10. I would think if he's made a billion quid he's got some idea of business.
  11. Explosion caused 20m pounds worth of upgrades
  12. One of my favourite players of all time, if every player that's played for us over the years showed his desire and fight I'm positive we'd have been more successful a class act take a bow Graham Hyde.
  13. Blue ball used to be a cracking pub few pints in there Fri night then off for a pub crawl in to town finishng in the Stonehouse the romeo and juliets very happy days.
  14. There just trimming the length of it at the moment it I'll be all squared up for the start of the season.
  15. I wouldn't have left mi pint thats sacrilege
  16. Truly heartbreaking keep fighting sunshine......donated
  17. It's one of the not so well known tracks I'll have a listen when I get out of hospital data is getting low, hopefully it will be one of the answers, thanks for the reply's it's drove me mad all season
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