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  1. Yeah Bundaberg is Queensland, doesn’t work for me......try again though
  2. There's also a pet membership option for pet owls. No game access though
  3. The international membership would add money to the clubs coffers but also add numbers to the confirmed membership at the club making it more attractive to sponsors. I'd pay a bit more to get iFollow and a membership pack.
  4. Hi all, I've been looking at the memberships that the club offers. I think we could really expand what is available. I'm in Australia and I'll use my AFL club as a good example of what we can do at SWFC, check this link for all the options https://www.weareportadelaide.com.au/membership/ One thing they offer that I can't see at SWFC is an international membership. For people that want to support the club but can't get to games. It includes streaming of games, picture attached. Is this offered at SWFC? Would anyone else take it up to support the club?
  5. Well it's still bad though isn't it! To be clear I now do not think relegation can be positive in the way I imagined. Reg has blown me away with the use of facts and figures! Who would of thought that possible on OT!??
  6. Thanks Reg, well that basically ruins any possibility of a positive impact then:/ Neil, delete post!!!!
  7. Lucky there's no neg for sure! Not a popular suggestion is it! I'm following Neil's lead in positive posts and I'm trying to find the positives in our relegation form:/ Someone mentioned TV income, what is the drop in TV income from Championship to L1?? It can't be much?
  8. I feel safe posting this as I can't be negged :) Would relegation be so so bad for us right now? We are screwed with FFP for a few years. We will not be able to compete with other clubs in our division for wages. We will need to use either our youth players, invest in promising cheap youth players from other clubs or try to find bargains from other leagues around the world. We require a complete rebuild of the squad. In League 1 we will be able to play a majority of youth and they will have a better chance of winning and developing. If we play a youth team in the Championship we have the danger of losing a lot and damaging players confidence forever. You learn how to win and how to lose. As a bonus I'm hoping that some of our expensive useless older players will either have a relegation release or a relegation pay drop clause. Could we be that lucky? Match day income would be almost the same, we would be better off. Anyone ITK about high paid failures contracts? So crystal ball time..... if we are relegated we play youth in the next season, they gel, they win and we are promoted back to the championship with a young but experienced side that is used to winning. We then get back into the Premier League at the first attempt and are clear of FFP;) It could happen !!! There's only a few holes in my argument .
  9. It looks to me like we are putting up the "For Sale" sign without putting up the "For Sale" sign. by benching him we have alerted possible suitors, if they make a good bid he will be gone. I don't agree by the way, I think he has to play. But on the left not as a striker, he's a great inside forward coming in from the LEFT!
  10. I don't quite understand how we are a team that doesn't create enough chances for our strikers to score, yet Winnall seems to get credit for making his own chances, but has trouble getting a start. it doesn't add up. I agree he should start. Him and fletcher.
  11. Came over from Australia in 97. Selhurst Park v Crystal Palace. Di Canio scored with his butt!
  12. Love to see real attacking intent and something a little different. Any chance of a 4-3-3? Westwood Hunt - Lees - Loovens - Pudil Lee - Abdi - Hutch FF Joao - Hooper Bench with Rhodes, Winnall, Wallace, Reach. I know there is Zero chance. It really is hard fitting all our strikers in!
  13. I tried to get those positive vibes back from Carlos' first season. watch the extended highlights from that great FA cup night vs Arsenal. It made me feel better for a while until I started to think about how different we played. Helan and Joao were pacey and a real threat. Do we miss that dimension now? Just that different trick the opposition needs to think about.
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