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  1. It was unprofessional and not something that needed to happen on the pitch. As others have said, if Smith wasn't happy with his reaction then wait until half time to have it out with Byers. Both to blame but just think Smith should have read the situation better. Let Byers have his strop and once he's calmed down go and explain the decision. And of course Byers needs to show more respect to the coaching staff. A heat of the moment reaction, hopefully Byers and Smith learn from it and move on and forget about it.
  2. Second goal completely killed the game, especially when you're a man down as well. The focus (rightly or wrongly) turned to Bolton away as soon as Posh doubled their lead.
  3. Agree with that assessment. Moore is a man under pressure but it's way too early to be calling for his head just yet. The most obvious area of concern is our defence - they've got to get better at dealing with crosses and quickly! And how do you solve a problem like having 5 or 6 first team midfielders fighting for 3 positions? I can't work out if it's a hindrance or an advantage at this stage. No doubt gives us options from the bench to change games, but also turns into a bit of a midfield merry-go-round and loses that constancy of a settled team. It's a meh start to the season for me. Achieved the minimum points I thought we'd get from the first four games. Some tough games coming up though... Bolton, Barnsley, Plymouth, Ipswich, Wycombe, etc.
  4. Listened to Jamie Hoyland (ex pig - 1990-93) on Undr The Cosh this week and he made quite the claim that the Wednesday team at that time (consisting of Palmer, Hurst, Pearson, Sheridan, etc.) wouldn't dare go drinking in Sheffield because they were scared of bumping into Vinnie Jones and Billy Whitehurst. Maybe if was the Wednesday team of the late 90s then I could have accepted it, but thought it was a bizarre claim considering the squad we had.
  5. Fair enough, I'm just trying to recall his start to his Wednesday career but like I say other than the injury I can't really remember having the chance to pass judgement on him as a player. Either way, totally get what you saying. Football fans are a very fickle bunch... as proven by the very tiny minority that still claim we are better without Bannan in the team every time we win without him.
  6. I get what you are saying here, and totally agree that fans judge players way too early, but I cannot remember ever seeing anybody label Byers as 'rubbish'? I remember him picking up an injury as soon as we signed him, but certainly the fans I spoke to rated his technique, ability and intelligence with the ball from the off.
  7. I was so impressed with that performance last night. The work rate was incredible; we won every 50/50 and pressed at every opportunity. Dennis will take the plaudits, but I thought Pato deserves some recognition. He led the press and pushed us up the pitch. He gets a lot of stick at times - from me included - but last night he showed his worth.
  8. His face when Chris Brown says "nightmare to go on a night out with" Didn't mind him as a player, steady and will never forget that goal at the lane. Surprised that for somebody that spent 10+ seasons playing in the Championship, from what he said it sounds like he didn't make the money you would've expected him to make from the game. Suppose us paying him hundred quid didn't help! What a shambles we were at that time.
  9. Alarming that a new contract wasn't sorted in the summer. Just have a bad feeling that he'll be off for free at the end of the season. For me, a three year contract with some kind of get out clause should the big boys come calling would suit all parties.
  10. Facilities wise it's probably one of the best I've visited. We were in the upper tier this time and it was pretty easy to get a pint and grab something to eat. As others have said, the location isn't great. We've got a coach in for the last two visits and stopped off on the outskirts. Don't mind doing that occasionally but you miss catching up with the old faces you'd normally see on an away day. In terms of architecture, the stadium is so bland. All four sides are identical and I don't really understand the hype around it. Okay I had a nice view and a nice chair, but it just felt absolutely soulless. So strange having no interaction with the home fans during the game, in fact I can't even remember if they got one chant going all afternoon.
  11. Blades are the only pro club round here that support and invest in their women's football team. They have done for many years and they are now reaping the rewards for doing so - exposure, increased attendances, additional pathways, etc. The next step for them is the WSL and you'd expect that to flourish over the next few years so they'd be joining that party at just the right time. To absolutely nobody's surprise, our club does the bare minimum when it comes to supporting our women's football team - I believe they even had to buy their own kit at one stage. If I said this five years you would've probably just shrugged your shoulders, but it's yet another example of that lot across the city having the vision to see the bigger picture. But in Liam Dooley I've been impressed. We're getting our house in order and it's not too late to work closer with our women's football team. In fact now would be the perfect time to do so.
  12. Personally think that schools need to do more to encourage girls to play football now. Ian Wright got it spot on last night. So much investment by the FA, WSL, pro clubs, etc. It's time the schools got on board and if they do it will flourish. Make it part of the PE national curriculum and the teams will follow. Not a dig at the teachers by the way. Surprised we're still seeing the 'my mate plays for a non-league side and I reckon they'd beat them' nonsense in this thread. Why do you feel the need to compare? What would it prove even they did? It's a totally different game. See it as that and you'll see it in a different light. In fact just educate yourself why that might be the case - science, 50 year ban, nations with no pro women's league, etc.
  13. Predicted a France V England final and I still think that will be the case. France the only team that could cause England problems for me, despite us playing Sweden next; I've just not been impressed with the Swedes considering they're the highest ranked nation. Gutted for the Dutch last night.
  14. The club seem to be really trying to engage with fans and come up with new initiatives recently. Full credit to Liam Dooley and his team for that as I imagine it's him driving it all. Like with pretty much any type of offer, campaign or initiative, it's not always going to be successful but it's just nice to see the club trying rather than relying on the owner to cover the losses every month, which he'll obviously still do, but it's about taking them positive steps to running the club in a more sustainable way. Also, I know the club are currently engaging with local business to try and get some good offers for fans while generating some additional income through commission. Imagine it will all be linked to the changing QR code on the season tickets. Great time to get in touch with the club if you have your own business and you think Wednesday fans would be interested in your product/service.
  15. Think we can all see the potential with Fis, and he's not your typical midfielder so I think there will always be a demand for a player like him. I know Chansiri gets a lot of stick for keeping players for too long, but I'd be sorting his contract out asap and giving him at least another two seasons to fulfil his potential. What would make us cash in? Probably him saying he wants to leave, even then I think we can get over a £1million.
  16. 900 for me, assuming that is correct and they don't reduce it (sounds about right). Hopefully means I'll be able to purchase away tickets on the first day of sale unless the points requirements has changed? Sure it was 900 for Sunderland in the play-offs?
  17. Both spot on. Very impressed with Macron as a kit provider, great designs and the club has priced it right for me. Not even a replica shirts wearer, but I'll be buying that home one!
  18. Unreal day yesterday. We soaked up the atmosphere on Division Street, it was a sea of orange and yellow! Fan Park was ace as well. Really enjoyed the match. Sweden looked great first half and then the Dutch came back into it. 1-1 was probably a fair result. Hoping to get down to the NYS tonight.
  19. Despite what I said earlier, I've actually received some last min comps for the Netherlands V Sweden game tomorrow at 8pm If anybody would like these I have 4 spare for the Kop. Just DM me your email address and full name and I'll send the print at home tickets across to you.
  20. Those that ridicule women's football might want to give themselves a history lesson to fully appreciate the challenges women have had to overcome to play in front of a packed Old Trafford at a major tournament last night. Like I say, you don't have to become a fan or even watch a single game, but just refrain from making the boring stereotypical comments and maybe actually support the fact that football is becoming more inclusive?
  21. I made the trip across the Pennines last night, really enjoyed it and great to see so many people there supporting women's football. Contrary to popular belief, there wasn't 60k+ free tickets handed out. UEFA have been very strict about giving freebies out so great to hear over 500k tickets have been sold. Both teams looked a little nervous at times (understandably so) but there were glimpses of quality on show from Mead for the goal and Walsh pulling the strings from midfield. Atmosphere was fantastic, it was refreshing to see so many families there probably experiencing football for the first time. Young girls who love the game just as much as me and you, finally with some role models to aspire to and plenty of options in grassroots football to follow in their footsteps, but in girls only teams and clubs. Hoping to take my three year old daughter to a game, to show her that it's not only men that can play football. She's starting to show a bit of interest in the game, would love for her to share my passion and it's reassuring that if she does, there's now a girls pathway for her and she doesn't just have to join a boys team. I get that it's not everybody's cup of tea, and a lot will ridicule it because it's the thing to do, but by becoming an ally you just might encourage your daughter, sister or even mum to get into football. I'll be at the Holland V Sweden game on Saturday, two of the favourites going head to head. Shame I have to visit our old ground in Heeley to watch it, but I think I can just about bring myself to do it!
  22. I’m sure they do. We’ve played each other plenty of times over the last few seasons, and it’s hardly an easy ground to get to on a school night.
  23. Deary me! On the pre-season Richter scale this uninspiring fixture must sit bottom?
  24. Heart-wrenching reading this as a parent. Thoughts with Paul, his daughter and the rest of his family. Some very kind offers of support from users in this thread who have gone through this awful experience, you are truly remarkable human beings for having the courage to recall your own experiences to help others.
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