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  1. Said I'd never do Wigan away again on night match after predictably seeing us get turned over and then getting home at daft o'clock. Just bought my ticket.
  2. I've been very vocal on the way the club has been managed over the last few years, but I have to say this is yet another sign that things behind the scenes are changing. It's going a long way to repair the relationship between fans and owner. It's not quite all is forgiven just yet, but it is positive steps. As for Iorfa, I think his injury has probably hampered his chances of a move back to the Championship. It would be smart business to tie him down now instead of trying to do it mid-way through the season, when the vultures start circling. An absolute no-brainer from our perspective, he has bags of potential and value.
  3. Have I just read a post from a Donny 'fan' admitting he went to watch Leeds at Hillsborough a few years ago Very similar to Rotherham fans, all sit in the local on a Sunday watching the TV cheering for Man U/Liverpool/Man City/Chelsea/Arsenal but also claim to support their local team. The worst kind of football supporter.
  4. Chris (Barry Bannan look-a-like) in the ticket office has been there some years, always happy to have a chat and I bump into him quite a lot at away games. It's people like this that deserve recognition for me.
  5. As others have said, feel like we just need an experienced keeper who is probably pushing 35+ with experience of the lower leagues and wont command a free. Transfer Markt state Ben Alnwick is available on a free, but I'm sure he's at Bolton?
  6. Possibly a combination of all three. I believe he has hinted at issue getting money out of Thailand before in one of his press calls. Whatever the reason(s), at least things seem to be getting sorted behind the scenes. Great scoop for Nixon again btw, he's obviously got a reliable HP source feeding him updates at the moment.
  7. Nixon indicating money not an issue for Chansiri, which makes this entire farce baffling if true. What possible explanation is there for Chansiri doing this?
  8. It was Börner and Paterson. Börner wanted to push through his move back to Germany. Paterson was just peed off about missing wages.
  9. I heard he kicked up the biggest fuss about the unpaid wages and was the first to threaten to hand in his notice. Looks like his actions got it sorted. If he's been paid up to date then surely others have as well? Positive step forward but it can't keep happening.
  10. Trumpet player has worked in our ticket office for years and I often see him at away games. Nice guy. But yeah, should have hung up their instruments years ago at Hillsborough. All a bit tinpot now.
  11. Also just finished Clarkson’s Farm. One of them TV shows where you think "am I really going to watch this?" but after one episode you're hooked. I thought we saw a different side to Clarkson, and the programme really got across the harsh realities of being a farmer in the UK. Kaleb, Charlie, Gerald etc. all stole the limelight, it was hard to remember that these guys aren't professional actors. Great watch.
  12. We binge watched the lot in one night, loved it. Never really though I was a fan of Sean Bean but I thought he was brilliant in this. Stephen Graham is one of my favourite actors, too. His back story is just incredible and always comes across as down to earth. Read a story over the weekend about him living in a quiet village in Leicestershire in a modest house. He went to the local tattooist for something small doing, bloke says there's no charge in return for a pic for social media and his signature to hang on the shop wall. SG pulls out £50 and signs it for him. Brilliant.
  13. Imagine this was driven by Liam Dooley, would have to be a good deal for Chansiri to axe Elev8 so credit to him. I have no issue with the quality of Elev8, but the constant delays and ridiculous pricing structure just made it difficult to accept by the fan base. It feels like Chansiri has has enough of the work involved to manufacturer our own kit, wonder if it's for financial/time reasons or due to something else... Stokes new 21/22 kit is priced at £48, so imagine ours will be similar. It's still a bit of a saving when you consider last year's Elev8 shirt was launched at £59.
  14. I remember being quite impressed with our recruitment back then, the season wasn't going too bad and then we got thrashed 5-1 at Exeter around Christmas time and just fell apart. Irvine couldn't get the best from the squad, feels completely different under Moore but the recruitment is non existent at the moment.
  15. Goalkeepers Cameron Dawson Joe Wildsmith Defenders Liam Palmer Julian Borner (not likely to be here much longer) Cheyenne Dunkley Dominic Iorfa Ryan Galvin Declan Eratt-Thompson Cieran Brennan Midfielders Sam Hutchinson Barry Bannan Andre Green Fisayo Dele-Bashiru Massimo Luongo Alex Hunt Liam Waldock Forwards Callum Paterson Charles Hagan Josh Windass Korede Adedoyin Embargo
  16. Love McKee's work (my house is covered in his prints) but the irony of this is lost on me, like walking around in a t-shirt that says 'point and laugh at me'... suppose it's the same with the replica shirts to be honest... And I was mega excited after he put a teaser out yesterday!
  17. Didn't he send Chansiri an open letter after the Derby game? Imagine our glorious leader has cut ties, we all know he doesn't take kindly to public criticism.
  18. BB always comes across as an honest bloke, sounds a bit fed up of the uncertainty behind the scenes and took the opportunity to have a public dig, fair play to him. And let's just say that a Portuguese birdy told me Patterson is fuming about the situation and is one of those that has handed in his written notice. But remember, Chansiri promised short-term changes and yet here we are, a week away from returning to pre-season training and still an absolute circus behind the scenes.
  19. Or reject all offers and let him leave for free at the end of next season
  20. And cook the biggest paella the world has ever seen in the shape of a football?
  21. I get the impression that nobody at the club can influence Chansiri unless you are part of his inner circle ("my people" as he likes to call them). Here's what Hudd's head of academy recruitment does: https://www.htafc.com/news/2016/june/job-vacancy-head-of-academy-recruitment/ For me, it shouldn't even need our coaching team to highlight the obvious. If I was in charge of a football club and I knew a few of our youth players or academy prospects were playing and/or training with the First Team, I'd be doing everything possible to tie them down to longer contracts prior to putting them in the shop window. The rewards outweigh the risks.
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