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  1. Bassett's Allsorts

    Stoke City to pay for their fans away travel

    Wonder if they know owt about that Terry Henfleet we were linked with in 2009
  2. Bassett's Allsorts

    If you absolutely had to....

    The thought of losing either of them sends a shiver down my spine. It would have to be a ridiculous amount of money or the player would publicly have to state that he wants to leave for the fans to accept it. But after everything Chansiri has told us, i.e. paying top prices to watch top players, can you imagine the enormous sh!t storm that would follow?
  3. Bassett's Allsorts

    What do YOU call Hillsborough?

    Wembley of the North. Gets a nibble every time.
  4. Bassett's Allsorts

    #SWFC Announce Hospitality Packages 2018/19

    Phil Thompson looks as shocked as me at the lack of gravy on that dinner. Is gravy a paid extra?
  5. Bassett's Allsorts

    Ross wallace

    Always felt he was very underrated by our fan base, especially during our play-off campaigns. Made some big contributions in massive games. Priority number one in the summer?
  6. Bassett's Allsorts

    Anyone ITK about pre season tour yet?

    Heard whispers of Thailand a few months ago.
  7. Bassett's Allsorts

    A few tickets left fro the Wolves game

    Glad it's not just me that hates their 8 mile long, 2 rows deep away end. Might as well be watching match in Telford. Much preferred it when they put us behind the goal.
  8. Bassett's Allsorts

    What stopped us?

    Didn't someone like Carlton Palmer blame the rivalry for both Sheffield clubs' lack of success?
  9. Bassett's Allsorts

    Is something not right about Jos?

    First impressions were that he installed discipline, toughened us up and gave youth a chance; albeit due to the ridiculous injury crisis. As he’s settled in, I’ve become more concerned that he’s out of his depth (exact words to me from someone behind the scenes) and that he hasn’t got the tactical nous to be successful in this league. It’s a crazy opinion to have formed already when you consider, prior to last night, he’d masterminded three straight victories. But there’s just something in the back of my mind telling me he’s not the right man for the job. Also, I know this is petty and it shouldn’t really matter, but it really irritates me that he shows no passion at all on the touchline; especially during that first half last night. However, I just can’t a see a man like Nigel Pearson working with Chansiri.
  10. Bassett's Allsorts

    Clean language viewing

    Going to football as a young 'un with my dad's mates meant I heard every swear word possible before, during and after a match. My dad simply told me to never repeat any of them or tell my mum or I'd be in big trouble. Think it actually helped me understand the meaning of swear words and how offensive they could be to others. I've not taken my kids to a match yet, but when I do I expect they will hear the odd swear word and I'll tell them what my dad told me. People react to frustration (especially watching Wednesday) in different ways and I don't think I could ever pull someone up about swearing at a football match in front of my kids.
  11. Bassett's Allsorts

    Leeds info

    Always found it odd that Leeds can't sell out a 40K stadium in one-club city with a population of over 750k. It must be embarrassing when they close the top tier yet belittle away followings and tell everyone about how 'Leeds would have taken more'. Unless they are playing in Leeds?
  12. Bassett's Allsorts

    Jos the joker...go now

    After speaking to someone that you could say is 'in the know' yesterday, the opinion that Jos is out of his depth is not just shared amongst supporters. It's certainly changed my opinion on the bloke and I doubt he'll be here next season. But what concerns me more is who Chansiri is going to appoint next.
  13. How's everyone getting to this? Looked at train and cheapest way was Sheffield > York > Newcastle > Sunderland at around £37.
  14. Bassett's Allsorts

    Comedy club

    There used to be a flag on the bottom of West Stand that said "Come on Wednesday" but looked like it said "Comedy Wednesday" from the Kop. Maybe we should bring it back? Fire certificate permitting.
  15. Bassett's Allsorts

    How not to run a Football Club

    RRP £159.99 Includes personalised plaque.