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  1. Bassett's Allsorts

    Owls Launch Silver Membership

    Sorted mine along with my ticket for Saturday. (I wasn't buying one at £90 and was also in two minds about going Saturday due to the ticket price). Glad the club saw sense with this one. Need this sort of transparency with the fans from now on to avoid future PR disasters.
  2. Bassett's Allsorts

    We Need A Sign.......

    We had a new sign put on the back of the Kop... and it fell off.
  3. Bassett's Allsorts

    Guilt tripping the fans?

    Can anybody find me some examples of people abusing DC or his family via social media? I honestly think DC is misinterpreting personal abuse for criticism and struggles to accept that fans will always challenge some of his very questionable decisions – such as increasing the membership prices by 80%. Totally agree with the OP, his mantra last night was to guilt trip the fans to take the spotlight away from the fact his decision-making, gambles and refusal to listen to anyone else has left us up poo creek without a paddle.
  4. Bassett's Allsorts

    van Aken

    When he first arrived he looked like Paul Warhurst pinging 40 yard balls around the pitch for fun. But it didn't take long for the opposition to figure out his major weakness; he can't defend. His confidence is shattered and playing him in a back three just leaves him totally exposed. On Saturday he looked like a rabbit caught in the headlights and you'd have thought Jos had told him the formation and his responsibilities 5 minutes before kick-off with how many times he was caught out of position. What worries me more is that we've had all pre-season to address his defensive weaknesses and he was making the same errors I saw him making last season. What have our coaches done with him all summer? I was pinning my hopes on him coming good this season and I hope this is still the case, but if Jos uses him in a back three again then you might as well send him to the firing squad because the fans will turn on him.
  5. Bassett's Allsorts

    North Stand cladding

    Think sorting our sky blue Kop out would be top of the list when it comes to ground maintenance.
  6. Bassett's Allsorts

    The vote we had

    In every business, the person at the very top is scrutinised for their decision making and is challenged on a regular basis for the good of the business. Football is no different, especially when you consider the emotional attachment to the club by its supporters. I don't understand people slagging off others for 'moaning' about the club when they are quite clearly - especially in Kivo's case - questioning a dubious decision and challenging it, such as this ill-advised questionnaire to justify high ticket costs.
  7. Bassett's Allsorts

    Membership Pricing 2018/19

    Priced me out. Baby on the way in October so had to sacrifice my season ticket but planned on getting to most of the Saturday home matches and the membership at £50 made it just about worthwhile. This price hike just makes it utterly pointless now. Probably count on one hand how many games I'll attend this season.
  8. Bassett's Allsorts

    Leeds moved to Friday Night

    Absolute shambles on Leppings Lane before the match the last time we played them on a Friday night. However, it did deliver a moment of comedy gold outside the North stand turnstyles. I was queuing up to get in and noticed a lad in front of me wearing a Leeds scarf flicking the vs and shouting verbals towards his own fans outside the Leppings Lane turnstyles thinking they were Wednesdayites. Politely tapped him on the shoulder to let him know he was abusing his own fans and was queuing up to get in the home section. He laughed it off, thanked me for letting him know and sheepishly walked over to the Leeds fans he’d been abusing with his hands in the air like a POW retreating back to the trenches from no man’s land.
  9. Bassett's Allsorts


    Our forward line is probably the best in the division on paper. Midfield is also strong but bound to pick up injuries and we will end up relying on David Jones for 6 weeks again. Defence is weak and lacking in numbers, especially in terms of wing backs which are pivotal to how Jos wants us to set up. Capable of achieving a top 6 finish but will only happen if Jos can make us hard to beat and create chances. My head says we'll just miss out but my heart is telling me we'll be in them play-offs come the end of the season.
  10. Bassett's Allsorts

    Unpopular opinion: Wednesday edition

    "We've got Bannan" song is dreadful. Lee Bullen was a very average player and doesn't deserve his status as a club legend alongside the likes of Chris Waddle, David Hirst, Roland Nilsson, etc. Hate that we STILL come out for the second half to "Hey! Ho! Let's go!". 'Massive' tag is embarrassing, even when used in a tongue-in-cheek context. Irritates the hell out of me when people overuse abbreviations when writing about Wednesday on here or social media.... WAWAW...FTB...WTID...UTO.
  11. Bassett's Allsorts

    Sign him up!

    Looked solid towards the end of last season alongside Joey. Crucial player and it would be absolutely criminal if he left here on a free because we didn't get his contract sorted.
  12. Probably stems from me playing way too much Football Manager, but I always thought clubs couldn't sign players currently out with a long-term injury due to them having to pass a medical? I be very surprised if any club signed a player currently in ACL rehabilitation for £x million considering the risk of reinjury, future knee problems and uncertainty over post-surgery performance.
  13. Bassett's Allsorts

    Question re Owls In The Park

    Stating that the club should maximise sales opportunities during Owls in the Park is not me bashing the club. It's common knowledge that our commercial income for a club our size is average (especially when you exclude DC's investment) and the event is a huge opportunity to increase merchandise and ticket sales. 15,000 supporters in one place at the same time in the middle of summer... rival football clubs look at this event with green envious eyes and would pay big bucks to have something similar (many have tried but the footfall is nowhere near 15k). It's a fantastic event and club deserves full credit for the way they've improved it year on year, but now is the time to exploit it and the club's sales strategy should prioritise initiatives like a full launch of the new shirt, membership, season ticket phase 3 (only one that was) to be launched ahead of OITP. If I was Chansiri I would make this a KPI for those responsible.
  14. Bassett's Allsorts

    Question re Owls In The Park

    100% this. It’s much more than just a community event now and I don’t think the club milk it for all it’s worth in terms of generating income. At a minimum, the club should have a presence smack bang in the middle of Hillsborough park selling merchandise, season tickets, memberships etc. Season ticket phase 3, new shirt, memberships, match day tickets, etc., should all be launched to coincide with Owls in the Park. Imagine selling affordable family tickets to our first home game… it would be like selling ice cream on the warmest day of the year! I assume lack of staff is the reason why the club doesn’t do this, but it’s got to be worth drafting in temp sales staff to sell, sell, sell.
  15. Got Jim Smith in to model umbrellas?