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  1. I think the lifetime ban is more to do with his refusal to meet with the Safety Officer to explain his actions. This is standard procedure for anyone arrested at home or away games, as my mate unfortunately found out. He got arrested at an away game and accused of slapping a steward around the back of the head. He met with the Safety Officer to explain his actions who then revoked his season ticket. It took 6 weeks for the case to go to court and for him to be found not guilty (six people were accused; CCTV proved it wasn't him). Despite missing three home games and getting cleared of the charge he didn't get any compensation, apology or anything and he just accepted it while I was absolutely fuming with the way the club treated him. He then had to attend another meeting to get his season ticket back.
  2. There's a job going at Sheffield Wednesday..

    Do you get an executive box?
  3. Finally getting down to the nitty-gritty and putting our chairman in the spotlight regarding this season's biggest problem....empty padded seats in the South stand
  4. Is the club still missing the point?

    Do you think outsourcing the corporate function of the club would be an option?

    I was just about to post a similar view but you've summed it up perfectly. Hopefully we'll also hear more about Joe Palmer's role and responsibilities at the club in the forthcoming features as I believe that's where the micro-managing opinion stems from for many fans.
  6. Last time it was on a Friday night at their place I didn't get in until the second half because we made the massive mistake of joining the police escort from Wetherspoons on West Street and doing the tour de Sheffield at the pace of a snail. Wont be doing that again.
  7. Strange away game that one. A bloke at the side of me at Derby was kicking off with another supporter because he started joining in with the 'you're getting sacked in the morning' chants directed at Carlos by their fans. A copper that was stood between the Derby and Wednesday fans told me to calm them both down (prob assuming I was with them) and when I told him I wasn't getting involved as I didn't know them he threw a strop. This escalated into said copper ignoring what was going on at the side of me and opting to launch a torrent of abuse at me. When I asked him if he wanted to pass his uniform across to me and I'll do his job he put his hands over his ears and started shouting 'I can't hear you' to the delight of his colleague who found it hilarious
  8. Kuqi book "Kosovan Bull"

    Bloke who owns my local takeaway is the double of him...
  9. Catering

    A bloke behind me asked if they did cocaine This was 2 minutes before kick-off as he was ordering 4 beers for him and his mate.
  10. My old man recently built this wall for a massive Wednesdayite in Mansfield. Maybe he should get the driveway done as well to match.
  11. Poor Finishing

    Did anyone hear the guy who rang RS after the match on Saturday to complain that in the pre-match training drill exercise he counted that our forwards missed 13 out of 22 shots
  12. Is this to sniff out all those merchandisers using the club's logo on their products illegally
  13. This. Everything the club does at the minute involves me giving them more money. I am sick to death of hearing the excuse from the club that it's due to FFP and that we need to pay our way, but then we waste £xx millions by buying players we don't need or those looking for one last pay day. I've also never understood the club's commercial strategy. How can it be acceptable to have 60% of the executive boxes empty every game because they are massively overpriced? IF we ever do get to the Premier League, will ticket prices be reduced? I very much doubt it.
  14. TEXT WAWAW TO 65200 FOR A CHANCE TO WIN A SIGNED DARREN POTTER CORNER MASTERCLASS DVD Features: 3k resolution viewing of THAT moment when Darren Potter did what the likes of Ronaldo and Messi have never done and hit the first man from three consecutive corners infront of the Wednesday Kop. EXCLUSIVE two hour interview with Darren Potter on how he announced himself to the world with an individual piece of corner brilliance which has never been repeated. "Bend it like Potter" - Emulate your footballing hero with a masterclass from the man himself. David Beckham: "When people ask me what it was like to be the greatest corner taker football has ever seen, I tell them to go and ask Darren Potter" Competition closes when enough people have text in to make it worth it. Text cost £18.67. Prize cannot be sold on.
  15. Reach’s Dad - Twitter

    It was more about his attitude to be honest, but he didn't say anything we didn't already know.