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  1. I've seen your stock market portfolio, Neil. You'll be able to put an offer in and still have change to cover the server costs soon...
  2. From the day I realised we were now owned by a dictator, there's always been something in the back of my mind telling me this is all going to end in tears in a tradition fans vs owner battle, except this owner would cut off his nose to spite his face and would gladly see no return on his investment to satisfy his ego. I've had many nightmares of fans rioting outside the South Stand while Chansiri leans out of a window above smoking a fat one shouting "buy me out then you cretins". Relegation to League 1 would be a disaster and it's looking a real possibility.
  3. Does price play a part in your decision to buy/renew a season ticket or do people just accept it and renew out of blind loyalty like me? The only time it has come into consideration for me was the year I didn't renew due to family commitments and paid on the gate and they wanted something like £40+ to watch us against Villa.
  4. We'll know in 2032 when the accounts for this year are published.
  5. Think we need players like Sam around the club, especially with the mess we currently find ourselves in, but it looks proper amateurish that we've had to resign a player that 6 months ago was considered not be good enough (albeit by a different management team). Yet another perfect example of our well thought out, planned recruitment strategy under 'Chanisir's people'. I bet stuffing man still got a finders fee for this one...
  6. Job was too soon for him. Chelsea are notoriously ruthless when it comes to results and Lampard could no longer play the reliant on youth card as he's spent a fortune. It was refreshing to see him back youth (had no option at times) and that's progressed the likes of Mount and Abraham, but I just felt he was never going to meet expectations. Does he want a job working for a similar owner with unrealistic expectations? There's one going in Championship but the catch is you've got no money to spend
  7. Don't let it bother me now as it's exactly what these type of people want, you know the ones who commentate on the game out loud just so everybody in a 10 seat radius can hear them in hope that somebody challenges their views. There's a bloke in North in block S that sits behind us and I swear he gets home after the game and pulls his todger aggressively thinking about all the people that challenged his "Nuhiu ya craaaaap" shouts. There's also a lad in his late 20s that stands up in T1 in North who must have an argument with somebody every match, especially at away games when he's
  8. As fans all we ask from them is that they work their back sides off and that's exactly what they did. Circumstances weren't great tonight - we were missing key players, Shaw filling in at centre back at the last minute (okay he can play there, but he's been used further up field recently) and had to cope with the loss of Windass early on. Well done lads. Oh and Paterson gets a lot of stick but I tell you what, he's come up trumps again when we needed him.
  9. Absolute disgrace that both Dunkley and Pulis are having to answer questions regarding the finances at the club. Where is John Redgate? As the Financial Director shouldn't he be in front of the press to answer these type of questions? Or better still, our illusive chairman! Credit to both Dunkley and Pulis for the way they handled it, but once again the communication from the club is absolutely appalling considering this was national news yesterday.
  10. Potentially not getting paid his full salary, awful start and player morale at an all time low... perfect opportunity for him to walk and retain his reputation, but I don't think he will.
  11. We rode our luck but how many times has it gone the other way for us recently? I think the aim is to get to January still within touching distance of those above us. I'm confident TP will then bring in what is needed.
  12. If we get it right with Hunt and Shaw, then they will both be big players for us over the next few years. Shaw looks more ready for first team football now, while I think Hunt would benefit from a loan move.
  13. Still in two minds whether to purchase a PS5 or not. Can't see me having time to give it enough attention (hope the wife isn't reading this!) until Christmas, so might wait to see if any good deals get put out there over the new few weeks. Are they still sold out everywhere?
  14. If he could work on his decision making then that would be great. Great player with bags of ability but he should score more goals for me. Hopefully it will all fall into place on his return.
  15. Exactly this. IPTV builds are something like £50 per year but there's a chance the links could be taken down or not work. There's other illegal streaming sites currently offering SWFC matches for £3.50,but again there's a risk you pay this, and if it doesn't work who do you complain to? You can't do what my dad did and ring Amazon up to complain that a build on his Kodi app had stopped working (yep, actually happened!)
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