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  1. Our first 11 is good enough, our squad isn't. Need Dom and Dunkley back asap. I thought we played well on Saturday, definitely didn't deserve to lose but in typical Wednesday fashion that's what we did.
  2. Chansiri: "so yeah, that's our training ground and stadium that both require major investment. "When can I expect your payment of £200 million?"
  3. Hearing this one has legs. James Easdale was shown around the training ground last week.
  4. Forgot about that! I also remember walking past a pub full of Wednesdayites and seeing a Wednesdayite run, jump and swing on a huge chandelier... how it held his weight I'll never know. It was at that moment I probably should have realised it was going to be 'interesting' in that away end.
  5. Peterborough away years ago live on TV on a Saturday evening. I've never seen such a p!ssed up away end, fights breaking out all over the place on an old fashioned standing terrace with nowhere to go.
  6. Enjoyed the "you're just a sh!t Carlton Palmer" chant aimed at Yaya Touré when we played City years ago at their place. This season I do like the "how sh!t you must be, you sit down away" chant from the North. My work mate (who unfortunately supports that lot) went to Liverpool away with the pigs a few years ago and the scousers were singing "Champions of Europe, you'll never sing that!" to which the pig fans replied "Champions of League 1, you'll never sing that!". Raised a smile when he told me. I know Chezzy did something similar at Chelsea last week.
  7. Can somebody confirm I'm not losing my marbles here? Found a holiday on TUI last night and as I was going through the confirmation pages Pouch (a Google extension that automatically applies coupons at checkout) popped up and did its thing. I wasn't paying much attention but I'm sure it massively decreased the price. Thought nothing of it and told the missus about this new unbelievable price, who then told me we couldn't book it until she confirmed with work. I've come back to it this morning and the exact same holiday is now £300+ dearer Now I know holidays fluctuate, but has anybody ever heard of one fluctuating this much within 12 hours or did Pouch miraculously reduce the price per person on the holiday and cause a glitch? Some wizardry has gone on and the tight Yorkshireman that I am is not happy about it!
  8. I love that Jose Semedo is considered a legend at this club. Not because of his footballing ability but because of the way he bought into this club and wore with his heart on his sleeve. Just a bloke from Portugal who understood Yorkshire values; hard working, straight talking, proud and probably tight with money. I think many of us quickly grew fond of him because of this, and he knew his capabilities and never tried to be something else. Just worked tirelessly for the team and was pretty consistent for us, especially in League 1. It's not often that a foreign player of this type with no past affiliation with the club or city gains this status, I think it's a true reflection of his character and likeable manner. I was genuinely heart broken for him when I heard the news about his wife. A legend.
  9. He looked a lot better and stronger (apart from the diving) than what I'd seen previously. League 1 is probably his standard at the moment, but there's definitely potential for him to make the step up. I don't agree with the way he left, especially for peanuts, but the blame doesn't solely lie on his shoulders. The fact he ended up with a cushy 5 years contract at Leicester shows he made the right decision not to sign a contract here. Hirst senior and Captain Nige certainly had Chansiri's pants down, but DC wasn't wearing any trousers anyway by letting young George's contract get to that stage so it wasn't difficult for them. Yeah I'm not sure where I'm going with this analogy either but I've said it now...
  10. February is traditionally early-bird renewal time. I don't understand what the reward is for doing it now? A much better way to market this would've been to incentivise those that buy before Christmas (reduce the price, not freeze it) and communicate the usual renewal period is happening with prizes frozen in February 2022. Instead the club has used deadline driven marketing to push fans to buy now with no notice and during the most expensive time of the year. It's yet another example of just how out of touch our leader is. The fact that the Fan Engagement Panel told him this was a bad idea and he did it anyway tells you a lot about how he runs the club.
  11. What are the odds on a "Good news - we've extended the Early Bird deadline" tweet on 13th December?
  12. On paper it's probably up there. It's the manner of the defeat that has set alarm bells off for me. There's still remains of that soft Wednesday underbelly in this squad, still too may players who down tools as soon as things get tough or when they are disinterested.
  13. Directly behind me a few rows up. A group of lads fighting two lads. A few tried stopping it but it just carried on and on. No stewards in sight. The two lads in question walked down the stairs with bust noses.
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