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  1. Bragging about averaging 30,000?

    That's my point. They were the ones that restricted the away allocation for derbies years ago and now we are in a position where both teams get a pathetic allocation of 2k. It all stems from their desperation to get one up on our support. McCabe admitted it in an article and I thought it was tongue in cheek, until an employee of the club showed me. They replaced Wednesday with 'Tuesday b' instead. This was some years ago now so not sure if they still do it.
  2. Bragging about averaging 30,000?

    It's an inferior complex that runs throughout the entire club, starting at the very top with McCabe and his obsession to be seen as the biggest and best supported club in Sheffield. - Their "Sheffield's red and white" campaign. - Their reaction to Hillsborough getting chosen as Sheffield's World Cup venue. - Their idea to reduce the away allocation for derby games even when they can't sell out for the majority of them. - Chengdu Blades. - Hijacking Sheffield FC 150th anniversary. - Removing the day 'Wednesday' from official club diaries.