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  1. What stopped us?

    Didn't someone like Carlton Palmer blame the rivalry for both Sheffield clubs' lack of success?
  2. Is something not right about Jos?

    First impressions were that he installed discipline, toughened us up and gave youth a chance; albeit due to the ridiculous injury crisis. As he’s settled in, I’ve become more concerned that he’s out of his depth (exact words to me from someone behind the scenes) and that he hasn’t got the tactical nous to be successful in this league. It’s a crazy opinion to have formed already when you consider, prior to last night, he’d masterminded three straight victories. But there’s just something in the back of my mind telling me he’s not the right man for the job. Also, I know this is petty and it shouldn’t really matter, but it really irritates me that he shows no passion at all on the touchline; especially during that first half last night. However, I just can’t a see a man like Nigel Pearson working with Chansiri.
  3. Clean language viewing

    Going to football as a young 'un with my dad's mates meant I heard every swear word possible before, during and after a match. My dad simply told me to never repeat any of them or tell my mum or I'd be in big trouble. Think it actually helped me understand the meaning of swear words and how offensive they could be to others. I've not taken my kids to a match yet, but when I do I expect they will hear the odd swear word and I'll tell them what my dad told me. People react to frustration (especially watching Wednesday) in different ways and I don't think I could ever pull someone up about swearing at a football match in front of my kids.
  4. Leeds info

    Always found it odd that Leeds can't sell out a 40K stadium in one-club city with a population of over 750k. It must be embarrassing when they close the top tier yet belittle away followings and tell everyone about how 'Leeds would have taken more'. Unless they are playing in Leeds?
  5. Jos the joker...go now

    After speaking to someone that you could say is 'in the know' yesterday, the opinion that Jos is out of his depth is not just shared amongst supporters. It's certainly changed my opinion on the bloke and I doubt he'll be here next season. But what concerns me more is who Chansiri is going to appoint next.
  6. How's everyone getting to this? Looked at train and cheapest way was Sheffield > York > Newcastle > Sunderland at around £37.
  7. Comedy club

    There used to be a flag on the bottom of West Stand that said "Come on Wednesday" but looked like it said "Comedy Wednesday" from the Kop. Maybe we should bring it back? Fire certificate permitting.
  8. How not to run a Football Club

    RRP £159.99 Includes personalised plaque.
  9. Will we have made money on the Grandstand?

    He supports Man City now and I've not seen him in 15 years so might be difficult to convince
  10. Feel for Jos. He looks like a broken man who was sold a pipe dream to come and manage an established Championship club in England only to discover that he's volunteered to stand in front of the firing squad.
  11. Will we have made money on the Grandstand?

    Wasn't it built for Euro 96? Imagine we got quite a bit of funding towards the construction cost if so. Remember when it was first built and my dad moved our season tickets up there (I was only young 'un). It was state-of-the-art and had everything; PlayStation's, kids zones, face painting, half-time entertainment etc. Yet my mate and I ignored all of that and played footy with an empty bottle at the top of the steps on the gangway
  12. 3-5 years

    Need to start at the top: End all relationships with Doyen. Stop running the club like a dictatorship and seek additional support in terms of investment, knowledge or both. Scrap the current transfer policy. Employ a proven manager at this level. Only when we've sorted the above out can I see light at the end of the tunnel. If you look at our squad on paper, there's no reason why we shouldn't be aiming for the play-offs next season. It's going to be a sh!t storm of a summer.
  13. Stay classy, Bristol...

    He's already changed his profile picture to hide his face. Give it a couple of hours and he'll delete it and run off with his tail between his legs. The things people tweet to get a few likes.
  14. Ah, the original rip-off merchants are still going strong. It's a shame we've followed suit - as have many other clubs - but it's made even worse by the fact their ground is technically a service station off the M621 with nothing around it. It's probably up there for worst away day in my opinion due to its poor location.

    Seeking new investment seems like the obvious solution to me. Steve McClaren was at a recent home game and he’s reportedly heading up an investment group with “serious money”, so make of that what you will. Are we that investable? The majority of the “debt” is owed to Chansiri, but it depends if he wants out or if he wants the equivalent of a Prince Abdullah to come in as co-owner. Whatever happens, I’m sure we’ll find out how Chansiri is going to play this in the summer.