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  1. I think supporters of both clubs always come out with this line after a Sheffield derby. I sat in the South stand (never again!) and I thought they were loud first half and second half we were loud. Not a patch on Leeds but to be fair we did play them on a Friday night.
  2. As much as I don't like the current pricing structure, it's obvious that Chanisiri's strategy to convert POTG/Membership supporters into season ticket holders has worked (up to now) by making alternative options as unattractive as possible and reaping the rewards of having regular attendees. Season ticket renewal time... £46 for a ticket on South for Monday night... Just the though of paying that for 1 game makes you feel like you are getting value for money when handing over £500+ for a full season.
  3. Not going down. Not going up. Sheffield derby next week is the last meaningful game of our season for me. And I'll tell you, honestly, I would love it if we beat them. Love it.
  4. FINALLY! I was starting to think you weren't going to crack this time! Let it all out... I'm sure your fellow two-team supporting Millers will share your resentment.
  5. Absolutely gutted. Haggis was one of my dad's close mates when I was growing up and I had a season ticket on the Kop with him for quite a few years and went to loads of away games with him. It won't be the same not bumping into him on Hillsborough corner, at the gym or in the locals around Kimberworth. RIP mate.
  6. Our supporters are actually giving their blessing for the chairman to sell our best players to generate funds. In my opinion, that proves that this is the ONLY solution to avoiding an embargo in the summer. We've got to take one step back to take two steps forward. It is that simple. Accept the gamble didn't pay off, learn from previous mistakes, and set out a 3-5 year plan outlining how we are going to challenge again while utilising ALL revenue streams using a sensible pricing structure to generate the funds needed to build a squad capable of challenging for the top 6. The squad needs rebuilding, and Bruce is certainly capable of overseeing this.
  7. This isn’t a 5 bedroom detached house in Dore he’s selling. Who would want to buy us in our current financial state? Like it or not he’s stuck with us unless he takes a huge loss on his investment.
  8. Strange fans. Share a bed with their pals at SUFC because they helped them out in their time of need (so did we btw, but they like to forget that), yet absolutely despise us and claim it's due to the Rotherham Owls (just as many Rotherham Blades where I live). Also find it very strange that the majority of Millers I know support another team as well... what's all that about? They seem to gravitate towards Rotherham during the good times (Wembley last year) and then go back to supporting Liverpool or Man U. Anyway, don't forget your inflatable pigs.
  9. Like others have already said, he's spot on about the treatment of Fox. The issue now is that it seems to have created a divide between the supporters and the players, which was evident when Cristiano Nuhiu decided to cup his hand to his ear in front of the Kop after the goal the other night.
  10. Absolute shambles. The worst thing was seeing loads of stewards and police officers on entry standing around doing nothing. Plenty of people voiced their frustration towards SYP and they simply shrugged their shoulders. There was a bloke outraged that his daughter had nearly fainted and needed medical attention on entry, he told them to get outside before somebody got seriously hurt. You'd have thought this would have been enough for the 6-8 SYP officers to exit the ground and help restore some normality. Do you know what they did? Walked off towards the pitch to the outrage of those around me.
  11. I was fully behind Jos at the start of the month but the recent performances and the amount of goals we are conceding is very alarming. I'm also just as concerned that there's no identity or philosophy in the way that we are set up; are we going to hit teams on the counter? Are we playing the high press? Does he want us to play from the back?
  12. It was the exact same when I was at uni 10 years ago. Flatmates all went to watch United because it was cheaper, closer and could be done spontaneously. Wednesday made little effort to compete with United in the student market because there was apparently little value in it (comment made to me by an SWFC employee at the time). Chansiri appears to value the student market even less than previous regimes, but that doesn't really surprise me considering the current ticketing structure for POTG supporters.
  13. If anyone is stuck for things to do, why don't you dig out the footage of Darren Potter's three consecutive corners that didn't beat the first man in front of the Kop and turn it into a GIF. I'm sure it was during a wet Tuesday night game against the dog botherers in November 2010.
  14. I questioned his decision to leave FF out yesterday but we got the 3 points so it was obviously the correct one. I'll hold my hands up, I wasn't very impressed by his appointment and I had doubts if he was the right man in the summer, but he's done a brilliant job so far this season when you consider the circumstances he's working under. I've become a big fan of his ruthlessness, especially since the Brentford loss when he sent out a message to our more senior players that he won't accept performances like that. 100% behind him now and if we get anywhere near the top 6 then he'll have done an unbelievable job.
  15. Do it every year during freshers' week. The issue is that United will also have a stand and will probably be selling the same product but cheaper.
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