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  1. Still cannot believe we've managed to take this to the last game. Accepted relegation weeks ago and yet here we are on our final lifeline. I want to believe this squad is capable of getting a result at Derby, but those recent performances against Middlesbrough and Forest in similar circumstances tell me this squad hasn't got the bottle. I really hope they prove me wrong. I'm going into this match with a total different mindset to the Palace game, where I was convinced we'd stay up.
  2. We're like a cat that's the crossed M1, been hit by multiple cars, yet we're still trying to crawl to safety. Just put us out of our misery ffs.
  3. If he's in the starting line up for our first game in League 1 next season I'll be very surprised. Reckon £2 - £3 million would see him sold. Cannot fault his commitment, many in his situation couldn't wait to jump ship, yet he's signing contract extensions with no relegation clause. Top man, deserves a lot more respect then he gets for me. Club legend status to me.
  4. Don't think I've ever come across such a pathetic relegation battle. Derby have lost their last 5 and still neither us or Rotherham have capitalised on that, we deserve to go down.
  5. Got all sorts in my dad's loft, literally bin bags full of programmes, merchandise and ticket subs... dreading the day he moves or pegs it to sort through it all! My collection these days is a little more sparse, only collect ticket stubs matey to try and full a scrap book I've got proving I've visited all 92 clubs (20 or so shorts up to now).
  6. Proper old school manager, one of the best at this level and it's not hard to see why. Loves to be the pantomime villain but there's never any malice behind it, always raises a smile whenever he comes out with banter like this. I'm sure he'd love nothing more than to send us down, got to be used as motivation for our lot on Saturday.
  7. Gave up on him changing his ways a long time ago, but credit to the Trust for trying to open his eyes and making him accountable for his dreadful management of this club. Had a quick read, usual responses from DC... doesn't need help running the club... transfers are pot luck... no problem with ticketing structure despite 55% wanting a refund blah blah blah
  8. While we are still reliant on snookers, it's difficult for me to look at this with a glass half full perspective. We had plenty of opportunities to put it in our own hands in recent weeks, more so last week against 10 men Bristol City, but we didn't take them. Personally, I can't get my hopes up unless we get 3 points at Middlesbrough. Only then will I think we might have half a chance.
  9. Not good, all the best DM in your recovery. Absolutely nobody would complain if he took the rest of the season off to focus on his health, more important things than football at the minute!
  10. Elev8 is a new sports clothing brand purely created to produce our shirts at established brand prices. It has little or no brand recognition beyond Sheffield. It has no right to charge what it does. We are definitely NOT competitive with most EFL clubs using established kit manufacturers. We have the most expensive EFL shirt and we're in the European places when comparing against the Prem teams as well. Madness. In terms of the actual brand, once again ridiculously priced compared to competitors. £120 for an insulated Elev8 jacket - yes, one hundred and twenty pounds! Y
  11. No, no, no. I don't want Hillsborough to become an advertising platform for the Chairman's ego and his other businesses. oh wait...
  12. Chansiri is that delusional and stubborn that I bet he’s sat in his dad’s ivory tower in Thailand scratching his head wondering why his fourth manager of the season hasn’t changed our fortunes around. Does anybody think he’s capable of holding his hands up and taking full responsibility for this mess? I’d bet large amounts of Thai baht that he’d point the finger at previous managers, Covid, EFL, players, fans way before he looked at himself. I honestly think even worse is yet to come, daddy has tightened the family purse strings and he’ll be wondering why he can’t sell
  13. I know it's a film but watched Escape From Pretoria on Prime over the weekend and really enjoyed it, based on a real-life prison escape by three political prisoners in South Africa in 1979 so what's not to enjoy? Currently watching Superstore on Netflix and surprisingly found myself hooked. If you've worked in this type of environment it will resonate with you and you'll recognise a few characters. Dina has me in stiches, so funny and some of her quotes have nearly resulted in me waking the house up from laughing when binge watching late at night.
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