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  1. Wouldn’t hold your breath for a vaccine any time soon...
  2. Good interview, he came across very well. He has a massive job on his hands, he’s been given some of the tools he needs. Think we should all understand that he’s going to be here until the end of this season at the bear minimum, and if we finish anywhere above 22nd in the league should be viewed as a success. if we don’t achieve that, then think all his detractors have a point, but until then, let’s leave this continuous negative drivel and get behind Monk and the boys. Although don’t hold much hope of that.
  3. Really love seeing the Mancs and Scousers getting smashed, Leicester ******** city last week and get beat West Ham. Remember the days when anybody could be anybody but hasn’t happened for years. Question, empty grounds causing this?
  4. Here here mate, could be a lot worse, I know he has made some big mistakes, but onwards and upwards to DC and the Owls.
  5. Good work out for the squad, a fairly even game where we made some good chances. Great to see the kids get a run, a few decent additions and I think we’ll be fine next season.
  6. Can somebody explain, why there was only 1 minute of added time, when there was “the knee”, and around 2 mins for the water break?
  7. Harsh I thought Reach did very well.
  8. If they had shown that much effort all season, we may have had a better outcome. Thought that was a respectable performance, does it help having no one in the ground??
  9. It was a penalty, but wasn’t a kin free kick that it came from... where the hell do they get refs.?
  10. Apologies if I have missed, but can’t see owt on under 18 tickets? Thanks
  11. Great thought out post Burnsie, wish more would follow your lead!
  12. Don’t blame Garry monk now please. Minor surgery required.
  13. Absolutely bang on mate, this is not Monks fault - there is something intrinsically wrong at Hillsborough and I’m sick off it but it ain’t Garry Monk.
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