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  1. I think his or Luongos name would work quite well to the Idles , Danny Nadelko chorus....... Danny Nedelko https://www.google.com/search?kgmid=/g/11f634fgz5&hl=en-GB&kgs=6c8f7d2a4b5f97b9&q=idles+danny+nedelko&shndl=0&source=sh/x/kp/osrp&entrypoint=sh/x/kp/osrp
  2. Yeah... but remember when he scored the second at Birmingham away... ahhhh, that was good!
  3. Just to follow this up, I text my mate who goes to Hull City and his feedback was “poo ” ”more clubs then Tiger Woods” “Very rash” if we fo sign him, let’s hope playing alongside Lees can settle him down?
  4. No Danny Batth! Bang averge at Hull last year, definitely not too exciting just as he had the “Chelsea” tag.
  5. My lads first game today at under 7’s and we’ve just had this sent to us as a guide for refereeing the games, I’ll just leave this here!
  6. It’s fantastic, and if the expectation and money wasn’t in the club we would see more of it. However, you bring the missing players back, not sure you’ll be seeing them on the bench.
  7. Not sure DC is as daft as the Allams at Hull, to even think about changing the name. The toxic atmosphere around Hull is a small part down the team struggling, but most part the owners thinking they can do what they want with the club.
  8. Do you sit in the Kop around row 23, me and the lad st next to us said exactly the same. Good minds and all that! Thief UTO
  9. Thought he got the run around in the first half last night by their winger. However, change of tactics at H/T allowed him to overlap more and get crosses in. overall not agreat performance, but 3 points.
  10. Van Aken, Van Aken, Van Aken we've got Joost Van Aken, Van Aken, Van Aken awhoooooooah ala Palace / Boro fans. i apologise in advance.
  11. He did well but the midfield diamond on the first half didn't. Don't understand why, if we played 4-3-3 on Saturday why CC changed it? We looked absolutely all over the place in the first half, the change of formation helped and thought we battered them in the second half.
  12. Gifting Sunderland a goal in the third minute didn't help the situation, they just sat with two banks of four behind the ball and stopped us playing. We do, however need to move the ball quicker through the midfield, which we seemed to do in the second half which helped us totally dominate them in the second half, just couldn't get that second goal.
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