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  1. Sadly I've been there as well. Well done to the club in this situation!
  2. I went to that as well...I think Grobbelaar was in goal for them.
  3. Do we have a manager? Thought he was head coach....maybe a manager comes in above him?
  4. Isnt the railway the tracks? So the station is surely a place for the train to stop (become stationary?). So got to be a train station ;)
  5. Franco Baresi was only 5'9"...he was an ok central defender (said with tongue firmly in cheek!)
  6. Well said Sally! Totally agree with your sentiments.
  7. You took the words out of my mouth! Too many seem to be looking for negatives in every little thing the club does at the moment. DC seems to be trying to put things in place to move forward...how many have on here have said we need a CEO or similar? We now have one with experience, time will tell if this will be a good appointment or not. As the OP says give her a chance before sharpening the pitchforks! Things can and will improve, this is not the end....the sky is not falling down! The negativity has to change, the atmosphere at the match on Monday was toxic, even before a ball was kicked. The hatred towards some of the players is sickening. A fan screaming that someone should break Wallace's leg in training is beyond belief!
  8. It was looking like he was warming up yesterday, until Hunt got injured. As we were chasing the game I would have still thrown him on and gone to 3 at the back.
  9. Doesn't Villas-Boas fit that description?
  10. Is that a feeling or based on insider knowledge?
  11. 1st part of the prediction correct...any insight on the the 2nd?
  12. Well peope wanted a fullback who can put it about! "We've got Chris Mavinga He's going to flip up your winga..."
  13. Good luck to the lad. Hope he gets himself a good club.
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