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  1. Figo as the new manager maybe!!! Depay providing the ammunition for Lukaku
  2. Sometimes I'm amazed at how many people on here know the workings of the club and how many presume they would be able to do so much better! Seriously, do people honestly think everyone is sitting on their hands waiting for things to happen?
  3. It's a tough job but someone has to try to keep looking over their half full glass with rose coloured glasses...
  4. Somaro or asino doesn't have the same connotations in Italian. It's used to call someone stupid...an ass...
  5. Or is it a case of, the manager gives a list of people he is interested in or positions to reinforce to the chairman/ board etc and they do the negotiating. I suspect managers don't deal with the minutiae of the deals, so perfectly plausible that he wouldn't know much more than a deal is near or a no go.
  6. Manager and Hector to be announced shorty...fingers crossed.
  7. I don't know if it's been mentioned (and I can't be bothered to read back through all the thread ). Three new companies were incorporated on Friday the 21st, Sheffield2limited, Sheffield3limited and Sheffield4limited...DC listed as director and the ground as the address for all three. No sure of any significance but I'm guessing it has to be linked to the addition shares some how...
  8. Sadly I've been there as well. Well done to the club in this situation!
  9. I went to that as well...I think Grobbelaar was in goal for them.
  10. Do we have a manager? Thought he was head coach....maybe a manager comes in above him?
  11. Isnt the railway the tracks? So the station is surely a place for the train to stop (become stationary?). So got to be a train station ;)
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