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  1. Just watching QPR v Luton. What a refreshing change to see two teams moving the ball at pace between defence and attack (between the lines is the current vernacular) No ruddy tippy, tappy between the defenders just fast and lively football like wot we used to watch. https://open.spotify.com/track/5lTt14toQl0N1XrOwLEIRI?si=HdA0sNJERHCOScave04T1w&context=spotify%3Asearch%3Abrining
  2. Me. This rinse, repeat scenario gives me the impression that this is what happens.
  3. Well it shouldn’t. If the game plan was working for the first 30 minutes who initiated the change? If it wasn’t DM’s instructions how did the change happen and why was it allowed to continue? I fully accept the ‘crossing the white line principle’ that it’s up to the players to perform once on the pitch, but for them then to do their own wrong thing so regularly and catastrophically is maddening. This conundrum must be urgently resolved between the captain, players and management team.
  4. Based on what we have seen from both Cameron and Joe in recent years and their continuing errors what would you expect the new coach to have identified as the most important areas each must improve on? If these 2 careers could be turned round it would be win/win all round. Are we asking too much?
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