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  1. “These rumors about the behavior of wolf packs are false. They cropped up on social media and image sharing sites in December 2015. That makes for a compelling and inspirational story about teamwork — but it’s not true. David Attenborough took the photo in question for the BBC’s “Frozen Planet” Series in 2011. It shows 25 timber wolves hunting bison in Wood Buffalo National Park in Canada. The female alpha wolf led the pack, and the others followed in a single file line to save energy as they made their way through deep snow, according to the environmental website Benvironment. Wolf packs are typically about half the size of the pack pictured in the photo from 2011. Most packs don’t hunt prey the size of bison (which is 10 times the size of a wolf), but the larger pack is able to. And the wolves walking in a single file line through deep snow is a classic example of how they’re able to use weather conditions to their advantage while hunting prey that’s much larger than them. Also, the idea that wolves have to be on the lookout for “ambushes” or attacks isn’t true, either. Wolves are at the top of the food chain and have no natural predators. Aside from turf battles with other wolves (which wouldn’t start in an ambush) bears are the only threat to wolves in Canada. Even so, experts saythat bears are only able to prey on wolf pups because grown wolves are too fast, swift and clever to get caught by them”
  2. matlockbathowl

    Few things we learnt tonight

    True. But whilst Jos is undoubtedly defensive, I’ve personally enjoyed the way the team attacks WHEN we do attack Speaking only for myself I couldn’t take much more of the sideways and backwards passing that was on offer from Carlos, and it’s actually insane if you think that a historically defensive manager can come in and be more entertaining than a manager like Carlos who prides himself on attacking. ive really enjoyed some of the goals recently. Like the first João goal v derby or the reach chance v Swansea. We used to tippy tap the ball around only for other sides to score quick goals on the counter against us. I supported him last season even though football wasn’t great because I felt it would be price worth paying should we go up. When that didn’t happen I struggled to cope with another season of it. The brief Jos has is different - to keep us up in a terrible injury crisis, so personally I can be more forgiving for that reason.
  3. matlockbathowl

    Few things we learnt tonight

    Whilst it’s kind of impossible to condone starting with no recognised striker on the pitch, in the interests of balance; 1. We don’t know who was struggling after the last game or who has a slight injury or who is ill or who transgressed the strict turn up on time policy. (Surely one of these must apply to João as I think we all felt sure he was being rested for this game) for example, Pudil would be Jos’ first name on the team sheet based on current form if he was fit and raring to go. 2. Just because Millwall are not the most fashionable side and came up last season. Let’s just consider a few points : a) they are above us in the table b) we still have most of our players out injured / unavailable and can’t take chances with players who are 50/50 as we need them in coming weeks c) they have not lost at home for months - and in that time have beaten the pigs + Middlesbrough with full strength sides and held good sides like Wolves, Cardiff, Derby and Preston to draws. So not sure who thought our scratch side - whoever he chose from those available would go and turn them over. I think many on here could see some logic to starting defensive and bringing on better subs and at half time I was not complaining. Teams lose away games. Teams with massive injury problems lose more away games than most. There are often reasons we are not privy to why a player may not be on the pitch. A win v derby does not make Jos a genius and a narrow defeat where we took the lead away at Millwall does not make him an idiot. Sorry if im repeating / stealing other peoples points but it made me personally feel better about last night typing that out.
  4. matlockbathowl

    People sat near you at matches

    I guess there are characters like this across the ground but that unique combination could only be where me and my dad are. You missed the bloke a few rows back who moans very loudly using players first names like he knows them or they can hear him every game. He ends up in a verbal confrontation at least once a match - he must love it - most recently verus birmingham this time with the old lady. Two characters colliding. Reluctant to say anything else as the old lady might be an avid owlstalker Personally just relieved not to have myself described on there.
  5. matlockbathowl

    People sat near you at matches

    Good view from the grandstand though. Agree with all of these - although over the years I’ve warmed to sarcastic clap man. Doesn’t feel like ive been at a Wednesday game if he hasn’t done it at least 5 times and enjoy it when I correctly guess the moment(s) that will prompt it.
  6. Only result to stop a £27k win from a £10 accumulator .
  7. matlockbathowl

    Megson on Pulis

    Perfectly describes our problems with Carlos : “I was a player with Jack Charlton. I got on great with him. He said to me at Newcastle 'if ever you go into management it’s three years'. The first year, you say jump, everybody jumps. The second year you say jump, they say how high? The third year you say jump, they say we’ve been doing that for two years. It becomes the norm and you become the victim of your own success and it becomes more and more difficult. I think Alex Ferguson said you need to keep refreshing and changing the players. Once you’ve been at any football club for a while it does get harder and harder. People like Arsene Wenger and Ferguson deserve enormous amounts of credit. Staying at football clubs for that long is unbelievable.” If DC is sticking with CC let’s pray for fresh faces in January.
  8. matlockbathowl

    Clever gits

    Mick McCarthy
  9. matlockbathowl

    Tom Ince

    He was part of the deal when FF was refusing to play and derby were sniffing around. Interesting what might have been for both sides if that deal went through.
  10. matlockbathowl


    Whilst it seems criminal to drop Lee into defence - our full backs get a lot of the ball in attacking areas. So I would like to see: Westwood Lee Lees Hutchinson Reach Jones Bannan Abdi Forestieri Fletcher Hooper You get FF in a free role. Abdi central. Jones covering. Lee and Reach joining in with attacks, Bannan and Abdi their rightful central positions where they both like to play and a proper front two partnership. Would never happen but I'd love to see it just once. Harsh on Pudil but surely that's our 11 best players there. And only reach and Lee are out of position, but both played there before so not as weird as some of the shoe horning Carlos has been doing. Seems too good to be true. Keep having to recount to make sure I haven't got 12 players. Feel free to rip it apart
  11. matlockbathowl

    Kieran Lee

    I bought he was man of the match today - everywhere. Maybe I was imagining it, but one thing that really stuck out to me is he seemed to have a bit more fire in his belly. I've often thought he was a bit too nice, missing that edge that makes good players great but today he just seemed pissed off and a bit more assertive - couple of tasty challenges too. He has always got the energy but today I felt he added a bit more aggression to his game today and it worked.
  12. matlockbathowl

    Ross McCormack

    Front 3 with him and FF either side of hooper Bannan, Lee and an enforcer (hutch or melo or new) behind them with attacking full backs to join in and our already mean defensive record and top keeper. Would enjoy watching that.