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  1. It's defo him calling shots on pitch no coaches manager having a say got to voice this now how we end up ffp fears take cart horse for winnal get someone in now to steady ship Jo's on your Amsterdam bike
  2. Has anyone found the stitching low quality as it seems to be rushed out off warehouse
  3. Get on 734 free veiw on BBC radio sheffield wednesday are poor my player wants me to do so many up dates
  4. I decided you no clue all little boys playing with your toy ! Get behind us were in there fight till you die you Leeds lovers
  5. Shoot one season wonder reckon slight knee problem soon
  6. Meaning if you look at it not in an English lesson when the international break finishes " we will be back" we need the rest quoting the gaffer
  7. Give your head a shake string of beads Leeds are singing were going back no1 in Yorkshire we had a blip time to rest back in two weeks you lot need to stop sniffing hendersons
  8. Meaning there singing we going back after the international break we will be back hatred of white shiiiite
  9. How can they spout that we are back after break
  10. Cheers pal knew he was close thought he got one v Norwich
  11. So can someone clarify when as he sat on a three game ban for one more so keeping him out of firing line
  12. Is it true that after Saturday all yellow cards will be cancelled
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