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  1. DevonOwls

    Sean Clare

    One more and I am looking forward to a loan watch thread!
  2. Wildsmith has so much talent it's just a shame he seems to get so many injuries!
  3. DevonOwls


    Who scored the third?
  4. DevonOwls


    I know hirst scored the first two but who scored the third?
  5. DevonOwls

    Player of the Year

    I think it's got to be Wallace Westwood or lees but I think Wallace just wins for me because he has come good at the times we have most needed him this season and has been versatile playing centrally recently as well as out wide
  6. DevonOwls

    v UNITED Monday 1pm Hillsborough

    Spelt Stobbs name wrong sorry
  7. DevonOwls

    v UNITED Monday 1pm Hillsborough

    Thanks let's go give 'em a good battering 5-0 ( hirst 2 mcgugan,Stubbs, palmer)
  8. DevonOwls

    v UNITED Monday 1pm Hillsborough

    What's the team? Does anyone know yet?
  9. Just the odd flinch from hooper towards fletcher caught my eye. I more meant I was looking forward to the link up play we saw from them earlier on in the season and saw flashes last night! (Backtracking fast)
  10. Hunt bannan hooper and fletcher head and shoulders above the rest
  11. Fletcher looks (as he did at the start of the season) a much better player next to hooper. their link up play together is exceptional
  12. DevonOwls

    Carlos has a point.

    It may not be as attractive but Carlos has really built a strong group who know how to grind out a result when their not quite at it. Let's just wait and see what happens when we are
  13. Fletcher was awesome mom didn't loose a header all day and worked his socks off. Also thought Abdi's movement was exceptional created save for rest of midfield by pulling their cdm everywhere creating pockets.