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  1. Harry Haslam, Alex Sabella wibbly wobbly woo Stick the boot in what do you get? Sh*t on the end of your shoe
  2. Bobby Bolder in the net Mark Smith in defence Gary Bannister scores the goals Everybody rock and roll My Grandad taught me Roll along Sheffield Wednesday roll along Put the ball in the net where it belings When Quixhall gets the ball, it is sure to be a goal, Roll along Sheffield Wednesday roll along and my favourite Sing something simple You simple two hats
  3. I’d rather stick cocktail sticks through both my eye balls
  4. Reda, never mind giving out advice, get a ******** blue and white shirt on and sign on again. Just come on for corners and free kicks in the 95th minute and try and snatch an equaliser after the opposites have just scored in the 94th! Ffs Reda Reda Reda Reda Reda Reda Reda Johnson Jermaine Jermaine Jermaine.....
  5. Unfortunately, just like the team, the support was very quiet on Saturday. Granted, nothing much to shout about but I thought the support in the ground was really poor.
  6. Seems like a good bloke and a decent man manager, the right person maybe to bring about the cultural change that was needed from top to bottom at the club. But I don’t think he’s a coach or a tactician and let’s not kid ourselves, we weren’t just outplayed yesterday, we were totally outfought all over the pitch. Time for a re set on expectations I think. Dire yesterday, just not good enough on so many levels
  7. The benefits of living in Sidmouth for once. As so often, a good day out spoilt by the football bit! Don't let anyone try and tell you differently. We were so poo today! Really really poor. Missed two good chances second half but second best for long periods
  8. Going with a mixed mob tomorrow, half Wednesday, half Plymouth. Over the years the best part of watching Wednesday away is usually the three hours before the game rather than the bit between 3.00 and 5.00. Would love to take the Plymouth fans to a pub full of Wednesdayites doing their stuff. Any ideas? We’re starting in the Brittania, about 20 mins from the ground, where are others drinking? Massive game for me for the Massive tomorrow. Since living in the South West since 2011 I have never seen us win down here Bristol City, Cardiff, Swansea, Reading ( all several times ) and even ******** Yeovil! We won at Exeter last year but I couldn’t get in because of Covid Come on you useless blue and white bar stewards! Pleeeeaaase!
  9. Went on the coach but as we went through town past the station and saw the ‘train mob’ I had never seen so many Wednesdyites outside of Hillsboro before. I swear the old stand was shaking when we scored the second. Just amazing for a 13 year old. Hooked for life. And wouldn’t change any of it. Well maybe a few bits
  10. Mine are all mostly pretty obvious Best Boxing Day Blackburn away ( same season ) Chelsea home, League Cup Semi League Cup final Derby away FA Cup Quarter final FA Cup Semi v pigs Play off in Cardiff Wycombe Worst Wrexham away 1982? ( 4-0 down at half time) Brighton semi final Everton semi final Pigs, home and away, double whammy, 1992? Crystal Palace away ( when we could have won the league ) FA Cup final replay ( first person out of the stadium ) Rotherham at home last season ( spineless two hats ) Give is your best and worst
  11. I for one will be giving Ryan Lowe a proper ovation at Plymouth next week and I’m hoping others will do the same. A great player for us in his own way who always gave his all. I always felt that he loved playing for Wednesday and he definitely got ‘the massive’ thing when so many, including our porcine neighbours, never did. My favourite Ryan Lowe moment was Walsall away on Boxing Day when he put us 1-0 up and ran the whole way along two sides of the ground milking it for all it was worth with us. It was a typical Wednesday performance though as they scored twice after 93 minutes and we somehow managed to lose. #wawawarentweRyan?
  12. Burnley away 1983/ 84? in the quarter final of the cup was even worse. They moved all the Wednesdayites, us included, from the home end behind the goal into the already rammed away end about 5 minutes before kickoff. Only time I’ve ever been scared at the football. My feet literally didn’t touch the floor for about 30 minutes. Ffs But the 5-0 return leg wasn’t too shabby
  13. E Don’t think so, i’ve got a mate at work with a season ticket in there and he says it will be fine. Also says they are expecting plenty of Wednesdayites in there because of the ******** poor allocation. Go for it. At Morecambe last week there were at least 100+ owls on the side terrace and the stewards just pretended not to notice when we just climbed over the wall and into the away end. I’m 55 by the way and not exactly trying to draw attention to myself. Buy a ticket, you know it makes sense
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