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  1. Nathaniel Mendez-Laing does know these two no longer play for us right?
  2. I get what your saying, i just meant that it would be interesting to see how we were actually performing throughout that time in regards to things like chances created etc. would the stats have actually shown we didnt need this type at all, or that we werent playing anywhere near well enough to get the best form such a player? I just think it would be good to know and find out if it was actually just the player being poo, or was it due to the way that the team played and things like low chances creation that also effected the abilty for the player to excel. I expect we will never get the answer, but it could maybe shine a light on things not being as balck and white as said player just being solely to blame.
  3. I would hope that it is something we do use now to be fair, even if its just used to calculate our performance, strengths and weaknesses as a team (rather than looking an individual players ability).At least that way we could still be using it be in on the look out to find the right type of player to fill in a weakness that is then thrown up. As an example, if the stats showed were were good at creating chances, but terrible at finishing these, we could then at least be on the look out for a player with a great abilty to finish chances above all other parts of his game. It would also be genuinely interesting to see where we were weak stats wise in the past, in relation to the signings that were made to fill them gaps. For example, signing Rhodes and players like David Jones.
  4. The early season is always awash with freak results, events and outcomes that just dont normally play out across more than a few games. Aiden Flint being current championship top scorer is just one example. Even us facing two penalties and not conceding from either is another. Both very unlikely, but both also skew the stats massively. Either way though, its not as complicated as i first thought all this xG stuff, might give it another look.
  5. Loved this. Actually made it clear and understandable about how stats can be used effectively to figure the chances of things happening etc. I still stand by my earlier comment though, on that i dont think 4 games worth of data is anywhere near enough to accurately reflect a teams chances just yet. If we still have crappy xG's after 15 games, then it might be time to worry about it.
  6. Not going to pretend i know all about that xG stuff, i tried to get into it once and got lost and confused in it all. Is 4 games enough to get a decent handle on the reliabilty of them kind of stats for teams yet? Truth is that in order to get out of this league, we are likley going to have play in some very unpretty/crap to watch games, which will require us at times to grind out the results. If we end up not being able to score many, we will then need to make sure we dont ship many goals.
  7. Keeper - Love a Keeper that has the opposition already worried about scoring past them and one that inspires nothing but confidence in his defenders. Oliver Khan and Buffon for me (Kevin Pressman in a deby match). Central Defender - CB has to be fast, strong, clever and just makes it look easy. Rio Ferdinand, Paulo Maldini and Des Walker in their pomp is the type for me. Wingback/Fullback - Has to be a reliable, consistent type who can provide quality at either end, but not one thats too fancy with it. Dennis irwin and Roland Nilsson types. Central midfielder - Fave has to be a box to box midfielder who can run the show at either end for a team. Someone who can drag a team back into the game and who never stops. Steven Gerrard for me and for us it was Keiran Lee . Winger/Wide midfield - probs not everyones ideal maybe, but i thought Beckham was very good at what he did and love to see someone like him on one side with a frighteningly fast winger like Giggs was on the other side. Brunt and Antonio for us. Forward - Still a fan of the old fashioned centre forward myself. someone whos fast, strong, clever, nasty, tough, brave and can score from even a tiny sniff of a chance. Alan Shearer and David Hirst types for me all day long.
  8. So far on first appearances, he looks like a he could be a very good signing for us. However, it is only 4 games in to a very long season. Not to be that guy, but i will reserve my full judgement on Adeniran until after ive seen him play half a seasons worth of games for us. I still remember how good Giles Coke looked and played in his first few games and and thinking we had pulled off the signing of the summer. That didnt end up beingt the case though did it . However, Adeniran is young and still has room to develop his game so if he keeps up this start and the performance levels, he could become a very good player for us indeed.
  9. I have previously been critical of Palmer played in wingback role, with him generally not having the tools in his locker that proper wing backs do (assists/goal threat). credit where its due though, its clear hes trying at least to adapt and better the weaker parts of his wing back game. Im still to be convinced hes a better wing back than when hes played as a non attacking full back. would be happy though to eat humble pie if he were to go on and have a stormer of a season for us.
  10. Personally for me, Shaw was still raw in parts of his game and needed a full season playing at top end league one/lower champ level to iron our some of the creases in his game. His confidence on the ball was great, yet his decison making was at times down right awful. What he did show us though, is that we needed a box to box midfielder. Whilst he had shown there was something to work with, it remains to be seen if he makes it to the very top. Uroghede was hard working and confident, yet very raw and predictable on the ball. had a lovely habit of losing his man at time and manhandling in the box too. Maybe not as natuarally talented as shaw, but could carve out a decent career too. dont think either are really going to set the world alight and play at the very top personally, but hope they do have great careers all the same
  11. Tony Crane and Kim Olsen. Both giants of men who could do wonderous things with the ball and who dominated in the air.....* *..... Claims of said players ability may be factually innacurate and wildly overstated.
  12. The problem with Palmer is that hes at best a solid and unspectacular RB, whos asked more often than not to play a wingback type role. Wingbacks nowadays need to be end to end fast, able to defend, able to beat a man, and they need to offer and provide a level of threat and assists. While Palmer is usually okay at defending, hes not super fast, his positioning can be suss at times and he provides little to no threat or assists across a season. If we play this season with a flat back 4 with minimal overlapping from the back, Palmer is fine by me. If we play with overlapping wingbacks though, as many expect, Palmer either needs to up his game or move over. Good squad player, but not really a first choice wingback for me at least. Hope he proves me.wrong, but dont fancy more than 2 assists from him tops this year.
  13. This is very true and we all know the wednesday way is the slow and last to do things way . We will get in on it just as its being phased out for a new system. do you think its the norm now for big clubs to work on the moneyball system? Personally i cant help feeling its not really something many have yet adopted. The big clubs still seem to go out and spunk 100s of millions on players with sometimes no real plan or end result coming from it.
  14. Jokes aside, i do wish we had a set up to do that kind of scouting at our place. Obviously the system alone it doesnt guarantee success, as you also need to have an on field system/play style in place too. But it does pretty much ensure that you know the averages of what your getting when you sign a player. I imagine there would be some fan faves who might have come out looking bad and some of the boo boys faves that really came up good in that kind of scouting system.
  15. Personally think we might start a bit slower than we want or planned, with us needing to first settle into our stride and find out our best 11/ideal formation. I do think once we are up and running though, we will likely finish in or around the top 6, but not going to say we are dead certs for going up. Anyone that thinks this leagues going to be a cake walk needs to remember the last times we were down here. We got a few drubbings off teams we expected to beat and we also got made to look very ordinary a good few times too. We will be looked at as a big scalp in this division, and teams will up thier game/play dirty/put 10 men behind the ball, all in order to try and get something from us. its going to be an interesting one thats for sure.
  16. Av heard it off. Apparently he refused to get Chansiri tattooed on his chest so soon affer getting a D-Taxis tramp stamp done on his lower back.
  17. Pretty sure even if they signed for clubs earlier, DC would have still have needed to make up the difference between the new deal and the huge wages they were on while at our place for this month. I possibly could be wrong on that, but im sure its part of the rules from the older days before mega wages were being paid.
  18. it Sims like he could be just the type of player we need...... ...........I'll get me coat.
  19. Copied your format as i couldnt be bothered to type it myself.Changed a few about though. Premier league quality None, Nada, Zero, Zilch. Top half Championship Iorfa - if fully fit. Bannan. Windass - at a push in the right set up. Bottom half championship Patterson, Hutchinson - Only as a CB, Hunt - hopefully, Luongo - only of fully fit and actually able to play every week. Top half League one Palmer - not awful but also not very good either. Dunkley - too limited for championship, but will be useful in this division. not seen owt of Luongo to say hes top end champ material, but he is useful when hes fit. Peterson, i really dont know where to put him so left him in champ based on the fact he played in Prem for a season too. Palmer really isnt champ quality at any level as a full back (in my eyes). Useful squad player, but really hes kinda naff going forward, kinda naff with assists and pretty naff positionally as a defender. His best ever season as a player came at this level as a Central Midfielder and hunt kept him out of the team most weekes wheile they were both here.
  20. Good luck to the fella and wasnt the worst we have had in ths last few seasons either. At least he actually tried and as others have said, he never hid. Also, havent his family been in Germany throughout the whole Covid thing? if so, it shouldnt be underestimated just how much of an effect not having his loved ones around in this time has had on him. Probs part the reason why his perfomances dropped off.
  21. Looks like you lot have beak me to it with all the puns. Parrotts at that age where he pro-polly wants a cracker of a season, which could see his career take off. If he gets the wind beneath his wings, he could be a player to who keeps us perched on the edge of our seats. Just hope we dont blow our wage budgie-t on him and feather his premiership ego. Will have to wait and seed on this one.
  22. Really enjoyed listeening to that, thanks for posting. Interesting hearing his views on Megson and the fact that he was a horrible person, but a very very good manager. Also refreshing to hear someone who has had attitude problems at times, actually come out and openly admit and in a way own it. Always easy for players to say they were bombed out of a club for no reason, and claim that they were not or never the issue. Not so easy to say actually it was my fault and i shouldnt have done it that way etc.
  23. I think they will if they start losing users hand over fist to other platforms due to the content they allow. If user numbers go down, Ad revenue goes down and they start losing out on data harvesting too. And if they dont change? Then its on us to force change instead. People power could wipe millions off a companies value in just hours if need be. Id also go as far to say that Government really only cares about money and power and they really dont give a damn about people being exploited or abused either. If they did, the every day items we import that were made using ill treated labour from abroad would not be allowed. Regardless, lets not get into an argument about it or get into politics. The fact is that change needs to take place and soon. How that comes about in a sensible way that doesnt remove the freedoms of those who have no wish to identify themselves is going to be the real interesting bit.
  24. The problem when governments step in, is that they are often so far detached from the real world, the decisons that they then make for us in the cheap seats are in no way the right ones. Governement is filled with people who have no clue how the world actually works outside of a well paid cushy bubble. Worse still, theres MPs jumping on the the whole bandwagon with this now, yet weeks ago they were stoking the flames of discontent with the whole race and BLM thing. Imagine being told what you can and cannot now post by people who cannot even put a pair of matching shoes on, or by a world leader who cant even brush his hair or y someone who thought it would be okay to fake cry on libe TV about the NHS and then go and break all the rules they set up Etc .... Etc..... Governments filled with these idiots. This issue with online abuse has to lie with the platform providers to step up, fix and heavily moderate. they have made billions off our data and information and done nothing for it in return. If advertisers suddently started pulling out of agreements becuasse of the issue, you would see how quickly they could fix it and make it all go away. Big changes are needed but getting the government involved is not a good move, needed or required.
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