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  1. Bannan..... obviously. But out of the rest, i really like Marvin Johnson and George Byers. 2 players that are clearly top drawer for this league. As for the new lads, i really want/hope Smith comes good. Last season after watchin him against us, i said to my old man we needed a player just like him.
  2. Its alive and well in english lower league/non league football. When done right and with a team properly built to play that way, it can still be really effective. We got undone by it and others will do too.
  3. Heneghan is kinda slow, so whoever is either side of him needs to be fairly quick. Personally Dont think Hector would drop to league one and im sure he would get a champ team gig as back up if he lowered his wage expectations. Dean probably would come, but he takes Heneghans place. Id like to see Iheikwe, Heneghan and Famewo given run out together. Left footer on the left side and all that. Also dont think Iorfa has been anywhere near the player he was since his injury. I keep getting Moses Odabajo flashback/vibes everytime the balls near him at the moment.
  4. Hes got some very good attributes and yesterday he took the game to Pompey and showed hes got a lot of talent in his locker. He needs to just keep his concentration at times too though. He Can go from the sublime, to then messing up a basic passes and running down blind alleys and into trouble with the ball. He should only get better with games though and hopefully we get him signed to a 2 year deal, with a club option for another year in there too.
  5. Iorfa seems to be someone who relies upon his pace to get himself out of trouble, rather than positional sense and defensive awareness. Not a dreadful player by any stretch, but clearly also not one thats suited to playing it out from the back as part of a back 3. Dunno if or where he fits in long term, but without some improvement and better form, hes might end up as backup and not much more. .
  6. Probs in the minority here, but never thought he was overly bad or awful. Only had bits of games in his 1 season to get used to english football. Theres many much better foreign players that have taken a lot longer to get used to english football. If he goes, he goes and thanks for the efforts. If he stays, hes likely a cup match and 85th minute sub player. He might even kick on.
  7. Dawson and Wildsmith both always seemed to be confidence type players. With things going good, they looked decent enough keepers. However as soon as a mistake was made by them, or the team played bad and the fans got restless, the ability and confidence seemed to drain from them. Keepers need to be confident in thier own ability at all times, even in the bad patches. Cant help feeling that if Dawson did what BPF did against Ipswich, hed never have recovered.
  8. I do get what your saying and yeah a forward that puts them away is always helpful too. Personally though, I think wingbacks need to be a bit clever with the ball, be able to beat a man and be able to put in a good standard of cross on a fairly consistent basis (regardless of them being finished or not). While Hunt wasnt terrible at all, he still rarely beats a man with the ball, he quite often play an aimless passes when hes under pressure, and even though its improved a lot, his final cross quality is still quite hit and miss. Obviously we aint gonna get an Alexander Arnold type who can do it all at this level, but find someone who can beat a man and get into better positions, or a player that can deliver a better ball more consitently and it could really help the team. Again, just a personal opinion.
  9. Owners want and in most cases need immediate success. Even if owners and fans were prepared to give time to build long term, theres lots of things that can happen which will turn fans from being the patient type. If the fans can see the club as a whole progressing over time they usually are happy to go with it. However, the moment it stalls or goes backwards a little bit, even just for a season or two, fans can slowly begin to lose patience and turn. Once it starts, its hard to stop the rot. Id argue its maybe even harder for fans of teams like ours to be the patient type, as many will remember us being a lot better than we are now and seeing us as just a league 1 or championship team will never come close to what they expect.
  10. Well thats the beauty of opinions. We all have one and theres nowt that says they have to be the same. I maybe should have chosen my orginal wording a bit better when making my point, but i stand by that we have been pretty woeful at times when put under the press by teams. Same as when Bannan gets man marked, We run out of ideas and just revert to aimless long balls and looking panicked on the ball. However, lets just agree to disagree.
  11. I said we look clueless etc when we get pressed. I didnt say it was the case all season. Any team that put a press on us this year mostly made us look like quite poor. Do you not agree? Same as any team that gave us space and time made us look like we should score 7 every game. All i said was i wanted expansive football, but with the ability to not look and play poo each and every time someone played pressing tactics against us. 85 points in a season doesnt change the fact we played some very poor football at times.
  12. Expansive, but with the abilty to not crumble as soon as an opposition pressing game is put to us. Looked clueless and weak against most teams who got in our faces this season.
  13. @Tewkesbury did the homework there, thanks for that. It kind of proves my point that we were not massively productive from the right wingback role and that we should be looking at improving there if we can. As i said previously, i dont dislike Hunt, but if we keep playing with wingbacks as our source of width and wide creativity, id hope we would consider someone who offers more in the way of crossing and dribbling ability.
  14. Assist stats dont always tell the whole truth though. They could all be hoofed clearances that led to goals, or flick ons from corners ect. Just as examples. According to the stats, Hunt only gets an average of 0.3 completed dribbles per game and makes an average of only 1.3 crosses per game in the league. Now i know stats arent everything, but it defo sounds like more output from that role could really be helpful.
  15. Cant give you names, cos i dont know. However, thats not to say we should just settle for keeping Hunt. I dont dislike Hunt, but id rather us look at wingbacks that can (more consistently than Hunt) get the ball into the danger area and one who is comfy and able to take on a man, rather than stopping and looking to pass inside when they get the ball out wide.
  16. He did okay. Has some biggish holes in his game though. Cant kick/pass long, suss handling at times, positioning is also often questionable from crosses, free kicks and corners. to be fair though, hes pretty good in one vs one situations, hes confident in himself and hes also pulled off some very good unexpected saves. I would however argue theres better to be had.
  17. As decent as Hunt has been, we should really be looking at better for that role. I have no issues with him staying and being backup, but we need to find a wingback with pace and who can consistently put a good ball in the box. Hunt has improved, but he is still hit and miss with crosses and he often lacks the ability to beat a man 1 on 1.
  18. Defence has been a sh@tshow all season. Look rock solid for a game or two and then injuries happen or Moore tinkers with it and it looks like they havent seen each other before for a few games till they settle down. Rinse and repeat. Need to invest in or sign up some reliable and depdable centre halves. Dont need to be world beaters, just 7 out of 10 players that dont fill you with worry when a ball comes into the box. I also wouldnt sign Dean and Storey aint in our price range.
  19. Problem with Dunkely is that he is usually very dominant in the air, but also prone to rushing out and being rinsed when the attacker has it on the deck. I would personally look to get an upgrade on him this summer and move him on if one is found. Keep Hutchinson, Iorfa, Brennan and sign 2 other good aged CBs to complete our pool of CBs for the season.
  20. If he would take 12 months and hes not asking for mega wages, id take the risk on another season. We are league 1 and players with Hutchinsons (fairly dedent) all round game and who can play any one of the back 3 cb roles are rare at this level. Clubs also need experience as well as youth to get promoted.
  21. Glad its not just me thinking that about Luongo. Seemed to have lost the ability to control a ball and pass more than 5 yards recently.
  22. Lets be honest, over the two legs, Moore got it wrong tactically. The only time we ever looked threatening in either tie, was when we got the ball down and played. With that in mind, what did we do? Keep playing long ball. Flip side of that coin is that some of them players didnt turn up either. Luongo and Byers have been generally awesome this season and both players ability basically went AWOL these last two games. Defence has always been a bombscare, but we took that up a notch in periods for both legs too. Point haul will suggest a good season, but it could have been better if Moore was better tactically and if some of the players actually turned up. Now the real issue for us is who stays and who goes. Got a feeling we will be losing a few fan favorites.
  23. Playing long ball football to two increasingly isolated forwards and continuing to do so when it was evident it was not working, is defo a sign of tactics being part of the issue. Whenever we get pressed by teams, we have looked crap. This has also happened several times this season. Yet we obciously havent learned from it or adapted a way to play teams like this.
  24. Personally, i think either the occasion got to some, or some of our players just didnt turn up last night. Yeah Bannan got marked out of it, but both Byers or Luongo looked way off what we know they can do. Yeah there was lots of hoofball that cut the midfield out at times, but even when we had possession in midfield, there were far too many poor short passes, miscontrolled balls and rushed aimless passes being played. Same could be said of the defence too. Take Hutchinsons mistake out of it, we still looked at times like they had never played a game together. Leaving large gaps, failing to follow runners and just all out panic at times. Think fans have a little right to have a grumble at how we played last night. We know are better than what was served up and it wasnt really all Sunderlands tactics that made us play that way. In the second leg, we need to get the ball down on the deck, and need to stop punting it up to Gregory and Berahino and hoping they can do something out of nothing type hoofballs.
  25. Agree with this to be honest. The amount of points thrown away by us this year would have likely seen us sat in one of the auto spots. Its easy to let a decent points total mask the fact we have been very poor at times and Moores tinkering and tactics have been a big part of that. Glad we won tonight, but shpuldng have been this close to begin with.
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