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  1. That bit in bold is the key part. His brief was to try and get some of the high earners out, while making sure we didnt get relegated. DC knew we were in bother with FFP, so we needed to cut costs. A lot of clubs have resorted to freezing our big earners to try force the players hand and make them leave. Sunderland did it with Rodwell and we were doing it with our top earners. No way you dont play your strongest team when its available. Not even Jos was that stupid. He was clearlt under orders to clear the decks. The issue being that DC wanted either sillt money for the player to leave, or he was paying them so much that nobody could take the player wages on.
  2. Lets say we could take the umbongo and ffp out of the whole thing for just a minute. Isnt it still likely that we or someone else would still end up paying way over the odds for Hector in the current market? For 2 to 3 million id say it is doable and worth it. Recon its now more likely gonna cost somone 5 to 7 million to sign Hector though. Clubs are expecting big fees for even the players they deem surplus. Look at us with Joao and Rhodes. While i do hope we sign Hector, i dont want it to be at a cost of us falling into the same trap that DC is now trying so hard to get us out of. If Chelsea want big money or a bidding war breaks out, we should look elsewhere and not get burned again by holding out for one player all summer and missing out on other options.
  3. While i know many dont rate Nixons info. His latest tweet suggests very good news on Westwood and Palmer resigning. Also indicated Lee has accepted short term deal to prove fitness. Hopefully his sauce is right.
  4. People cant ignore the facts if your willing to post them. However you flat out refuse to provide any sort of link to the info you claim to be gospel truth. People have carried out checks on the supposed facts you state, yet cannot find the info you claim to be there. Now for arguments sake lets say your not lying about what you say, your refusal to even provide links to the information just makes you look like a massive petulant cockend. Why even come onto a forum like this if your not even going to bother backing up what you say or provide others with access to info you say to be true? Pointless.
  5. This..... i really dont understand this kind of mentality by people on any type of forum. If you dont agree, state that by all means. If your going to state something as fact, be prepared to back that fact up. Instead its a blanket approach of neg anyone that disagrees and make yourself look a prat by refusing to back up what you say in any way. Bit sad really but each to thier own. Probs get negged for this too
  6. Plus one just to counter the needless neg.
  7. Quick rundown for you.... 31 pages of most people saying this might give us a chance to compete again under bruce. Few posters saying it doesnt sit well with them, but they hope it works out. Finally....Some posters literally having a meltdown about the subject, with them having you believe we are now Coventry City mk2 and more screwwed than a brass doing a buy none get one free sale. Ohh and we havent sold the ground.....yet. that about covers it. Whetever you do, dont ask about peoples sources or links to thier info, just saying.
  8. Again it all boils down to whats already in place and what can and cant be done within the rules set out by the EFL. For a long time Sheffield Wednesday football club has not been an attractive proposition. You cant just click your fingers and make that right in a season. For the first time in a long time we have a chairman who wants yo put money into the club. While it may not have always worked out, you cant seriously suggest he wants to ruin the whole thing by being cheap on the sponsorship by choice? The guys got millions on the line and shown hes willing to spend. If he says that was all he could put in as per the rules at that time, im gonna believe him. Why even sell the ground if hes not willing to put what it takes in to start with?
  9. I did point out this very fact to him in my earlier response to his posts about this, I didn't receive a response after that.
  10. Its this and also the ever increasing cost of buying even just bang average players at prem level and below. In many cases, its not just the quality of the player that drives the price, its also the cost of the replacement. Would we be able to get another Fessi for less than the 14 million we apparently want? nope. As soon as clubs know you have money they drive up the price and these days its even more so than it used to be.
  11. correct me if I'm wrong, it was my understanding that he said he was putting in the most he was allowed to put in, as in the EFL rules said he cant pay more than that. As I said I might be wrong on that, but I seem to remember the EFL can determine what is deemed relative and what is not in regards to sponsorship. Lets be honest, if he could put in 20 million a year through advertising his own name/company and make us challenge every season why wouldn't he be doing it? surely that's better than devaluing his ownership of the football club by selling the stadium (admittedly to himself). Stoke were a freshly relegated premier league team around that time, with a likely existing sponsorship deal already in place. Cant be bothered to check but I'm betting it was a long term deal or one put into place just before the relegation took place. I'm speculating here but I don't think the next deal for stoke will be at that level once the existing deal made in the prem finishes. if it is, then it will open the floodgates to other teams to do the same up to that level. If there were ways around FFP and P&S do you not honestly think these multimillionaire club owners would already be doing it? why would they buy something for tens of millions, pump tens of millions more into it, to then scrimp on the sponsorship and let their assets fall foul of the rules and be docked points? The Whole system the EFL has put in place is flawed. while the sentiment in place is a good one, the rules are not fair in anyway to any club that hasn't come down from the prem.
  12. The thing is through, even without Chansiri here, we would still be being run at a loss. the only difference is that is because we have better playing assets we are making a bigger loss. Football clubs as a general rule do not make money. Those that do often don't compete and end up struggling to stay in the division. As has already been stated in fans forums by the Chairman himself, he is paying the most he can pay in for sponsorship, which he has repeatedly stated is more than anyone else was offering. Its easy to say you want Nike to sponsor our shirts, but if Nike wont pay what Chansiri can pay in himself what do we do? do we take the lower amount and lose money just because its not the chairman? doesn't make sense. No doubt Chansiri has made mistakes, but hes not making us homeless and hes not going to suddenly drive us into the ground. that's financial suicide for him. People being overly dramatic because its easier to beat the club with a stick than to even for a second think that a multi millionaire businessman might actually have an idea how to generate some money for the football club he fully owns.
  13. Was a strange singning for us. In no way was he what we needed at the time. Signed as a defensive mid, yet had zero ability to run. Burnley fan at my work laughed when we signed him and said that hes slow, panics on the ball and cant play or pass very well when under any sort of pressure. He wasnt wrong to be fair. Mind you, he wont go down as the worst player we have ever signed for the middle of the park.
  14. We relied solely on Antonio to do it all for us, and we burned his confidence away with that and the moaning from the stands when he single handedly couldnt change games for us. Joao on the other hand literaly goes from the sublime to the rediculous in the space of one game. Hes got bags of ability, yet cant seem to string a run of 2 good games together. His off days dont just bring his game game down either, they bring the team down. Its okay being an off form striker if you work hard elswhere on the pitch. Its not okay to be off form and just lazy, so everyone else has to pick up yhe slack. Sadly that happens all too often for this lad and we need better if we want to progress.
  15. Has been trading on the "Has got some potential" and "Promising youngster" tags for far too long. Hes not an up and comer any more, hes a full time pro footballer. Paid to deliver, yet mostly doesnt. One game he can be unplayable and superb, the next like he cant be arsed and disintrested. Theres ability there, but no consitency. I thought that we should have got rid last year and i cant find any reason to change that view this year.
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