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  1. Wasn't aware of that if true, still think his wages could be a real stumbling block though. After his performances for us this season, he can have his pick of teams in this league next year and command decent wages from any team with parachute payments. As @Morepork said, he might want to come and take a wage cut and play for a team where he's appreciated and hopefully settled. I hope that's the case, but I worry money will talk more than anything else.
  2. I don't think its a pipe dream either, I just don't think we will realistically be able afford him that's all. While he wont get into Chelsea's side, he will have options galore in this division in the summer. I have no idea what he's on at Chelsea, but id imagine its easy £35k per week or upwards and we cant afford that with FFP hanging over us. Best case for us is probably a season long loan, although like you say, if he feels settled and Chelsea will let him go for nowt, we might be able to twist his arm to take a pay cut and join HMS PTL 2019/2020. The big issue we face is if we are put under embargo. I believe it goes on a one in and one out basis with max £10k per week wages. I also seem to remember hearing there's a maximum squad size permitted of 24 players only...... I may have dreamed that bit however.
  3. Sadly no way we can afford him after his loan is up. Even on a free transfer, he would surely be on more than our current top earners coming from Chelsea. We can hope that he would take a wage cut and that Chelsea would release him, but he would walk into almost any team in the division, including those with parachute money for wages. Might be worth trying for a season long next season if we cant get him permanently. Hopefully he feels settled here.
  4. I dont have a channel number pal. Its literally a stream of the official ifollow im watching. Im using wicked tv iptv and its under efl streams match, number 5 if it helps.
  5. Ive got it through an iptv provider on my firestick. Its a joke to be fair. Even when it does work i feel like im having mini seizures due to the stuttering picture and poor quality.
  6. Anyone else having issues with it not playing through iptv ect? Always seems to be our games that dont work or start late.
  7. Theres going to be some big name players looking for clubs on a free this summer. Fully expect us to use that market and the prem loan market to strengthen. That is of course if we are not under an embargo. Embargo usually means signings on a 1 in and 1 out basis, and nobody on wages over 10k per week. Hard to attract quality on them terms, even if it is out of contract and looking for a club.
  8. As a side note, has anyone noticed how much better we have been playing lately with Hutch becoming almost a box to box type of player for us. I have said it a few times on here that a box to box midfielder is must if playing Bannan in the middle as part of a 2. Box to Box type player in the middle enables Bannan to sit deep as he prefers, while we don't have to completely sacrifice the whole middle of the park to the opposition by playing 2 deep lying players. Before Hutchinson's little change of play style, playing both Bannan and Hutch meant teams usually dominated us in the middle and were camped in our half. Still would like to see more options brought info the middle in the summer.
  9. One of those nights where the game passed him by more than anything else. Even Bruce said as much on the radio afterwards. Not as good as he can be last night but we didnt lose and we would have taken the point had it been anyone else in 3rd coming to Hillsborough.
  10. Didnt he score something like 11 in a season for us. Kind of like a loose forward/right winger type player. Think he was also a free signing too. We have defo had and kept worse players.....which is worrying.
  11. Arent we projected to go over FFP by about £15m or the like? Not sure where i heard that to be fair, but lets say thats the case and i didnt make it up lol. Letting those out of contract go will free up say between 3-5m per year at a guess, meaning we are still 10m over. That still means an embargo. If thats the case we aint signing nobody but loans and frees and nobody on wages over 10k per week as per Birmingham. Realistically, even if we sold Reach and Bannan for 15m between them, we still wouldnt have any money to spend. As thier sales would just brings us back in line with FFP. Hope its not an embargo but if it is, even with player sales, we may still only be looking at free signings and hopefully having some cash to pay better wages at best. No way can we get ourselves back onside with FFP and then go and blow it out the water again buying players. Think we might see a few unpopular faces re offered deals if the rules arent changed or if chansiri aint got a cunning plan up his sleeve.
  12. Not saying hes the villain, just the fact that without a box to box midfielder next to him and the wingers you have stated, hes not really effective for us anymore. I actually rate the guy massively, i just think playing him in this team right now isnt the answer. Playing your best players just for the sake of them being in your team isnt always the answer. Not that we are blessed with alternatives either. Bannan brings a lot to the table but also takes a lot away from it too. We either need to build around him and his strengths or take him out of the team and try to play differently.
  13. Fully agree with you, new guys must be starters. Just all depends on whats happening in the summer with the embargo issue. If theres an embargo i think incoming player wages are capped at 10k per week. Not likely to be signing any real quality on that kind of wage. Either way, interesting times ahead.
  14. Bruce needs be recruit players that will allow us to set up and play in varying styles and formations. Currently we dont have the right squad balance to even put out an effective 442 let alone anything else. Hes going to have to wheel and deal a i think. Embargo likely so id say loans and frees with the frees being nothing more than fillers for the squad. I dont expect any quality to come in on a permanent thats for sure. The other option could be that Bruce has permission to sell players. Joao, Bannan, Reach and Fessi might all be gone to close FFP issues and allow him to build a team of strong frees. Read something a bit back that this is going to be a big window with lots of quality out of contract players being availabe.
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