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    Wasnt Matias a forward when we signed him? Sure he played up front with Joao at the club we signed them both from. Being asked to play more like a winger in this set up, with having to protect the full back. While he may not have played well lately, pretty sure hes not playing in his natural position. Worth a thought when considering his performances.
  2. OwlinOldham

    Chairman’s statement

    Its likely stokes deal was a roll on from being in the prem and negotiated prior to them coming down. Maybe the fees DC is putting in right now are part of a great deal that was put innplace for 3 years when that amount seemed like a good deal. A sponsorship is only worth what someone will pay for it. We cant just got to nike and say give us 3m quid to sponsor our shirts. At this time DC is likely putting in what hes allowed to do or what was possibly agreed in a deal a few yrs ago. If he could get better he surely would right? How can him paying a single penny out of his own pocket be better business sense for him than someone else being willing to pay more to do the same thing? Whats more likely is that nobody is willing to pay the same as what hes paying for the sponsorship. DC wants to spend money on us, yet he cant. Do you really think hed skimp on the sponsorship if he could pay more in? He has no doubt got a team of people looking at this stuff daily and they havent found a better way either.
  3. OwlinOldham

    Chairman’s statement

    We were placed in an embargo due to our outgoings exceeding our income. The royal family could sponsor the shirts and the ground and everything else for all its worth and it would have been the same outcome. High wages and transfer fees with no sales its whats put us under an embargo, not the sponsorship deals. As i said before, im pretty sure that hes come out and said that hes paying as much as he can by way of stand and shirt sponsorship. Ive no reason to believe that hed lie about that. If he could make more money by someone else doing it why wouldnt he? Makes no sense to spend your own cash does it? Doesnt matter if D taxis has 1 or 1000 staff, its a business and it pays SWFC for advertising rights. The only thing more DC can do is learn to play the finacial game better. He now knows selling players need to happen. Its likely a season and half too late. You may think he could do more, but realistically how can he when hes not allowed to spend his money due to the rules in place. You do realise if we go into an embargo or go bust he loses out too right?
  4. OwlinOldham

    Chairman’s statement

    This part of your post isnt actually true though is it? Im pretty sure that Chansiri sponsors the shirts and the stands for as much as is possible without it being stopped for being unrealistic by the EFL. Wasnt it said that nobody else was willing to offer us anywhere near the amounts hes paying to do this? Im also pretty sure that he pays to advertise his "other companies" within the stadium ( D taxis and Elev8) as a means to bring in advertising revenue to the club. No doubt we are commercially weak in many parts, but not where your suggesting. Truth is he cant win. If he took over and spent nowt hed be called out. Hes spent millions and its not worked out and now hes being called out. He knows he needs to sell players and its admirable in a way that he didnt want our best players sold off. If we can sell without going into relegation territory then so be it. Just know that all those thinking its footy manager and we can sell allthe deadwood are living in a dream land.
  5. Theres two very big if's in all of this..... The first being if there really is intrest, would DC actually sell him? Afterall, DC still seems to think we can still go up this year. The second being if we did sell Reach, Would Bruce actually be given the money to then spend on new players? Selling Reach to fill the FFP/P&S hole makes sense. However, using that money to then buy more players doesnt. Surely doing this would actually just leave FFP/P&S still hanging over us. If Reach is sold id expect no incomings and a possible meltdown on here.
  6. I wouldn't take anything less than 12m for him with a push on a worthwhile player also coming the other way as part of it. While we need money to satisfy FFP/P&S, we would be silly to sell him for less than what we can get. The fees in this division have exploded the last few years, we need to push for all we can get and if possible even start a bidding war. By accepting 10M when we could more than likely get more, its signalling that all our players can be bought for less than they are worth. As a side note, if DC thinks we can still go up this year, its not likely we are going to sell him any way.
  7. OwlinOldham

    Hooper and Lee

    Lee is the box to box midfielder we are missing and crying out for. Hes been such a big miss. If he can prove his fitness and he can regain some of what he had, another 12 month deal with a club option to extend after that wouldnt be a bad move. Hooper is a tough one. Even if he comes back all guns blazing and scoring, will we keep him on? Injuries and biiiig wages mean its likely not gonna happen. You just know we will let him go and he will go on to score a hatfull somewhere else and be ever present for them.
  8. Paddy Kluivert or Dani?
  9. OwlinOldham

    What has happened to Penney?

    Got plenty of potential, but its also evident that theres parts of his game that still need to be worked on. He did well at wingback when he initially came in, but he did have the odd iffy game there too. On the initial performances he put out though, he defo justified a new contract offer and the club did well in getting him signed up. He was then moved and used in more attacking roles by Jos and it was then seen to all that hes not yet the complete package. He looked lost at times, even when playing his natuaral wide position. I dont buy the whole getting a new contract and believing his own hype thing. Its more likely that he was just not ready to play week in and week out for a team that was struggling and not playing through the midfield too well. The previous managers negative tactics and playstyle will also have contributed greatly. Recon next season is the one for him to make his breakthrough and stake a claim. Best thing we can do now, is get him regular game time away from the club and the pressure so that he can polish up his game.
  10. OwlinOldham

    Ground Sold !

    Lets be honest here, if the Football League and FA really wanted to fix and make FFP/P&S work, they just need to introduce a player wage cap and stop owners registering 100% of player purchases as loans against the club. Implement it across the football league and see what happens. That way rich club owners can then spend as much as they like on player transfers and signing on bonuses and none of it can be pinned to the club as debt. Further more, the wage cap would ensure that the clubs outgoings would be at a managable level to enable the club to continue to operate should the owner decide to pack up and leave. Without something radical happening, the money thrown about in the game will see football implode on itself anyway. If that happens lots of clubs will go to the wall and not survive.
  11. OwlinOldham


    Truth is, when hes playing next to Bannan, Joey is hamstrung. The midfield in general usually plays better when Bannan isn't playing. That's not to say that Bannan is a bad player, just that we are having to sacrifice certain things to accommodate his play style. People moan that Joey only passes to Bannan, but where else is he going to pass when we have had no wingers playing and the wing backs have been non existent in going forward or supporting an attack? Each time Bannan drops deep, he passes to Joey and then Joey has no pass on except to go back or sideways to Bannan again. Bannan dropping so deep for the ball actually means we have no midfield to pass to over the halfway line. in an Ideal world, Defence brings it out like they did Vs Preston, ball is played to Joey and the next pass is then to Bannan in a more advanced and dangerous position. This wont happen though as Bannan will drop deeper than Joey and the above will just all be a rinse and repeat. Joey may not be the best midfielder in the league, but hes better than a lot on her give him credit for. He looked so much appier Vs Preston playing in a 4141 because he had options to pass to and he didn't continually have to cover for others.
  12. Theres defo something in this. People rarely respond well to being under pressure and constant critisism. Whilst outrageously overpaid, footballers are usually no different to the everyday person. Imagine every day your boss watching you and your every move closely. Your every mistake pointed out and blown up out of all proportion. Also Imagine your boss constantly critisising your work no matter how hard you try. Imagine that every single day. Nobody would be able to work well under that. Now imagine that pressure from 25k bosses every week, all of whom dont give a flying crap about you, your life, your feelings or anything else that you may have going on. Imagine that even when you do win a game you still get called out for being crap ect. The pressure must be immense. Yeah they get paid well but the reality is they are still just human beings. Its easy to see the morale in the squad is low, also no doubt the managements tactical style is not helping. Each problem feeds into the other and probably puts us on the back foot each game before a ball is even kicked. Nobody in that team really wants to lose games, especially when they know the shyte that they are going to be facing if it does happen. This makes plqyers play within themselves and not do the things that we know they can do. Wins breed confidence, same as a happy workforce is a productive workforce. However, kicking them when they are already down will not do anything but keep them down. I think we as fans need to sometimes step back a bit and realise theres more than just what we think going on. Whilst you dont have to be happy about losing, we still need to get behind the team and support them all the way, in each and every game. Theres nowt we can do about team selection, of players frozen out. Yet we can still try and support those that are out there and give them some reason to put a shift in for us.
  13. Sadly i think this fans forum will turn into an angry DC witch hunt and also a to and fro slagging match between the fans and him. For every level headed fan we have, theres probs 5 others out there that want nowt else but to have a pop and try tear DC a new rusty sheriffs badge. While we all have a right to vent and have a say, unless done properly, it will serve no purpose but to make things worse. DC is clearly not just going to turn up, apologise to us and then (metaphorically) drop his kecks to take it up the arris from the fans. He owns the club, and while mistakes have been made its not like hes done it intentionally or wants to actually lose his investment. Thats also why he doesnt deal well and comes out fighting when critisism has previously been levelled at him. Nobody likes or wants to be told they doing a crap job, especially after they have dropped £100 million or so doing it. Hard not to react when your failings are then being screamed at you rather than rationally put to you. We as fans cant just turn up and try and burn him alive because were unhappy at how things have worked out. However, if we take a proper approach to taking him to task, we could most likely get more of how we feel accross to him, as well as more answers. I also think DC might not just throw it all back at us and say its our fault Its likely not gonna go like that though. Most likely its going to be lots of fans shouting over each other to have a pop at DC. No doubt DC will also have to hear a few narrow minded fools shouting at him to f@%k off out of our club and to f@%k off back home ect, or people rediculously and needlessly insulting him and his family. I for one hope it really doesnt pan out that way, but im scared it will. We as fans and a club are better than that. We all want answers and change, so lets go the right way about getting it.
  14. OwlinOldham


    It always baffles me how people remember things and forget things to suit their argument. We dont play the same way as we did last season. Whilst it was crap to watch, the style Jos had us playing last year was clearly to Attys and a few others suiting. However, We dont play anything like that this year. Neither are we able to defend like we did last year. Currently we are defending from the front every game. Last year we left the forwards to do thier thing while we packed the defence out to win the ball. Theres loads of things that can account for players loss of form, but its easier just to say he was just playing for a contract. The form he was in last season, he could have got a move to any one of about 15 clubs in this division. Not only that but people on here would have literally lost their poo if we had actually let him move on a free to a rival. Face facts, every player we own is or has been pretty much gash this year. Its nothing to do with contracts or lack of wanting to win, its all to do with these terrible tactics and playstyle we have going on.