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  1. Adding up total game time since he joined, hes got the equivalent of about 125 full games under his belt. Thats all minutes ever played for us added up and divided by 90. In that time hes scored 36 and assisted 22. An involvement in 58 goals in the equivalent period of 125 full games isn't really that bad at all. Even just using goals, hes around a 1 in 3 ish striker. No way is he anywhere near the worst to ever play for us. Useful squad player without a doubt and some on here really need to calm down.
  2. I said it before, Bannan is one of the most gifted players we have, we just dont/cant play in a way that can fully accommodate and get the best out of his game. you need to build the whole team around someone like BB if you are going to use him as the playmaker as we do. We haven't done that through and it shows when everything goes through him and then has to come back to him. the only way we are going to get the best out of BB at the moment is either to build a midfield around him as a deep playmaker or to stop him playing so damn deep and to come up with a few more passing moves and ideas that dont involve him being the crucial part.Teams know right now that if you stop him you negate a good chunk of our threat. Both easier said than done.
  3. it would require players to actually play a set role and track back when required, but it could work. Bannan can be the deep lying play maker. Lee and Luongo the box to box players (attack and defend when required) Harris and Fessi cutting in/going down the line. (tuck in and defend when needed too) We cant not try something just because we think we will get caught out for trying it. As @NeonLeon said, we do have a squad suited to play 3-5-2, with 2 offensive thinking CBs in Iorfa and Borner. Put hutch in there alongside them and thats 3 good CBs who arent afraid to have the ball at their feet or play it about. 5 man midfield with those named will provide threat and there is enough there to also be able to control teams attacking us through the middle and out wide.
  4. 5 man midfield with 3 at the back and 2 up top. Harris-Luongo-Bannan-Lee-Fessi that midfield could control any game and provide some serious threat and support where needed.
  5. As good as Bannan is, you need to play a certain way to accommodate him. In order for him to be the one spraying the ball about, you need to surround him with midfield players who will run their nuts off end to end. Bannan defo is one of our very best players, we sadly dont have a setup to get the best out of him. As for Bannan giving it to Fox for the mistake, theres nowt wrong with being told whats what by your captain. However, as a long term teammate, Bannan should also know that Fox has confidence made of glass and he should maybe have approached it a bit differently.
  6. no matter what formation we play, we need to address the fact that most of our midfield lineups dont operate as a unit. When we attack, midfield dont attack together, when we defend the midfield dont defend together. All too often, our midfield are nowhere near each other either defensively or offensively. individually the midfielders we have are good players with different abilities ect, thats no good though when Bannan is breaking ranks to chase a man in the oppo half and Hutch is slotted in between Iorfa and Borner. I would like us to go 3 - 5 - 2 and let Bannan be the deepest lying midfielder and nobody allowed to play deeper than him.
  7. As a couple of others have said on here, i would give 3-5-2 a shot. Play Harris wide right, Fessi wide left and insulate Bannan in the middle with 2 absolute grafters either side of him. Fletcher/Nuihu up top with one of Rhodes/Winnall/Loan Signing and we could be seriously putting pressure on opposition defences. For too long we play with a negatively deep midfield when both Bannan and Hutch are together, which in turn isolates the striker even more and also allows teams to meet almost no resistance until they are on the edge of our box. Bannan pulling the strings from deep with 2 real box to box players either side of him could means the wide players can go and run at players whilst also maintaining a midfield 3 and playing a front 2. More players and attacking threats should* translate into more goals. * as will all things SWFC, should may mean not at all in any way, shape or form.
  8. We need to go for a different formation. Play a 3-5-2 which will give us more presence in attacking situations and at the same time makes it harder for the opposition to walk through us in midfield. Westwood Iorfa - Lees - Borner Hutch Reach - Bannan - Lee - Harris Fletcher - Winnall Swap Odabajo/Murphy for reach if you like, with maybe Luongo swapped in for Lee. Either way though, we would actually have presence in midfield to get the ball forward and enough there to defend and stop teams walking right through us if needed. Hutch never moves off the CBs toes anyway and this would leave Bannan able to float about in the middle while Lee can push up and help support the front 2. We would still have a presence out wide too with the wingers also able to offer offering us some protection if required to track back. One up top isn't working and neither is a CM pairing of an always too deep Hutch and a usually deep Bannan. with these two alone in the middle, teams are into our defensive 3rd before we have met them to try and win the ball back.
  9. While i get what your saying, i cant help but think he was maybe told that the only way he was getting any players of his own in was if some of our well paid players leave. You only have to watch the sunderland documentary to know that managers will purposely freeze players out to try get them to move on (Rodwell). Think in that instance his refusal to move from Sunderland cost thrm the chance to sign 2 players. This issue coupled with DCs worry over FFP penaties that season maybe had a lot to do with why a lot of our better players were not playing or being picked.
  10. Obviously just speculation on my part, but anyone think Jos was told by DC to offload the big earners? Maybe this was the reason he froze them out, hoping they would move on? No secret that we were screwwed in terms of FFP if we didnt go up that year. Maybe DC didnt have the stadium sale plan lined up at that point and told Jos to move big earners and those deemed surplus on. Think he was always gonna struggle here. He came, he tried, he failed. Club was a mess behind the scenes anyways so anyone would have probs failed.
  11. That bit in bold is the key part. His brief was to try and get some of the high earners out, while making sure we didnt get relegated. DC knew we were in bother with FFP, so we needed to cut costs. A lot of clubs have resorted to freezing our big earners to try force the players hand and make them leave. Sunderland did it with Rodwell and we were doing it with our top earners. No way you dont play your strongest team when its available. Not even Jos was that stupid. He was clearlt under orders to clear the decks. The issue being that DC wanted either sillt money for the player to leave, or he was paying them so much that nobody could take the player wages on.
  12. Lets say we could take the umbongo and ffp out of the whole thing for just a minute. Isnt it still likely that we or someone else would still end up paying way over the odds for Hector in the current market? For 2 to 3 million id say it is doable and worth it. Recon its now more likely gonna cost somone 5 to 7 million to sign Hector though. Clubs are expecting big fees for even the players they deem surplus. Look at us with Joao and Rhodes. While i do hope we sign Hector, i dont want it to be at a cost of us falling into the same trap that DC is now trying so hard to get us out of. If Chelsea want big money or a bidding war breaks out, we should look elsewhere and not get burned again by holding out for one player all summer and missing out on other options.
  13. While i know many dont rate Nixons info. His latest tweet suggests very good news on Westwood and Palmer resigning. Also indicated Lee has accepted short term deal to prove fitness. Hopefully his sauce is right.
  14. People cant ignore the facts if your willing to post them. However you flat out refuse to provide any sort of link to the info you claim to be gospel truth. People have carried out checks on the supposed facts you state, yet cannot find the info you claim to be there. Now for arguments sake lets say your not lying about what you say, your refusal to even provide links to the information just makes you look like a massive petulant cockend. Why even come onto a forum like this if your not even going to bother backing up what you say or provide others with access to info you say to be true? Pointless.
  15. This..... i really dont understand this kind of mentality by people on any type of forum. If you dont agree, state that by all means. If your going to state something as fact, be prepared to back that fact up. Instead its a blanket approach of neg anyone that disagrees and make yourself look a prat by refusing to back up what you say in any way. Bit sad really but each to thier own. Probs get negged for this too
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