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  1. #SWFC North Stand back in the day..

    There are 754 more seats in that pic than there are in the stand now.
  2. Safe Standing gets rejected

    'Kin 'ell! Just stop it.
  3. Those white bits on the shorts are just unnecessary faff.
  4. About an hour. FA Cup Final replay I think. Don't remember queuing much at all really. Either did it by post when you had to send in vouchers, or someone else went for them.
  5. “To get a good result, we will need a top, top performance" Must go down as one of the greatest ever quotes in world football. I wish the Football League would ban press conferences. Absolute waste of time.
  6. They all look like knock off shirts. Poor quality knock off. Would it have been really that difficult to put the badge in the middle of the stripe?!
  7. Still amazed planning permission was granted for that disgraceful roof extention. Ruined it.
  8. Is it for toddlers?
  9. Hodge Sterland Walker Anderson Worthington Waddle Palmer Sheridan Curran Hirst Di Canio
  10. Who stuck the badges on?!! Some blind bloke?!!
  11. Mauled by a Minority

    A chinese copy of a monkey wrench or pliers though. Not up there with your Stanleys and DeWalts.
  12. Mauled by a Minority

    Moving forward he's a bit sluggish. He doesn't move backwards very much. Sideways, not bad.
  13. Just a thought

    So would most Ipswich fans.
  14. Football agents in football

    I like the comparison of football agent and estate agent! Is that because they have similar morals and integrity?
  15. I Could Watch This All Night Long...

    If that goal had been scored against us this place would be in meltdown and letters and emails being fired off to the EFL the F.A., UEFA, FIFA, the AUEW and the bloody NUM!