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  1. Dear Sheffield Wednesday Kit Choosing Dept., 1. Who decided on solid blue back and sleeves? 2. Why? 3. Clear your desk
  2. Rodger Wylde II

    How do you rate the new kit overall?

    You like the solid blue back and sleeves? Please explain.
  3. Excuse me Mr Super Qualified Shirt Designer, I know it's only 2018 but is there a way of designing a srtipey shirt but with a visible number (and name, if we must)? Oh there is??!! Well I never!!
  4. Rodger Wylde II

    Thank you Mr Chansiri

    Polyester though!? Not touching my skin.
  5. Why are there stripes on only 40% of it?? Better but could have been brilliant. 6/10 Maybe one day...
  6. Rodger Wylde II

    One For The Ladies

    He looks like a bloody Bee Gee with those gnashers.
  7. Rodger Wylde II

    WORLD CUP 2018 - Matchday Thread

    I'd like Peru to do well. Have a sneaky feeling about Uruguay. Probably not win it but...
  8. Rodger Wylde II

    Big Atdhe haters

    He's certainly improved: 2017/18 132 mins/goal 11 Goals 28 Apps 2016/17 367 mins/goal 0 Goals 20 Apps 2015/16 686 mins/goal 3 Goals 41 Apps 2014/15 371 mins/goal 8 Goals 43 Apps 2013/14 288 mins/goal 8 Goals 38 Apps
  9. Rodger Wylde II

    Nuhiu felt unloved

    Beautiful .Just beautiful.
  10. Rodger Wylde II

    Reach grabs Player of the Year award

    In the kindom of the blind... But well done.
  11. Call me an old cynic, but what better time to return to the team and play out of your skin just before the impending transfer circus begins. Just a thought.
  12. Rodger Wylde II

    #SWFC North Stand back in the day..

    There are 754 more seats in that pic than there are in the stand now.
  13. Rodger Wylde II

    Safe Standing gets rejected

    'Kin 'ell! Just stop it.
  14. Those white bits on the shorts are just unnecessary faff.
  15. About an hour. FA Cup Final replay I think. Don't remember queuing much at all really. Either did it by post when you had to send in vouchers, or someone else went for them.