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  1. Rodger Wylde II

    bannans assist tho

    Assist. Dear oh dear..
  2. Rodger Wylde II

    Ground being sold in February?

    Moving? Who mentioned moving? Bit tipsy?
  3. Rodger Wylde II

    Booing at half time

    I reckon the people who get their knickers in a twist about booing are the same people who start crying about people who have the audacity to leave before the final whistle.
  4. Rodger Wylde II

    West stand ....

    He'll be long gone and most of us will be dead by the time we get promoted.
  5. Rodger Wylde II

    Alan Nixon

    Id compare what Stuart Gray did here with what Rafa Benitez has done at Newcastle for the past two seasons.
  6. Rodger Wylde II

    Half Season Tickets

    What is this 'board' you speak of?! There is no 'board'. It's him and him alone.
  7. Rodger Wylde II

    FA Cup 3rd Round

    They will no doubt be saying the same.
  8. Rodger Wylde II

    Chris Waddle

    Chris Rea is from Middlesbrough!!
  9. Rodger Wylde II

    Top prices in the league.

    More like resident, pub bore.
  10. Rodger Wylde II

    Top prices in the league.

    No fishing at all.
  11. Rodger Wylde II

    Top prices in the league.

    Just regurgitating some quotes that were thrown around ad nauseam a short while ago by the blind followers lured in by a man with a few quid. Now, no one likes the person who says. 'I told you so', but......
  12. Rodger Wylde II

    Top prices in the league.

    You want top quality football, you have to pay for it. You want promotion, you have to pay for it. The chairman has put his share in, can't complain when he asks us to contribute. And many, many more.
  13. Rodger Wylde II

    Half season tickets

    In all seriousness, the price of the concession ticket should really be the full price of the half season ticket. Just over £16 per game (North), with a season ticket, for second tier football.
  14. Rodger Wylde II

    Cliché thread

    The fanbase It's the Wednesday way And many many more! But the recent trend of people banging on about formations!! 'Is he better in a 3 or do we think a back 4 is the way to go?' Bore off!!!
  15. Rodger Wylde II