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  1. Rodger Wylde II

    Cliché thread

    The fanbase It's the Wednesday way And many many more! But the recent trend of people banging on about formations!! 'Is he better in a 3 or do we think a back 4 is the way to go?' Bore off!!!
  2. Rodger Wylde II


  3. Rodger Wylde II

    Found wallet: Martin Wild.

    Pm'd you Stannington
  4. Rodger Wylde II

    Linesmen/ Assistant refs

    Same number in Russia as there were in France too. Scandalous.
  5. Are they time wasting yet? A dour 0-0
  6. Rodger Wylde II

    Players we've had like Nuhiu in the past?

    To even mention Sibon and Nuhiu in the same sentence makes me feel weird. One was a Bentley the other, a knackered old tractor.
  7. Rodger Wylde II

    Programme Cover for WBA Match...

    If he paid more than £5 for those jeans, he's been done.
  8. Rodger Wylde II


    The new South Stand extension and roof would have blocked most of the light from the three on that side. There were already some lights on the roofs of the Kop and North Stand. The new ones are supposed to give a better quality of light, give a more even light distribution and be easier to maintain.
  9. Rodger Wylde II


    The South Stand floodlight was behind the stand, not on top of it.
  10. I think all football clubs only pay for police INSIDE the ground.
  11. Rodger Wylde II

    #SWFC 2 : 1 Millwall - Matchday Thread

    If Matias wore a wide rimmed hat he would look like Maurice Gibb.
  12. Rodger Wylde II

    #SWFC 2 : 1 Millwall - Matchday Thread

    Unbelieveable the difference between this and Sunday. So far.
  13. Rodger Wylde II

    #SWFC 2 : 1 Millwall - Matchday Thread

    Blimey Barry!!
  14. Rodger Wylde II

    #SWFC 2 : 1 Millwall - Matchday Thread

    What he said.