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  1. Aston Villa - V - The Wednesday OMDT

    Thats what black shorts does for you. Just need a stripey type shirt now.
  2. What would be a good result at Villa tomorrow?

    Good result = A win Average result = A draw Bad result = A loss Same for every game. Simple.

    Pope and all that, but...there is a 'Scouting Agreement' contract online.

    Yes, very interesting.
  5. Has he got the answers to the questions in the wrong order or was that actually an answer to the question posted in blue?
  6. It was Friday night at Bramall Lane in 2003. (Lost 3-1) Nothing new or to get giddy about really is it.
  7. your perfect top division

    Arsenal Aston Villa Chelsea Coventry City Derby County Everton Leeds United Liverpool Manchester City Manchester United Newcastle United Nottingham Forest Sheffield United Sheffield Wednesday Southampton Sunderland Tottenham Hotspur West Bromwich Albion West Ham United Wolverhampton Wanderers

    I'm not a Carlos inner or outer, but imagine you being asked at work every week, sometimes twice a week how the job was going and if you had any news!! Every week!! What is he supposed to say?! Press conferences only used to be called if there was something interesting or important to be told, Complete waste of time usually.
  9. :-(

    It was.
  10. Sheffield Wednesday Steering Meeting

    So what was the answer??
  11. I'm saying I'd question it and also doubt it. Do you believe everything the club says?
  12. Not criticising at all. Totally expected announcement. Actually believing it is another matter altogether.
  13. Sheffield Wednesday Steering Meeting

    Stop it.