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  1. I often see Liam in our local gym, let me tell you guys, this kid is fit and “He’e one of our own”
  2. What are the chances of Joey Pelupessy being our captain next season !? He’s done it in the top Dutch league so why not for us. Time will tell ...
  3. Some great feedback, thanks folks. WAWAW
  4. Sorry if it has been mentioned before but When did Big Dave last score with his head for us before last night !?!
  5. Has anyone any idea how many season tickets we have sold this season. I think we did around 21,000 lasr season
  6. You know what, allthough i still think we can do it this year i allso agree that if we dont do it next season will be the best for a very long time. lets get behind the boys and see what happens WAWAW
  7. Apparently Rangers v Celtic is the bigest rivalry in football and it has somewere around 40 stewards seperating the rival supporters ..... interesting !!!!
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