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  1. Season ticket ? Not an option for me at momenry
  2. Paid £20 for Brentford happily. Didn't pay £42 for for pigs. £25 tops on kop, £28 tops on North. but when the average North stand ticket (where I usually sit) starts at £36, he's not gonna get many pay on the gate. Its up to you if want to think folk wouldn't come anyway, you can obviously afford it or have a season ticket, can only speak for myself.
  3. Can't go anyway, but if I could I wouldn't be paying £33 minimum. No matter what the "super fans" on here say
  4. Went straight down the tunnel, he'd be a huge loss
  5. Because the tickets seem start at £33 on the kop on average. Not paying £39 for the united game, no chance, so I'm going to the Brentford game instead, £20 all round.
  6. Maybe, but it's fair to say he never got a chance here at the next level
  7. They're head and shoulders above us, and have been before. Our time will come again, might take years, until then what can you do? And any Wednesdayite who says they're not bothered, it just comes across as mardy, wanting the pigs to lose is part of being a Wednesdayite
  8. He could do no more than score at every level. Was never given a chance at first team level
  9. 23000 tops, shame but folk can't/won't pay these ridiculous prices
  10. Meanwhile, tickets for the coming home games against Reading and Swansea are £33 minimum POTG. Put the prices down, more folk will come and spend more money, and (who knows) maybe even give the team more support. Then sell a player and pack it in with crazy schemes like this
  11. £30 on Kop, won't get many in at those prices
  12. Sure it was down to 15-16k for some midweek games in league 1 under Irvine (or when Megson took over). And we weren't being ripped off then. Bet Torres wasn't there then
  13. He was drinking in a pub near Gentings at about 7pm, very much doubt he received the "usual VIP treatment"
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