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  1. It was definitely a night match. He didn't have a shot
  2. Graeme Lee, He was played up front once from the kick off
  3. Never comes across like that. Just a poor player, will never be a regular for a decent side.
  4. Never got that point of view. Runs like he's pulling a monster truck, not better than average at anything
  5. Used to Park on Cookson/Herries Road, above the bridge, but loads of smashed windows up there after games now. Moved to the car park on Herries Road South, £5. Can take ages to get out sometimes but at least its TWOC free
  6. I thought end of season games at Hillsborough were traditionally set cheaply, pack the ground etc Won't get many in at these prices, baffling
  7. Season tickets you mean. Like I said, it's quid cheaper than our cheapest LIKE FOR LIKE Bristol ticket. Paint it anyway you like, it's a complete rip off
  8. Quid cheaper than Wednesday's CHEAPEST ticket for home game V Bristol City
  9. I don't get this "Vendetta against Wednesday" rubbish. Howson's great on twitter, keeps you up to date with stuff. Same can be said of Radio Sheffield, great commentaries and cater for all south Yorkshire sides The Sheffield star itself is a different matter, headlines from stories they've read on Facebook/twitter (not necessarily football related).
  10. Season ticket ? Not an option for me at momenry
  11. Paid £20 for Brentford happily. Didn't pay £42 for for pigs. £25 tops on kop, £28 tops on North. but when the average North stand ticket (where I usually sit) starts at £36, he's not gonna get many pay on the gate. Its up to you if want to think folk wouldn't come anyway, you can obviously afford it or have a season ticket, can only speak for myself.
  12. Can't go anyway, but if I could I wouldn't be paying £33 minimum. No matter what the "super fans" on here say
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