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  1. Team not as good as ours ? Seriously ?? Any one of their players would walk into our side, and that includes last season too.
  2. Aye, proper sh*t house reply. Suppose as long as they can afford it then there's no problem
  3. Nobody is forcing you to go is a terrible argument to be fair. This is Wednesday we're talking about, 2nd Division footballs. Why should it be too expensive for anyone?
  4. 3 Home games coming up, 2 are on TV, Stoke and Leeds, yet he's charging £33 and £39 minimum. Then Swansea at £36 minimum. Ridiculous pricing
  5. Winnall was involved, had chances, albeit missed and his movement was good. Got to be worth a start with Fletcher and better players around him
  6. How come ? They were on sale on the north on Friday
  7. Loads of spaces on the North, looks like season ticket holders aren't bothering
  8. If you don't have a season ticket you pay for one game, whether it's online before the game as most will do, or on the gate. Just because the technology has changed doesn't mean it's still not "on the gate".
  9. Exactly. A membership fee which increased from £20 to £50 in 1 season
  10. Anyone who's not a season ticket holder is by default a "pay on the gater". Albeit members they get a fiver off, So QPR would be £31 minimum in the cheapest stand.
  11. How do you come to that figure? How many season ticket holders, say 21k, 2k Barnsley fans, that means 5k walk up against Barnsley. Even your average 24-25k crowd with a handful of away fans will have 3k walk up Maybe that figure would be bigger if the prices were cheaper.
  12. This, crush to get into the lane while with one line of police between us and blades, scuffles going off left right and centre. Straight out onto the same road after
  13. Mick Hucknall said Money's too tight to mention
  14. It was definitely a night match. He didn't have a shot
  15. Graeme Lee, He was played up front once from the kick off
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