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  1. Arguably his job... but seemed when he was running with the ball with space in front of him, he was still looking sideways for someone to pass to. Best I’ve seen him play tho, more exciting than Jones
  2. Running out of steam in the second half and I felt he left a lot of space open on that right side. Never really looks bothered unless the ball is in front of him. Hunts still a better option for me.
  3. Exactly. Trust me. Next season give us a blue and white striped kit and a new manager and we'll win games and it will be great times
  4. Yeah you're right we did split after Wembley but that was over a year ago. having a replica kit is so basic it's so pinnacle. How do we hope to get the fans behind the team when they can't even wear the same shirt.
  5. The split in the fans reflect in the players preformances and you can't just fix that with a good preformance over a bobbar Leeds side. Need it from the get go need something to freshen us up drastically
  6. Because it's just another place where it shows we wasn't ready this season. More bothered about getting watches out for 150th than the kits that the fans buy and wear. 2 years ago at around this time of the season we were singing Carlos had a dream. Now we're singing we want carlos out. Find me a good vibe around us as a team when we're not winning. I'll wait
  7. There Because if you can't get a kit out by October then you can't get a club promoted. Money only gets you so far
  8. How can a team expecting promotion not have a kit out by this point. Sums it up, should have seen it coming really, half of us did. Sorry... 5% of us. ..............
  9. Has something to do with the category of the game, if it's a category A game, (where tickets are the most expensive) you get more police. Basically, if the club want more money per ticket, they have to have more police in the ground.
  10. Was the initial spark in the team tonight. Would not roll over and be beaten. Was going up to each player before second half started and seemed to be giving them all a shake. If we didn't have Bannan tonight I think we would have lost. Played everywhere on the pitch. If anyone deserves the praise tonight it's him.
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