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  1. Luongo is so quick that it looks like he only needs to walk to keep up with them.
  2. I went to college in Macclesfield and attended some of their games, good bunch of fans. Such a shame. I'm sure The Silkmen will be back.
  3. You need to press the red button to get our match.
  4. Thanks Statto, they must have said league goals. Still on course for his best season
  5. I heard a stat after Saturday's match that Fletch most goals in a season is 13. He's well on course to beat that, could he hit 20+
  6. It's my birthday too. Stop stealing my thunder Mr C
  7. Just voted and it was40% Fessi 38% McGinn
  8. Gareth Southgate and Harry Kane talk tactics: HK: How do you think the Swedes will set up gaffer ? GS: Not sure Harry but we think it will be a flat pack 4. What do think ? HK: Sorry gaffer I've got no ikea.
  9. Look down there, I'm making a shadow lama
  10. That's crazy. I don't know how I've not managed to meet another Owl since I've lived down here.
  11. I also live in Salisbury but due to family, work and finances I only make it to away games in the south. I haven't met any other Owls since i moved down here. Where abouts do you live.
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