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  1. It would be a no from me, not one promotion on his cv
  2. Luongo is so quick that it looks like he only needs to walk to keep up with them.
  3. I went to college in Macclesfield and attended some of their games, good bunch of fans. Such a shame. I'm sure The Silkmen will be back.
  4. Thanks Statto, they must have said league goals. Still on course for his best season
  5. I heard a stat after Saturday's match that Fletch most goals in a season is 13. He's well on course to beat that, could he hit 20+
  6. It's my birthday too. Stop stealing my thunder Mr C
  7. Just voted and it was40% Fessi 38% McGinn
  8. Gareth Southgate and Harry Kane talk tactics: HK: How do you think the Swedes will set up gaffer ? GS: Not sure Harry but we think it will be a flat pack 4. What do think ? HK: Sorry gaffer I've got no ikea.
  9. Look down there, I'm making a shadow lama
  10. That's crazy. I don't know how I've not managed to meet another Owl since I've lived down here.
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