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  1. I think Moyles was an excellent manager - he did a great job at Everton. Ferguson thought so too. The worry would be; does he still have the hunger for it? I feel he's been lacking motivation since his career peaked when appointed Man Utd boss. Think he might just be treading water these days picking up pay cheques and pay offs. But if we can get him invested and motivated he could be a real asset.
  2. I heard, from a friend close to George’s Dad, that he wanted 20k a week. Wednesday would not pay, so we froze him out. I don’t know if this is accurate but it seems to make sense.
  3. Jessica Fletcher Pamela Anderson Emily Brunt (nearly)
  4. Joao might still have a major part to play in our season - he’ll be available for the playoffs! Imagine him coming into our squad in top form - what an asset!
  5. Henrik Larsson. I think we might have been close to getting him before Celtic changed managers around 1997.
  6. It's fine for a one-off 'heritage' kit. I would prefer normal wide stripes but I'm not going to cry about it. I'd rather Mr Chansiri and his team concentrate on on-field matters during pre-season rather than answering protests and complaints about shirts.
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