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  1. Think this was ‘87. Had it on VHS and watched over and over as a kid.
  2. Nothing is ever easy with Wednesday but on paper we have a very good set of fixtures coming up. Will be very interesting to see what happens regarding January transfers
  3. Can’t help but feel that Chansiri’s stubbornness not to appoint any manager already employed is seriously hindering us. Although there are are always exceptions to the rule, generally, there is good reason why managers are not in work or have been at various clubs in a short space of time. Although, like 99.999% of people, I don’t know full facts I can’t help but feel that Chansiri would have been reluctant to appoint Cowleys as they already at Lincoln. Really disappointed we we didn’t get the Cowleys as I believe that they would have been quality and would have generated a lot of positive interest in the club at a time when we have SAG against us, ground investigation pending and FFP difficulties. Instead we have appointed a manager currently under investigation. As always, Monk will get my full support cos he is manager but my support of Chansiri is beginning to run out.
  4. Probably another 50 odd negs coming my way for this..... Is the caretaker manager situation down to Chansiri being in talks to sell the club? Obviously we know most of the reason why Bruce left but was a small part down to broken promises regarding a takeover? just seems a strange situation and if a takeover was at an advanced stage they would want to bring in their own team - the reason for no permanent appointment at present. Chansiri has also been extremely quiet recently. Just a thought......neg away
  5. Apologies if I am missing something about how Top Trumps works but who put the Wednesday ones together??? Chris Waddle is criminally underrated. I have spent the majority of my children’s youth telling them that Waddle was an unbelievable player and then played this with them. ’Dad, Waddles Top Trump rating is 66, Semedo’s is 80’. Jermaine Johnson’s rating is higher than Waddles and Des Walkers!!?!, Who the hell put them together and who the hell allowed it?? I WANT ANSWERS!!!!!
  6. Are Lincoln City famous? Yet so many kids are in their kit. I would expect quite a lot to be in Wednesday kits to be fair. BANNAN is there though
  7. My lad trains for his local team in Lincoln and 90% of them are wearing Lincoln City tips with him in his Owls kit. It what happens with success at any level I guess but Wednesday always seem to miss a trick - shirts out so late etc etc
  8. Where are all the kids in Wednesday kits?????? If this is an owls event it is even worse.
  9. Well it has been nearly two decades of misery except for a few brief moments of sunshine in the recent past. one of those brief moments was a couple of years ago very early on in Chansiri’s reign when the signings (wuality ones) started to come thick and fast - Forestieri, Hooper etc i know about how some of those decisions have resulted in some problems later on but god that was an exciting time when every time I looked at social media it was in the expectation that we had fizzed another few million on a player.
  10. Looking at the fixtures it is vital we get off to a good start (not the Wednesday way). Although no game is easy in the championship I think the first 6 games are all winnable. how many points do you think we will take?
  11. What would happen if we got Newcastle at home in one of the cups?it would have to be one of the most hostile atmospheres for a long time.
  12. West Brom have chosen not to sign Gayle from Newcastle. Exactly the type of striker we need. Worth a shot at getting on loan surely? Bruce, work your magic
  13. When the pork visit in March what will be different? New manager? Outcasts back in the team? Will we be able to take the game to them?
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