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  1. Where are you watching the semi...

    Tickets still available mate? Live in Lincoln would you be able to post?
  2. Hooper - didn't realise how much we had missed him.
  3. Thought I would give Championship Manager 4 a whirl for old times sake - look at the state of the squad from 2002!!!!!!
  4. The run in

    I know that over the couse of a season everyone plays each other twice and there are no easy games in this league but just looking at our run in. Going to be a real test.
  5. Rhodes - loan/transfer

    So why a loan now and not permanent straight away?
  6. Sorry I know there is 200 pages somewhere but a busy man! At the end of the season is there a possibility that he goes back to Middlesborough or is he ours?
  7. Ronaldo is coming!

    Pele in 1972, Beswetherwick in 2002, Ronaldo in 2017. Odd one out?
  8. Ronaldo is coming!

    The unique atmosphere of Hillsborough... http://dailym.ai/2iQkQ41
  9. Players know .

    Bizarre. People change with the wind. I start a thread during Newcastle game (fessi there in body but not in spirit) and get dogs abuse! Now people are suddenly coming to the same conclusion. He's not put in an ounce of effort this season. Joke.
  10. Forestieri - there in body but not in spirit

    Apologies all accepted, point proven today. Clap on. Was just giving my opinion on how I thought forestieri was acting and got all sorts of abuse.
  11. Thoughts? Was his biggest fan but if he's not interested and doesn't love pulling on that shirt he can do one. Get Hutch to have a word in the dressing room.
  12. The enigma that is Abdi

    I started this thread 2 weeks ago when he wasn't in match day squad that's why I said he wasn't in march day squad....
  13. 3-5-2 attacking 5-3-2 defending

    I'm just tired of the rigidity of 442 when all Carlos does is bang on about a fluid system. Pudil naturally left sided and can play central and Sam has often been talked about as being potentially a great right back so would suit the right sided cb role. Carlos I know that you read owls talk so try it!!!!
  14. For me (a seasoned football manager and fifa 17 player!) this formation is the way forward. Pudil, lees and Hutchison at the back, reach and hunt wingbacks. In central midfield abdi/jones, bannan and Lee. In attack forestieri/hooper and fletcher. This formation not only fits our key players but also promotes the midfield fluidity that carlos loves. Time we tried it. Thoughts?
  15. Not in match day squad. He is another darko / blondeau