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  1. Hirst_is_god

    Anyone remember CLUBCALL?

    Di Livio to sign for Owls...even dad agreed to ring up for that one
  2. Hirst_is_god

    When did it start to go wrong?

    For me the real shock was against the pigs at home. Warning signs were there before but it was alarming how easily we were taken apart by them. I know now it has been said a million times but the most frustrating thing is that most fans could see what was needed at / after Wembley - a more physical presence but the management couldn’t. In my opinion physicality is so important in this league and if you lack it and FITNESS then you have no chance. I remember Steve Bruce’s Birmingham side coming to Hillsborough perhaps 10 years ago now and beating us 3-0. We played very well but were bullied / overpowered in key areas. Something is very wrong at Hillsborough and this preseason coming will tell us everything about Chansiri’s attitude towards the club
  3. Hirst_is_god

    Anniversary kit

    Not sure why Juventus are wearing this kit but they have got it so so right. Why couldn't we have had similar in blue and white. Ifs, buts and maybes.
  4. Hirst_is_god


    I'm a genuine owl. Not visiting.....people on here really are utter bellends if you can't give an opinion.
  5. Hirst_is_god


    For me, he is by far the best option. karanka? When we are already bored to death with the current football? Pardew? Nah. Warnock, I think,would come if approached - he embraces controversy and knows that he is overachieving at Cardiff. He would love to chase down the pigs - a great motivation for him. He would get things right, I'm sure and if not at least it would be very interesting.
  6. Hirst_is_god

    Too nice

    Probably get loads of negs like 6 months ago when I said Foriestieri's heart wasn't in it and turned out to be proved right. Absolutely gutted by today's performance. Every time they went forward they looked like they were going to score. What the hell was going on? Everyone on owlstalk can can see that we lack pace but Carlos can't? It has taken this disaster to bring Joao on... Finally, as a crowd we are just too nice. It is hardly an intimidating atmosphere at Hillsborough is it? Far too easy to come and play. Just gutted
  7. Tickets still available mate? Live in Lincoln would you be able to post?
  8. Hooper - didn't realise how much we had missed him.
  9. Thought I would give Championship Manager 4 a whirl for old times sake - look at the state of the squad from 2002!!!!!!
  10. Hirst_is_god

    The run in

    I know that over the couse of a season everyone plays each other twice and there are no easy games in this league but just looking at our run in. Going to be a real test.
  11. Hirst_is_god

    Rhodes - loan/transfer

    So why a loan now and not permanent straight away?
  12. Sorry I know there is 200 pages somewhere but a busy man! At the end of the season is there a possibility that he goes back to Middlesborough or is he ours?
  13. Hirst_is_god

    Ronaldo is coming!

    Pele in 1972, Beswetherwick in 2002, Ronaldo in 2017. Odd one out?
  14. The unique atmosphere of Hillsborough... http://dailym.ai/2iQkQ41
  15. Hirst_is_god

    Players know .

    Bizarre. People change with the wind. I start a thread during Newcastle game (fessi there in body but not in spirit) and get dogs abuse! Now people are suddenly coming to the same conclusion. He's not put in an ounce of effort this season. Joke.