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  1. I have to say, both Saturday and Tonight I just laughed. When you think things can't possibly get any worse, they conjure up yet more inconceivable ways of not just losing games, but losing games against poor opposition (but still much better than us) Even though each match, the way of losing somehow surpasses the Previous match, you can just it coming, you don't know how they can continue to let you down in a bigger way, but you just know that somehow they will find a way. I can't be believe I've been reduced to laughing at my Clubs continued ineptitude, but laughing's all the
  2. That would equate to about 50 points, less 6 makes 44, I don't think that'll be enough this season.
  3. If we can get a point before kickoff and then 3 at the end ofor the match that'd be very handy. Don't rule it we've already got 9 points in a 24 hour period this season
  4. No, he was a Hillsborough lads. Went to Myers Grove School (Stannington) he was in my Year.
  5. If I remember correctly, that was to keep us from freezing to the spot!! Coldest I can remember being at a match that day, with the Wimbledon match mentioned earlier being the wettest and windiest. At least we won at Mansfield!
  6. I was there, at one point there seemed to be more people trying to watch from the relative shelter of the bogs, than the open rain and windswept away end. This match also probably saw the smallest away support I've been in. Again I'm sure it wasn't the case but there seemed to be more in the Boozer pre match than in the away end (in fairness I couldn't blame anybody who opted for the dry and warmth of the Boozer than the away end that day!)
  7. I may have got the team wrong then, maybe he missed 2 against Norwich and not QPR. (Or 1 against each,) I'm pretty sure though, that he only scored those 3 all in the same match.
  8. Best 3 regular takers I can recall were Smith, Sterland and McLean. Although the 2 recall Pressman taking were both unstoppable one top corner, one bottom corner, but hit equally powerfully. A strange Quirk for Blair's penalties ( if my memory is correct) was he only took them against 2 teams and had very differing records. His 1st was missed against QPR 3 scored in the same match against Luton Then another miss again against QPR. I'm pretty certain he never took any others. I'm sure if I'm wrong somebody will let me know.
  9. Went to school with Scott Camm, he was one of the very first batch at Lilleshall. So was a youngster very highly rated. Later, occasionally spent some good nights with him as we shared some of the same mates, story was when Roland got injured, Ron asked Scot have you got pace Cammy? (Not sure who we were playing but their winger must have been quick) I'm no Greyhound Scott replied. He didn't play in the upcoming match! He also tackled and badly injured Francis when he was Player manager. Needless to say he was never selected by Francis (And yes, althoug
  10. Ok, I'm also not convinced yet, that he his going to continue scoring at a reasonable enough rate to keep us up, but out of all the strikers at our disposal he's certainly the most likely to do so and is surely worth giving a sustained run in the team. If he's playing there's a chance he'll score, if he isn't there's none and if he's brought on for a cameo 10 minutes then there's little chance he'll score. What gets me more is your continued argument that the managers who've seen him and not given him a chance are all correct in their observations, so basically you think all
  11. First few times I saw him, I was impressed with Marlon Broomes, thought he'd be decent for us or elsewhere, seemed to vanish without trace.
  12. Damn, wish I'd read the rest of the thread before posting this,
  13. I would understand your dislike of the 1990s Reminiscing If you never looked back yourself, but to then say that 2005 was better than 91-93 is utter rubbish. An era where we won our only major Trophy in nearly 100 Years and got Promoted in the same Season.(so your comment on winning absolutely nothing is factually incorrect) followed by finished 3rd in The Top flight one year and 7th the next. Played in and won matches in Europe for the 1st time in 30 Years and probably would have gone much further if not for questionable referring decisions. (and the last time for God know
  14. The football was better in the early 90's but altogether for me (being aged 11-21) the Eighties were better. Being able to stand up alone both at Hillsborough with occasional huge crowds over 40k and also some 10k plus away followings made the 80s better.
  15. Not many of them, completely outnumbered but from our seat up in the North Stand they looked so Passionate, bordering on Crazy, an amazing display of Support.
  16. I remember my Dad tried to get tickets for all 3 Hillsborough games but only managed to get them for Denmark v Croatia. (The others had officially sold out, though I don't think they were come match day) So my first experience of a "live" international tournament march was sadly at Elland Road for Bulgaria v Spain. I remember us being sat very high up in the huge Stand and the match being a bit of a letdown. Add to that there were barely any Bulgarian Fans and probably about 7/8k Spanish spread out around the Ground. We both enjoyed it, but in all honesty it was a bit ant
  17. So there's only ever been 2 clichés uttered by anyone in Sheffield about the Council?
  18. Just read someone else's comment, I think they're right and it was Bolder not Hodge who saved the Penalty. Memory not what it once was, but do remember seeing it on Tv.
  19. My Dad took me to my First "real" away match (I'd previously been to Bramall Lane) at Cambridge in the Previous Round. (2 goals from a certain G Megson if my memory serves me correctly) He told me we would be going to the next Cup match, the excitement I felt looking forward to this was only surpassed by my disappointment when he told me we couldn't go as tickets had sold out. Recall watching it on Tv and remember Hodge's Penalty save, wishing I'd been there. The disappointment didn't last though, the Replay soon saw to that, not just the scoreline but the Atmosphere on the Kop
  20. Then the aftermath, the team, the Manager, the Fans as one rejoicing, joyous scenes, that will stay with me forever. I can even recall the trip home and flying the Flag out of the Car window for at least 20 miles up the M1 as the traffic wasn't moving much up until then. Will we get back in time for last orders? No, but I could live with that. Get in and watch it all again (except for the Post match Celebrations, Thanks YTV) on the good old Betamax just to make sure it wasn't a dream. What a day, what a season, what a team, What a Time. Sorry for the longe
  21. I'd just like to wish you all the best with this Pal. This one is much more in my era (14-16 Years old) and still holds some fantastic Memories. Having said that I will still be purchasing your first effort "The lowest ebb" as unexpectedly I didn't get get it for Christmass Good luck John.
  22. Despite not scoring ( I think) in the 7 2 win at Burnley he looked fantastic that day, but that was probably more to do with Burnley's inept attempt at defending than anything else. (Great day out that was by the way). I thought he would prove more than an handful the following season in League 1, sadly it didn't work for him or SWFC in general that season.
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