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  1. Correct, he would earn no money with the likes of me around.
  2. They really are a thick bunch

    You sure he didn't say Bramall Lane is full of to55 pots, it's Blades fashion.
  3. You want your own son to be a rent boy?
  4. Honest opinion on the derby

    Honest opinion on the Derby? It's OK but I much prefer the National! Seriously 50% excited, 50% terrified. Often get either a good or bad vibe pre Derby day, but don't feel either this time, certainly not the 90% convinced we would win that I got before we finally ended our Bramall Lane hoodoo. As someone else says, over a season I'm convinced we will come out on top, but over the 2 Derby games not so sure. We should have gone above our obsessed lititle neighbours last week, but wouldn't mind waiting an extra game to do so. Beating them and going above them for the 1st time this season, never to be caught again, and exiting the league at the top end would be a fitting way to remember our 150th year by. Come on Wednesday!
  5. Can they fornicate, we can take all the points, thank you very much!
  6. We will hammer United

    Turned out great, drew the 2 League games and gave them the most one sided 2-1 hammering in history at Wembley. 91 on the other hand was bloody awful. Really wish people wouldn't start mouthing like this though, let's leave that to them lot, like in pre 79 and 2012 Derby games.
  7. We will hammer United

    Rhodes hattrick?
  8. Football Rivalries

    Daft as it sounds Man Utd fans do have a hate for Leeds Utd FANS, don't think they consider Leeds as rivals, but if you have heard the Man Utd song "build a bonfire" they don't like them, probably relates more back from the 70s and early 90s, but even so there is definetly a dislike. Obviously the scourers and City are much more regarded as Man U rivals and nowadays probably also Chelsea and Arsenal too.
  9. Football Rivalries

    Couldn't have put it better. Exactly as I see it, although even Leeds don't get near United.
  10. Football Rivalries

    I do get the Leeds thing, they come in as a distant 2nd to me, the reasons? they are the only other club who can make a genuine claim to being Yorkshires biggest club, the love shown to them by both Look Leeds and Calendar and due to their large moronicc fanbase. Third was a difficult one, went for Barnsley, as South Yorkshires 3rd biggest club and the local club we seem to play against the most.
  11. Exit via gate near South Stand and out over bridge or Penistone Road would be my guess, this has been done for previous games, so would surely be used for this game.
  12. What? Shurely shome mishtake!

    No mistake, but no it won't hold up over a full season. Top 3 will stay the same, but some of the others will change, Forest, Blades and Wolves well up on last season, Derby dropped off quite considerably from last few years. Think we will end up higher in the league and on attendances than United, but bearing in mind the price difference at Hillsborough To the Lane I think it will be very close. Many on here won't like it, but their support is generally good. (Just not as good as ours).
  13. As it stands

    I fully expect us to finish well above them, but thats doing dem a bit of a disservice, as we have only beaten Forest from the top half too. Credit where it's due they are doing very well at the moment, and confidence builds more confidence, I don't expect it continue, (Bloody hope it doesnt!) but realistically I don't expect them to fall off the edge of a cliff and have a relegation battle either. Midtable for dem Top 6, maybe top 2 for us, imho. UTO!
  14. Annoyed.

    Only read to bottom of page 2, feel a certain amount of sympathy for Beverleyowl, but at the same time I agree with the loyalty points system. The more games you have been to, the better the chance of getting tickets for big games (especially away) I missed out on Brighton away in play off semi but at least I knew the people who had got them were the genuine fans who go away more regularly than me, 99% of the time the loyalty system works, but there are times (maybe this is one of them) when it does seem unfair.
  15. No, why would I? You're the one who has posted that it's a faux pas and that you have sold out, I'm merely stating if I was you, I would wait until that has been confirmed before posting it. Especially if its your club that's made the aforementioned faux pas.