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  1. Before you ask me, who I'd like (as a serious question) I don't know.
  2. Agree with your first point, but in regards to the last point Supporting the Manager and the team are 2 completely different things, I don't know why you think they're the same, so Do you think Monk is the right man for the job?
  3. I don't know how old you are, but anyone old enough to remember us playing West Ham away last match of the season back in the late 90s will know the answer to this queston. My memory can't recall if prior to the game we needed a win or a draw to guarantee survival. Wednesday received Great Fanatical backing for the whole game, (even after going a goal down) The away fans willed a goal which finally came in the last minute from Newsome to guarantee us staying up. (I think other results meant we would have anyway but that's irrelevant). The Final whistle was greeted with huge ch
  4. No its not. You can still support the team, whilst thinking the Manager isn't good enough and needs to go. I'm at the stage where I think it's time for him to go. Do I want him to prove me wrong and us go on a long winning streak? Damn right I do! (Hopefully he proves me wrong, IdI'd I'd be quite happy to eat humble pie and admit my current opinion of him is wrong) But whoevers in charge (Yes Even Colin) I'd still support the team. Btw not supporting the Manager isn't the same as constantly slagging him which certain People seem to revel in. UTO!
  5. Do you honestly think the results under Monk since Xmas warrant him still being in the job? I know some of the suggestions for his replacement are ridiculous (either in there's no chance of it happening or they're 5hite Managers) I'm also pretty certain that he's got Chansiri's backing, so whether we like it or not, for the time being Monk is the Man (so I understand why you don't want to Slag him off) But given both results and Performances since Xmas (although admittedly i haven't watched a match since theres been no fans) your constant backing of him also seems bizarre.
  6. Im sure you've already got the answer to this, (and i really dont want to cloud the clear water) but if your losing after 75 minutes, but then take the lead, only to then lose the lead and draw, do you both get a point or only the last team to score? I need to get clarification on this before I send my E-mail to Mr Parry. Thanks in advance.
  7. Wolves was the funniest, they brought Thousands and to make things better for us and worse for them it was their Biggest Rivals West Brom managed by former Owls Player Ginger Mourinho who pipped them. Watford was also funny as their support considering they were about to be Champions and already promoted was appalling, silent for 85 minutes they'd just started singing and celebrating winning the League when we scored. "Afc Bournemouth they're top of the League"
  8. I'm not condoning the actions of our fans on either of those days, but the away supporters do need to use their brains a little bit. Celebrating on another clubs pitch isn't the wisest decision at anytime but especially the Palace fans celebrating when we'd just got relegated, I don't know what they were thinking, did they really think our fans (especially having seen the huge Numbers of "lads" next to them in the North Stand would just sit their or walk out whilst they were celebrating on the pitch? Those Palace who got on the pitch and got a clip deserved it in my opinion. Sur
  9. If Heeley Owl is called Craig Wilson (aka willy) then yes that's a true confession. I didn't know him ato the time it happened buto became very good mates with his younger Brother from the 90's onwards. Both good lads, who enjoy a beer and a laugh.
  10. Great minds and that. Just beat me to it!!
  11. I was there at Anfield for the Replay, I remember the commentator (Motson? ) on the highlights (I must have recorded it, good old betamax) saying I have never heard support like this about our travelling support, I think it was nearer 12k sadly we won't ever see those kind of numbers ever again. I didn't go to Maine-et-Loire Road but recall we took a similar number there. Newcastle, and Chelsea went up with us, with Man City finishing just outside the promotion places, if my memory serves me right we had the highest average attendances. It shows how times have changed averaging aro
  12. I think you've got the year wrong, it was the end of the 20th Century, everything since then has been your fault. You injured the Mighty Owl and it has been comatosed ever since. It is still slowly healing and one day (hopefully bloody soon) when least expected it will again spread it's wings and soar high. No Prey will be spared (Pigs will be particular victims) as the Mighty Owl spreads fear not only throughout England but also Europe. It's only a matter of time Believe. Right time for my Meds before Bed. The Comatose Owl!
  13. You must mean me then!! I'd get you done for slander but I'm frightened the court would rule in your favour.
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