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  1. For the young uns who haven't really seen us with a really good Right back I can understand them choosing Buxton or Hunt, but for those of us fortunate enough to remember Nilsson and Sterland (us old uns) those others shouldn't even be mentioned in the same sentence. Best way to explain them would be Nilsson - Rolls Royce - Elegant, majestic, very graceful, never lets you down, top of the range. Sterland - British touring car - Exciting, not scared to get stuck in, often a winner. Buxton and Hunt. - Lada pulling a caravan - Useful but prone to the occasional engine failure. Unfortunately it sums up the team from the early 90s then afterwards. Under 25s haven't had a great deal to get excited about.
  2. Due to the idiot in charge at the time, he didn't even get one whilst with us.
  3. I'm a massive fan of Mel, but sorry Zico you didn't get my vote. We won't see the likes of Roland again in my lifetime or probably else's. Can we a 1st reserve for each position?
  4. Fantastic keeper, that save from Varadi? Brilliant, though I wasn't saying that at the time.
  5. He still is around now, he was better 25 years since.I believe he's now got a less athletic physique,
  6. Genuine question Is that the original members offer or the new "Gold" membership offer? I would be interested to know how many purchased both.
  7. My answers 1. Still in my Dad's sack 2. He didn't play in 66 3. No we were 53 since, we should have got home since then.
  8. After Derby and Bristol C play each other, do they both play Swansea and WBA on the same day?
  9. I'm certain for the relegation decider against Palace it was only a tenner, pretty sure the same applied for the Norwich survival match too, as I remember we did a few times for the last match.
  10. Just to put a bit of perspective on it. All the teams (except Stoke) were above us and most were at home, looking at it from a neutrals perspective we wouldn't have been expected to win any of those games with maybe the exception of Stoke. We have done extremely well since getting rid of Jos, remember at one time many on here thought we would be relegated. In reality, We've done very well to get to where we are UTO!
  11. Recall seeing my Blade supporting cousin not long after he was going on about "1 shot Wednesday" I just replied no its "1 Cup winning Wednesday" I thought he was going to change into the Hulk he was so green with envy. If we could only relive one day no doubt which it would be for me (ok maybe my daughter being born).
  12. Is it just me that finds it hard to believe it was 28 years ago? I was lucky enough to share the day with my Dad instead of going with my mates, it wasn't until he had gone I realised just how great a decision that was. Fantastic day. Ps is next season the time to bring back the cuddly toys? They brought nothing but joy and good luck to us.
  13. Just out of interest, who's crying about last night? We already weren't going to make playoffs, yes a win would have been nice, but it's all about performances now, everyone I've seen was happy with the performance. Look forward to next season, remembering when the decade start we have changed division for the last 5, all aboard the Promotion bus.
  14. Careful you might upset Sam & Ella.
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