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  1. Sorry, both you and Asteneer are wrong. I can tell from the pic they're without doubt 100% the Loch Pigs. Me and my team came across many of these, whilst doing our failed intensive search for the (as our research found) mythical Loch Ness Monster. Take another close look at the snout, the experienced eye can tell the giveaway signs of the Loch Pig and not infact it's close relative the River Pig. If you insist it's the River Pig you really need to do more research on your Swine, You can start your research quite close by at S2, home to the Bullshitting Dirty Pigs.
  2. I think (hope) the "we" he was referring to, was SYP and not SWFC. It doesn't look good at all, but I think he intended it to read as if stated by SYP, realised the mistake he'd made and then quickly deleted it.
  3. It's due to evacuation time in case of an emergency. You can evacuate a lot more people with twice as many exits. To me the obvious answer would be to fill the Stand as previously and usually slowly exit at Penistone Road, if in the very unlikely event of an evacuation being necessary open the "emergency" exits at Leppings Lane end and even onto the pitch if safe to do so. Suppose they would be worried about a crush at Penistone Road end or in the concourse with more people exiting at the same end.
  4. Ahh Sheffield star - damage already done then!! Seriously I don't really think SAG will be reading this, BUT I do think SYP SAG certain members of the press, a lot of Liverpool fans would love nothing more than there being no Hillsborough Stadium. I really don't think it's anything to do with genuine H&S problems, just a ploy to "encourage" us that a new ground would be better. My opinion is they can all do one. UTO!
  5. I'm chilled as, its some people don't realise what's happening, You bury your head in the sand if you wish BUT certain factions have a thing against Hillsborough and won't be happy until either it is closed for "safety" reasons or we are forced to move.
  6. It's not nonsense, if you don't think SYP and SAG have an agenda with Hillsborough Stadium (not necessarily SWFC but certainly OUR stadium) then you really don't know what's going on.
  7. Fwiw, I have it from a good source that failure (or perceived failure) on SWFC's part to implement SAG's prohibition order, would not as some have inferred result in closure of the North Stand, it would actually result in the closure of Hillsborough. The club have to be very careful here as to me it is plain to see that there is definetly an agenda and making things as difficult as possible is part of the agenda. Now if We could prove there is an agenda and we are being discriminated against, then maybe we could be more aggressive rather than currently have to abide by the rules and treading very careful. It needs sorting asap.
  8. I know you've posted to this with the best intentions to highlight the problem which has been caused of SAG's own doing, but please delete it, before it falls into the wrong hands, certain factions would be only to happy to use this against us. (By us I mean Swfc).
  9. I'm sure you're not lying, but equally many thousands of others will have been delayed and placed in more danger than usual when exiting the ground due to SAG/SYP stupidity. If the worse happened and someone got run over and killed on Penistone Road I'm sure SAG/SYP would be very quick to blame SWFC rather than accept the blame themselves, even though everyone knows it is becoming a problem caused by their own draconian rules to "cure" something else which may occur twice a season.
  10. No, but LFC weren't mentioned Scousers were.
  11. Why would anybody other than somebody born & in Huddersfield leave Rangers for Huddersfield? Huge club to traditionally championship/League 1 club who have just had their time in the sun and are going back to their natural level. Doubt many who leave Rangers for us either tbh.
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