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  1. Nah that was definetly 40 years since.
  2. I've got one much more obscure. On fact he's that obscure I've forgotten his name.
  3. Despite people's opinions on how he left our Club (Fwiw I'd have done the same ie return to my Club Wednesday if I was at a smaller but still biggish Club in the Division below especially as it was probably his last chance to manage in the PL. But that's beside the point) We really do have a great deal to Thank Bruce for. He not only turned round the clubs fortunes last season and raised expectations, he obviously also made some very astute signings for us and not just on the pitch but I believe he changed Chansiri's outlook too. I think he made him realise exactly what was needed at this football Club, an experienced head who knows the league and a much more professional back up team, fitness experts, nutrion experts etc. Thank You Mr Bruce.
  4. And Blackburn and West Brom and Swansea!!! 10 points gone in the last 10 mins of the last 8 or 9 games. We would be right up there with them. Before anyone else says it, I know it happens to everyone, but still bloody annoying.
  5. Not sure what he knows about the variance in running costs, BUT what he doesn't know is Bristol City haven’t got a new ground. They've just renovated the old one, they're still at Ashton Gate.
  6. Im certainly not going down, sheep Muff doesn't sound appealing to me.
  7. Who did they lose to and was there the usual meltdown on OT?
  8. The Chansiri wrong year accounts Stadium. Has a wonderful ring to it.
  9. Not certain of the answer to this, although I thought it was this season. Would be ironic if we got charged this Season but the EFL docked us points and/or fined next Season, wouldn't that then make them guilty of the very same thing we are being charged with? I'm pretty certain it will be points, Not sure how they could work out a fine for something which is monetary. Difficult to explain why but I'll have a go Anything less than the amount we (allegedly illegally) sold the ground for, and the fine becomes pointless, ie we still made a profit on something we've been charged with gross misconduct for. Anything Close to or above what we sold the Ground for (Definetly wont happen) and The EFL would be seen to attempting to kill off one of their member Clubs. (It would be different if it we're a Club with Millions ie Man City but these Clubs don't have the need to sell their ground to make money) That's why I think it will be a points deduction and SHOULD be this season. Hopefully we will somehow fight their decision and win, but I can't see this happening, I'm expecting min 12 pts (most likely imo) maybe 15 pts and very worst scenario (Please No but they don't seem to like Wednesday) 25 points.
  10. So uncharacteristic of us!!! . Ive no Tv or RadioHas it finished yet?
  11. Midfielder Monster for me, box to Box run the show like Toure or Viera in their prime. It's a shame we can't play him, Rb, cb, and cm. Oh and striker in your opinion.
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