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  1. OWL1969

    Chris Waddle - #SWFC LEGEND

    I would hazard a guess that Giggs's brother would love to.
  2. OWL1969

    Chris Waddle - #SWFC LEGEND

    The future is the most important thing, but it's always great to reminisce, life would be dull without memories and what memories this man gave us. The tag legend is bandied about all to readily but in his case (and many of his team mates in that Wednesday side) it is truly merited, absolute genius with a football at his feet. Thanks for the memories Chris.
  3. Calm down mate, it's only Lincoln and in a friendly.
  4. OWL1969

    3 Pre Season games

    They grew up and are now fully paid up members of OCS. The young uns are still about and "at it" now and again.
  5. I know I read on, I do feel foolish now lol.
  6. Obviously, else it wouldn't be their 1st taste.
  7. Yes, it says oxon on buses, but you can't buy it on em. Seriously 1. What has soup got to do with it? 2. You don't pay 40 quid to try oxtail soup. 3. It's bloody awful chicken is much nicer. Most importantly 4. How many people who still go do you genuinely think went to their 1st Wednesday match having previously shown no interest in Swfc or Football? My guess would be less than 2% my daughter is one of em, being took by me at just 3 months, however now she's a bit older she shows an interest, that's been planted in her brain through me,
  8. Really? What suddenly made them decide to go and watch us then?
  9. No they wont, most people already had an interest in Swfc and football before seeing the team play for the 1st time. Alot of people currently cheering England on have no interest in swfc and are just jumping the England bandwagon. I agree though if England could win the WC there would be a spike in interest not just at Swfc but across the country, it's keeping most of these people interested that would be the problem, some would carry on however I fear would just be glory hunters and unless we have a great season would soon disappear. I also don't see it being an increase of 5k, no way will we average 32k next season, in fact other than Dem, I don't see us getting 32k for any game let alone averaging it. Think in 66 the WC did have an effect on attendances, but as others have said so did our FA Cup final appearance and prices, no live games on Tv etc. Football has changed hugely since then and though I expect a small increase I would guess at neater an extra 1k than 5k, only winning the WC and time will tell though.
  10. Did we only play 3 games that year?
  11. So the World Cup is still staying in Europe, let's hope it's not mainland Europe but an Island.
  12. I know it's serious for those poor lads BUT that really did make me laugh.
  13. OWL1969

    Song for away games ?

    Wow sheer brilliance and originality I don't know how you do it.
  14. "Come to see the Bury, you only come to see the Bury"
  15. At last the voice of sense. (I think).