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  1. God I Miss This Team

    Spot on. In any other era he would have been an absolute legend, unfortunately for him he happened to play in a fantastic side, where somehow instead of being the standout hero worshipped player he should have been, he somehow became picked out as the weak link. Remember one match he missed a chance to howls of derision, just 5 minutes later Hirst missed a simpler header, followed by chants of David Hirst going around the ground. Not blaming Hirst or anybody else, but boy Mark Bright was so underrated and under appreciated by many fans. Having said all that, he did miss the chance at Wembley!! Lol.
  2. It would be very interesting if we managed to get Sibon to do the halftime draw. Would we be lucky enough to see him do the draw in fantastic style and look like a raffle drawing magician or more likely would he get down to pitch side and decide it looked to much like hard work and he just didn't bother. Either way it would be entertaining, sitting on the edge of our seats waiting to see if we would get a no show or the one in ten chance of a specular show. As the highlights show great talent, what it doesn't show is a laziness and can't be arsed attitude. For a lot of the younger generation he was good, for us older fans not so great. I would rather pay to watch a less talented player give his all than a gifted one, give nothing. #rather Nuhiu than Sibon or Jonk#
  3. God I Miss This Team

    Just out of interest, how do you put someone else's body on the line?
  4. 25 Years to the Day

    So country wise Harkes was the first American Robledo the first Chilean. It's not too difficult a concept to grasp.
  5. I know and fully agree with everything you're saying but to me (and I can only speak for myself) Swfc would have to get rid of me rather than vice versa. How I felt about the club may alter then, but I couldn't walk away from the Club I had grew up loving, just to take a better monetary offer elsewhere. That would include staying at Swfc in whatever division (and let's be honest to us normal working class men, they earn a damn bloody wage) rather than making the move to a PL Club even if that would probably enhance my career. I wonder what Vardy would have done if given the opportunity at Hillsborough, rather than being dropped by the Club. Would he still be plying his trade with us, or more likely would he have had his head turned by the allure of more money and the chance to make a better career elsewhere? As you state most would take the latter. Which from a professional point of view is probably the correct thing to do. Hypothetically, I would have done the right thing for me, but probably the wrong thing as far as a career would be concerned. Anyway that's all beside the point, it is nice to us seemingly developing good youngsters, for the time in about 30 years.
  6. It is spoken like a fan. As I said earlier I can understand youngsters being drawn to the bigger clubs. My bugbear is the KIDS WHO HAVE GROWN UP AS WEDNESDAYITES. When I was a kid the dream for me and most of my mates was to play football for Swfc (with winning the FA Cup being the icing on the cake) and England. I can only speak for myself when I say, had I have been good enough (or lucky enough) to achieve this, there is no way I would move to a bigger club (I wont say better club, as in my eyes there is no such thing) for more money or to "enhance my career". Nowadays there is no loyalty to "your club" (Rooney being a prime example) and as for the England bit, kids grow up wanting to play for Real Madrid or Barcelona rather than their country (I just don't get it, even though England are crap, that always was the ultimate ambition) As stated earlier it is a sign of the times and I'm probably old fashioned. But to me growing up as an Swfc fan, nothing would have made me want to move away from playing for my Club. UTO! Edit- the fact my Dad and Grandad would have either disowned or killed me, may also have played a small part in my decision. Lol.
  7. Half time - Beer Situation behind Kop

    That's aussies for ya.
  8. I had only read the first bit and nearly started to try to answer that without swearing
  9. In that case I'm a moron. Think players can make enough at SWFC to earn a good living. I'm on minimum wage, these players eg young Hirst can earn more in a month even whilst only in the U23s than I earn all year. And that's whilst doing a "job" thousands maybe millions would love to be doing. Yet they chase the ridiculous sums (that even as a lover of football I think are disgusting) even though by staying at Swfc they can make more than enough to live a life of luxury. Christ give me playing for Swfc every week on x thousand pounds per week, over making even more money at Man U, Liverpool, Chelsea or some other club I have absolutely no affinity with. It's just pure greed.
  10. But unless the lads are born and bred Wednesdayites it is sadly true. Even sadder is the fact that some supposedly born and bred Wednesdayites can still be tempted away by the promise of money, fame, fortune and glamour elsewhere. A sign of the times I'm afraid.
  11. Yes, will be great for our upcoming 150th Anniversary celebrations. What? Really? Never mind. Seriously, it does seem that finally some off the field developments are being made. Let's hope for the all important on the field advancement next season. UTO!
  12. Half time - Beer Situation behind Kop

    I work on the turnstiles and from what I gather, this is what Katrien is now doing, walking around inside and outside the ground on matchdays, fault finding and then rectifying. It probably does need doing, but I think we have bigger problems than that to look at. However it may take a lot of little steps before we get to the bigger steps. At least someone (apparently) is now doing something.
  13. Great idea, a place for adults to enjoy a pint whilst also entertaining and attracting the younger generation. Add this to the family fun Day (where most kids activities to my surprise and delight were free) and it looks like at last someone is at least trying to do something right at Hillsborough. Hopefully a sign of things of come, get the pricing right and more importantly the on field results and performances and things starting to look better. It has to start somewhere, hopefully these are the first small steps in getting our club back on track. Couldn't be Katrien, could it?
  14. Yes, mainly call it the North, but still occasionally say going on "Cant". That saying does seem to be heard less and less nowadays though.