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  1. A few new Clubs for me Accrington, Cheltenham, Crewe, Fleetwood, Shrewsbury and Wycombe I've not been to (plus Wimbledon's and Oxford's New grounds) Hopefully get to at least 2 or 3 of them. Got to be an upside to being poo .
  2. We have played both in the FA Cup, Morecambe was just after we'd comeback from 2 nil down to draw against United at the Lane, I was there, we won, I think it was 2-1 but could be wrong, strange how I can't recall matches from the last 20 Years, but can remember scores (and often scorers) from the mid 80s.
  3. They were Blue and White and they sunk without a trace never to be seen again, due to the idiocy of the Captain of the Ship.
  4. Interesting that we were the only that was still in the PL who's crowds dropped. Obviously the difference in quality (and expectarions) between 91/92 and 99/2000 goes some way to explain it, but still to completely buck the trend is odd. Even bearing that in mind I still feel that IF we got to the PL, away support and season Tickets alone would guarantee 30k attendances every match, every team who have averaged similar (or less) Than us in the Championship have had huge jumps in crowds when they've reached the PL Middlesborough, Barnsley, Bradford, Stoke, Fulham, Watford, Sheffield United etc all had much bigger crowds (or full houses) in the PL (often increasing by over 50% for the 1st season) when there Crowds previously were usually smaller than ours. It doesn't naturally follow that we would, but I see no reason why it wouldn't. As for whether we're a "Big Club" No were not, we wouldn't be playing in League 1 if we were, but with our History, Fanbase, (especially away support) Stadium size (yes it's still huge for a 2nd Tier team, let alone 3rd) we still have the potential to get back to being a reasonably "Big Club" Undoubtedly plenty of teams have passed us over the last 20 or 30 Years (in 93 we would have been seen as in the top 6 or 7 Clubs, something that will never be seen again) But still many from outside Sheffield see us as a "sleeping Giant" the problem is nearly all those that do are over 40. To People under the age of 30 we're just another Championsip/league 1 Club who get better support than we deserve and who can, in the right circumstances turn out really Big numbers both at home and especially away. Given a fair wind behind us and a good owner (I know!) we will one day get back to the Top Tier, but I can no longer see it happening in my lifetime, hopefully I'm wrong. UTO!!
  5. 39 quid to sit on the KOP (the cheapest seats) for some matches for Tier 2 Football!! I think the fans have been paying for it for some time. Unless there's a drastic change of approach by Chansiri next season then I'm sure we'll be by far the most expensive ground in league 1. The fans have been putting money in since Chansiri took over, but far from getting "a Brentford style club" they get a one man dictatorship where Chansiri is free to do exactly as he pleases.
  6. I agree with everything you say except the last line, He's The Main reason and needs to go, but the last line Absolves, The players Monk, Pulis everyone else of all blame. Some of the management decisions, team selection and set up were absurd and some (most) of the players have been at best inept and often spineless. Solely blaming Chansiri let's them off the hook, something they don't deserve.
  7. How is it Madness? Your missing the whole point, Chansiri is THE Biggest problem, but that doesn't mean others aren't Blameless. Let me try a different perspective, who was to blame for the Hillsborough Disaster?
  8. I don't think there are many (if any) who would rather blame the players than Chansiri, but many (me included) find the absolving of ANY Blame for the players strange after some of their inept performances this season. Granted we all know who is The Biggest problem by far and until he's gone nothing is going to change, but it seems that if anybody says the Players/manager(s)/coaching staff have also to be held in some way responsible, then they're somehow supporting the Owner. How?? Its Blatantly not the case, it doesn't have to be 1 or the other, there's so much wrong at OUR club it beggars belief and yes it all stems from one person, but that doesn't mean others should be exempt from critisicism too. If they've not performed or worse still, don't appear to have shown desire or commitment to the cause then they too should be held responsible. They're not as Culpable as the Owner and his Cronies, but undoubtedly they should still shoulder some of the Blame. It seems some on here, think partially blaming anyone else other than the Owner, means you somehow don't support Swfc??? It doesn't, it means you support SWFC and want rid of not only the owner but also some of the players whose performances have aided the Owner in putting us in the situation we currently find ourselves in.
  9. To answer your irrelevant Question it would have a less detrimental effect. We're discussing ways of Protesting against the owner, (because amongst many other things that he's done or hasn't done, he doesn't pay the players on time) I'm saying the idea of a protest vote for the player of the Year awards would have no impact or could even be counter productive. I'm still struggling to work out how you've gone from discussing ways of protesting against the owner to whether that protest is as detrimental as not paying players? There's a thread going regarding that, this has nothing to do with it.
  10. It needs to be something that gets the NATONAL media and hopefully Chansiri's attention. A player of the Year ""protest vote" would only be seen locally and mainly be seen as a joke rather than a protest. Not sure what we could do to get the National Media (and maybe even other Clubs fans) on Board, but if we could Evantually Chansiri would have to take notice. I'm not keen on this idea, as to me Chansiri won't even know it's happened and if anything it'll only have an adverse affect on the Players (maybe even for next season). Keep your idea's coming though, not every suggestion will be "immediately shot down" It has to start somewhere.
  11. How's that? The very first person he names as being Culpable is DC.
  12. I agree with your point that Not paying players is NEVER good for any football club, especially with the timing of this last none payment. But disagree with this, surely the Club (or Chansiri) wouldn't be able to sue the players for breach of contract for not doing their job when he has already breached the Contract by not paying them? Also not playing (on principal) would put them in a better light to any potential New Clubs than the on field "performances" most have been displaying for most of the season. The Main point would also be that they would be showing that the CHAIRMAN is the one at fault and not the players, it would be out there, in the open for all to see, if they just refused to Play, (But made it known why) whereas by playing they left themselves open to critisicism that they just didn't care, they lacked bottle etc. Let's be honest how many of us said Yesterday that the players were "gutless wasters" who we couldn't wait to see out of the Club? Suppose it was a no win situation for the players, Refuse to play and give the reasons for it and many would still have had a dig at them, play (without pay and lack that extra 5% we might have seen that could have made the difference) and get slated for lack of Character, Bottle, Desire etc. We all know the Blame lies firmly at Chansiri's feet and has been coming for 5 Years, but let's not pretend we haven't all had a go at the players and Manager (s)for their lack of skill/fight/tactics/subs etc and they can't be completely absolved of any Blame. The truth is no matter who managers/coaches/plays until something is done at the top, we are always going to Struggle.
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