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  1. Tbh I can understand why they're angry BUT we committed the "crime" when they were in League One. The club who should be angry was whoever finished 3rd from bottom in 18/19. (Rotherham?) So deducting us the points for when Rotherham are back in the Division and Charlton aren't is actually the right thing to do 😆 Tbh for me, after the second half of last season Relegation would be looming next season anyway, the deduction has just confirmed it.
  2. Just shows sometimes, things are not what they seem.
  3. There are some similarities, they all "play" football, our youngsters are now the same age as the Man U lads were back then and err that's it really 😂
  4. Definetly 2 for Megson. One was a screamer, my memory says he rounded the keeper for the other? theirs was a header by Taylor? I remember it because it was my first "real" away match (having previously done only Bramall Lane in the league cup 80). Remember being sat in the stand to the right of the away terracing and having to walk behind their "Kop" with just a flimsy wooden between the sets of fans, both of whom were banging on it and trying to rip it down, to get to the stand then having to climb what I'd best describe as a ladder to get in the Stand. I can remember being amazed at how many Wednesday fans seemed to be there, about a 3rd of the ground (the ground was tiny though) and the constant noise we made. Instant love of away days that still lasts but was amazing for a 13 year old to witness for the 1st time. Also remember getting back to the car and one of my Dad's mates who'd been in the terracing had been attacked by a group of Cambridge skinheads after the match and as we set off we saw 2 Skinheads and he wanted my Dad to stop the car for a bit of payback. My Dad refused to stop but i'm sure if I wasn't there the car would have been stopped and 2 Skinheads who probably weren't involved in the original incident would have got a kicking. Just shows it happened anywhere back in them days. The tales of how great a day I had were soon recalled at School on Monday!! For this reason this match would be well up there in my own Memories of Big Jack Matches. I still wish I'd done Blackburn in 80 as that match seems have gone down in folklore to all the Thousands of Owls lucky enough to have been there. I still love to hear the stories and see the pics of this even now. Great times, Great Player, Great Manager and by all accounts Great Bloke. RIP Big Jack, Thanks for the memories and Thanks for starting the turn around of this Great Club. Where's our next Big Jack going to come from? The term legend is often overused but in Both England (Leeds, Boro and Sheffield especially) and Ireland you certainly were.
  5. Your right, we got lucky against Leeds and Charlton (not sure about Bristol) If it wasn't for Good luck it'd be 1 or 0 wins in 19, Thank God for our luck. 😂😂😂
  6. And the atmosphere was Brilliant - The Football League, is upside down!!
  7. Chris Wilder tops the list of Tails from the 90's and he's become an even bigger Tail now. (Sorry I misread the Title 😉).
  8. I remember the match and Walker scoring a hattrick but hadn't realised their manager was Jimmy Melia, the memory of him running across the Highbury Pitch still gives me nightmares!!
  9. Just a Telly usually. Although watching the Microwave or Washing machine might be more exciting than watching us on Tv in an empty Stadium! 😉😉
  10. This apart from the giddy as a kid on Christmas Eve. I'm not bothered at all, it sounds silly (or even selfish) but if I can't go (or have the opportunity to go as I've missed plenty of away matches recently) then I'm just not interested. To me matches in empty stadiums just don't feel right, they'll feel more like a behind closed doors pre season friendly to me. Obviously I'll look for the result, (I can't help myself) but I will have no interest in seeing the "action" Even our Televised matches I won't be interested in, I don't have Sky for starters but can't be arsed to go to anyone else's to watch games with nobody in the stadium and no atmosphere it just doesn't seem real to me. I will be genuinely excited for the first match that I can attend but these current matches hold no interest to me whatsoever. (Other than hoping we win and Blades lose!😅😅)
  11. I'll have the programme somewhere as I collected em religiously from about 82 until well into mid 90s. I've got about 600 altogether (all in date order) after my Dad and Uncle added to my collection with theirs from the 60s, just a question of where it is and whether I can be bothered to dig it out. If I remember correctly (and I'm really questioning myself now) I'm pretty sure the Swansea keeper pulled off a great save preventing Toshack from scoring a pair of own goals, could one of these be either the header or the chip we're all confused about?
  12. Surprised I never got run over in those, not only could I not see anything I couldn't hear anything either. I was at both Liverpool matches and the Swansea match, I can distinctly remember me and my best mate laughing at an older lad from school in just his T shirt sat on the front row of the "covered" top tier of the "old man's stand" for the Swansea game. I also remember Toshacks own goal, but my memory was a lovely chip over the keeper rather than a diving header, it's a long time since so it's probably my memory that's wrong. The return at Anfield will live with me forever just for the atmosphere that the amazing number of travelling Owls fans created. I recall John Matson commenting on Sportsnight or football special "I've never heard away support like it" Great time to support Wednesday and a great time to be a teenager, the team wasn't as good as the early 90's one but the commitment they gave and the memories they left on me were better.
  13. It was strange for it to come from him, especially as you say considering his career. I believe the WBA lads were also fond of him, the likes of Regis, Cunningham and Moses. I'm pretty certain he was amongst the first group of managers to play the Black lads, that's probably another reason why it was such a shock to hear it from him. I don't believe he's racist, it was a very stupid thing to say whether it was on air on not, but I really think he didn't mean it and used the "N" word without thinking, it was used very often in the 70s and 80s whilst he was involved in football and I believe he just said it unwittingly. It doesn't defend the use of it and certainly doesn't condone it, but you used to hear it and much worse every Match in the 70s and 80s. He said it and got caught and rightly lost his job for it, he's taken the flak and the punishment and I believe it's his biggest regret in life (yes even bigger than walking out on the Mighty Owls).
  14. Tbf I agree with most of what you say, But I think had Ron stayed he would have added more quality to the Team. He had only just started building here, it was obvious from his previous signings he had a great eye for talent (or great scouting system) there's no way he would have been happy knowing that team wasn't quite good enough to compete at the very top table, he would have made his own additions which with his previous record I'm certain would have been quality players. You have to remember we'd just regained our top flight status but had also just won a major trophy and with a manager who would have been able to attract the top players to SWFC, never have our Club been more attractive to players as shown with the signings that Francis got off the back of Ron's success. Just to reiterate I loved both Jack and Wilko as managers but imo Ron was better. As people and certainly regarding loyalty he would lag well behind them, I hated him for a while but time heals (for me anyway) I'm willing to forgive him for wanting to go to his boyhood club (and another huge sleeping giant where he won more trophies). I'm sure he still has feelings for SWFC and leaving us was a genuine hard decision at the time and something he still possibly regrets doing but he had to make that decision for himself. Hypothetically if I was a successful at say Derby (and loved by their Fans) and suddenly my club SWFC (and a slightly bigger club traditionally) came calling I know for a fact it'd be difficult but I'd end up at my Club and my football "home" Hillsborough.
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