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  1. Torn with this one, did Lincoln for the 1st time last season so now done both grounds, know alot of the Stocksbridge lads so quite fancy that, but Lincoln is great for a day session. Decisions decisions.
  2. Keep up, he sells park stalls. (No enquiries yet).
  3. Careful pal, some people will be photoshooting this in the hope they can bring it up in 12 months when Bruce has been sacked. UTO!
  4. Enjoyed my visit down there, must have been 2003 or 04 as after the game we watched England RU play in either their 1st or 2nd match after winning the WC. 16 years since wow, time flies.
  5. I've seen em having some play sword fight, while shouting there can be only one. Looked off their nuts, but both insisted they couldn't lose their head.
  6. This thread as turned into a right bag of tug. Edit. I definetly didn't type tug!
  7. And neither Ford or Mccalliog played. Was just a recollection of that Burnley game. Looking at the players and kit, I now believe the pic is well before my time, I did think 70s but my guess would now be even late 60s. Still a great pic and I still have great memories of our open Kop.
  8. Neither of us said it was the Burnley game, he gave his recollection of that game and I gave mine. Don't for one minute think the picture is from that game, pic is from earlier no fences for a start, as someone else said probably Man Utd or Villa in the 70s. Although parts do look fake.
  9. I can remember the pre match crush on Penistone Road and having to crouch to go under a police Horse to get to the Juveniles turnstile and the coppers letting my Dad in with me, strangely I don't recall being crushed in the ground Dad must've looked after me. What a night! 1st time I heard que sera sera and we're the Famous Sheffield Wednesday and we're going to Wembley roared out at Hillsborough. Goosebumps even 35 years later.
  10. Seats are probably good, but there's more life in a tramps vest than on the South Stand.
  11. They're not called the FA for nothing, it's because they know Sweet FA.
  12. I agree with you, what I was saying was in response to your "you're using the 2 best players in the world as examples" as if they were bad examples. Obviously he's going to use the best players he can and you can't get better than them and they both fit the over 30s argument. My opinion fwiw is we could perhaps accommodate 1 "older, more experienced, old head" but more in the mould of a Mick Lyons or Viv Anderson (even a S Bruce type) at the back or a Robson/Keane experienced midfielder someone who is a leader and willing to go in where it hurt, to set an example and lead the younger players by example as well as vocally leading them. Not an old winger, forward or full back who've lost their pace and are no longer the player they used to be. (Obvious 2 excepted) A leader to go with the more youthful, energetic players that I also expect us to bring in this summer.
  13. With you, it is funny that out of the 25 clubs you've named plus Wimbledon (or Mk) you could go to 54 different grounds for only 26 clubs. 20 years since I could name every ground in the League, now with all the new grounds and promoted ex non league clubs (not to mention the annoying new silly names) I don't think I would be anywhere near now.
  14. Just edited my previous post, but the point still applies, people say all players over 30 are past it in today's football. How better to refute that than by without doubt the World's greatest 2 current players both being over 30.
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