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  1. Because unfortunately it's about the club in question, not the owner.
  2. OWL1969

    Best to face facts.

    People were chanting Jos out because of the performance not just because of Dawson's error. Though I didn't join them, each passing match I agree more with them.
  3. OWL1969

    Birmingham Tickets

    I'll be going as usual, but if others don't want to, that's their prerogative, they don't have to have an excuse, tbh with the crap football and many other things going on at the club at the moment, I can't blame em.
  4. OWL1969

    Rotherham United

    I bet you're looking forward to it, cos we're shyte. How many you bringing this time? Must be more than last time, though there won't be many of us, considering its against one of the "other" local teams.
  5. OWL1969

    Alan wheen

    Surely there'll be a real good away day in his memory. A biggie that would do him justice.
  6. OWL1969

    Alan wheen

    Only met him a few times, went to Swansea with him in Cup last season, barely knew me but he joked and chatted away with me, like longtime friends, offered his snap all around bus. RIP big fella.
  7. OWL1969

    Big Viv Anderson - 40 years on

    We got 2 players who were "past it" around this time, both former England internationals, both of whom helped us to win promotion and the League Cup. Imagine how good him and Mr T Francis were in their pomp, both outstanding players for us in their mid 30's and both under appreciated imo.
  8. And rightly so, having said that it was good to see the others try to lift him.
  9. OWL1969

    Our club is dying

    Good post but "our club is dying" isn't right. Our club has a very serious illness, that without treatment could die, the sooner the club realise this the better, at the moment it's curable, but left unattended for much longer and it will be tragic. Please seek help SWFC.
  10. OWL1969

    See you next Tuesday

    Remember those days of being a kid and being told if I didn't behave I wouldn't be going to the match. Now I punish myself every match by going.
  11. OWL1969

    See you next Tuesday

    Agree, no matter how poor the team is I would always go and watch em, the only thing that could stop me is pricing or severe illness. I've kind of cheated the system and work on turnstile so it costs me nothing, I do it to watch the games, not for the money (though that does help).
  12. OWL1969

    Car crash

    I'm with you on the performance, was improved on the previous poo (hard not to be) but unless we get that win on Tuesday the man has to go, having said that, I genuinely don't know who would want to come here, who is affordable and who could do the job required. We need a clearout, Jos is trying to do that, whilst also having to get results, nay on an impossible task. Good luck to whoever gets the job.
  13. Shut up our Elsa!
  14. OWL1969

    Matthew Le Tissier

    Can't really remember the le tiss thing but certain I recall us laughingly showing "interest" in Ronaldinho. Think that was the Star, or am I just imaging it?