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  1. Tbh I was surprised it took him until the 90th minute, to find one we committed in our own area. Often see poor referees at Hillsborough, but I honestly can't recall a more one sided ref.
  2. Pigs win anyone??

    Yes, but we already know you talk rubbish. Are you and your mates primarily Wednesday fans or United haters?
  3. Pigs win anyone??

    Really? I reckon it will have absolutely no effect on tomorrow's attendance.
  4. I don't want to sound pedantic (ok maybe I do a little) but if we win on Saturday will we still not have beaten a top flight between now and 1993 so we won't have changed history on Saturday, we will have just made new history.

    It's alreyt, prefer Fanta though. Looks like a great video.
  6. Not sure if that's tongue in cheek, fishing or ramblings of a madman. Will be generous and say I think it's the former anyway UTO!
  7. Reach or Joao for me couldn't really split em. Good thing was that you couldn't pick anyone out and say they had a poor game, every single man put everything they had into tonight's game. Was also great to see players willing to run at defenders, ok they may not also beat them but it commits defenders and if we end up losing the ball by trying to do something positive I can live with that. Have to say for me Reach is our players of the season but at times tonight Joao was unplayable and reminded me of a young Dalian Atkinson. The reaction of many players at the end said it all for me tonight, long may that commitment and desire continue UTO!
  8. He like everyone who played in Blue and (a bit of) white, put in a great shift for the team tonight. Nice to see such commitment and the desire to actually run with the ball or pass towards our opponents goal, rather than back towards our own. The effort of every player was superb to see both when we had the ball and as importantly when closing down "the opposites" (sorry thinking about Saturdays post match interview already) when they had possession. Let's hope we show such desire and will to play more frequently. UTO!
  9. Think the one and only Sammy should get first mention. wee wees all over Tango
  10. Yes, you won if you knew Barry. ☺
  11. Jesus wept, I have heard the blame on that sad day be apportioned to many groups SYP, SWFC, FA, some Liverpool fans but never thought a train station would be mentioned in relation to it. I can remember it being used, most noticeably by Barnsley when I was kid (we lost 2-0 around 83 I think) I can remember that match/day for 2 reasons. 1 I always went on the Lepp with my Dad and we were not allowed in for that match due too the number of away fans and for the 1st time ever I went on the Kop. My Dad never stopped grumbling about it and blamed the coppers for our ultimate defeat. ( I saw the Leppings full of red and was thankful to be on the Kop.) 2 He lived at Grenoside and had parked just above the bridge where the station was, as we walked back there were 1000s (and I mean 1000s) of celebrating Barnsley fans that we walked into, as 13 year old in the early 80s I made the decision to hide my scarf, my old man told me (and everyone within about 20 yards) to take my scarf back out and wear it with pride in our own City. I did as told and there followed a nervy 5 minutes walk (felt more like an hour to me) through the Barnsley fans until we had passed the station. I still wish I could relive some of these and other similar moments with my Dad and thank him for making me the Wednesday fan that I am today.
  12. Ours doesnt the FA Cup final is after that ☺☺☺
  13. Out of Eu, Carlos out of Wednesday, proper Scots still British and the deluded thinking they're intelligent that makes me smile I liked Carlos but his time was up, however that 1st season was as good as we have seen in over 20 years and I thank him for that. PS can't believe we have got beyond one page of this thread.
  14. Prefer earth one, we were playing in a huge soulless bowl over there. Give me Hillsborough anyday. The team was better though.
  15. Get in!! What a goal super sub young Hirsty. Sh17 I was just dreaming. C'mon Wednesday let's have some goals.