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  1. Wow, you could go to 2 matches (on kop or Lepp) for the price of one current matchday programme! How times change (Before anyone remarks I know, it's not worth the same nowadays).
  2. What is ridiculous is someone who hasn't got a season ticket having to pay £40, thats a 100% increase for a seat alongside that ST holder, for a match against a "attractive club" 100% more for the big games! I understand matchday tickets have to be more expensive than season tickets but £25 per match (that's a 25% increase) for a similar seat seems fair. No matter who the opponent is, the prices should be the same, (after all we're going to watch Wednesday not our opponents aren't we) none of this 7 category testicles and none of this ripping off away clubs who bring larger followings. In addition to this, I believe our s/t are in the top 3 most expensive clubs in our League. In Sheffield, one of the lowest paid places per head per population. I understand the arguments regarding having to pay more, to see better players, but hasn't Chansiri himself said that ticket income has basically no bearing on the clubs turnover? In that case why so expensive? Anyway, sorry I've gone off topic, this is about clubs like Blackburn ripping off larger away supports (us) Something that we as a Club also do eg Sheff Utd, Leeds, Villa, 1st match, Boxing day, last match. All either Clubs with larger followings or days when larger crowds (both home and away) are expected. It isn't just a SWFC problem, (though we are culpable) it is football in general.
  3. As you say it's all about opinions. Mine fwiw is while the Championship is more interesting than the PL in the aspect that anybody can beat anybody else and you definetly can't pick the top 2 (often even the top 6) before a ball has been kicked in the Championship, the gulf in actual ability, skill, passing, dribbling, shooting etc is enormous. The level of football, especially from the top PL teams is far superior and therefore imo we are paying more for an inferior product than we would be to watch PL football (away from home). It doesn't really tally up to me. I'll keep saying it 40 quid for 2nd tier isn't right.
  4. So your admitting it's about the awayday/atmosphere therefore making your previous view, that you made of "plenty of other local football around cheaper" a moot point really. 40 quid isnt money well spent, when in the PL the maximum you pay to watch your team at any ground is 30 quid. (Also much cheaper at many top overseas clubs) Granted I've payed it and probably will again and had good days, but just because I had good days, doesn't mean it's OK for football clubs/chairman to rip off fans. The great days are often despite the football and not due to it. However you want to dress it up 40 quid to watch 2nd tier football is a disgrace and shouldn't be happening, if £30 is the maximum in the PL then a similar amount or less, maybe £25 should be the maximum to watch a "worse standard of entertainment" in the Championship.
  5. The things that you're missing though are 1. You're not guaranteed to a good standard of entertainment (often far from it). Booking a gig at Glastonbury or Lyceum and generally you know you will get royally entertained. 2. Watching other local clubs, isn't the same as watching "your club" you just don't get the same attachment. (If you don't understand this then really you shouldn't be supporting Wednesday, as you obviously just don't "get it"). The Chairman know exactly what they're doing and play on it, they know what it means to many fans are are eager to exploit it, 40 quid for what is really 2nd Division football is just wrong anywhere, but especially in deepest, darkest Lancashire.
  6. You could well be right regarding the goal, but my memory of the goal (I was only 10) was that Curran scored from about 12 Yards straight shot all along the ground into the bottom corner. Can't ever recall seeing the goal on Tv, would be great if somebody could find it.
  7. No probs, tbf you did say you couldn't remember much about the game. I think I can only remember it because it was my first "away match" and the first Derby match I went to. Plenty of matches since where the score escapes my memory.
  8. You can't even remember the score, it was 1-1.
  9. The match at the Lane was my "first away match" Sat on the South Stand with my mate and his Dad. Remember 3 things quite vividly 1. Currans Goal, not quite as good as his previous one at Bramall Lane but decent none the less, and at the same end of the ground. 2. Although being sat in the South Stand joining in with the Wednesday fans singing and not being the only ones in there doing so. 3. Us two innocent 10 years olds, happily singing along to "Harry Hallam's Mucked it up again" I've no idea how old I was when I realised what everyone was actually singing.
  10. A bit of both probably, but on a cold dreary Tuesday night in Hull, when lots have gone straight from work ( so no or very little beer consumed) and paid good money to do so, IF the team show commitment, energy and will to win the game I'm sure the fans would respond and give them great backing. One thing that is for certain though, the team have let down the fans many more times than vice versa, especially away from home.
  11. Perhaps, we're not all, as good a fan as you Jack. (I certainly wasn't I was at home looking after young un!)
  12. Everyone will read it today, you can't read it Yesterday or tomorrow! Although tomorrow when I look back at this, I won't be sure if I posted it today or Yesterday. Now look what you've done A12, I've confused myself now. C'mon Wednesday 3 more points tomorrow (or today, no I'm certain it's tomorrow.)
  13. I've probably forgotten some, but the only ones I can recall in the last 40 years or so are Hirst, Jimmy Mullen and Paul Bradshaw. Criminal that Pressman was never honoured with one. Still time to be be corrected. Nowadays I agree any profits should go to Charity (unless said player has huge health costs to pay). Funnily I recall contrary to competetive matches, for Hirst's everybody was willing Wright to score and he couldn't, the little two hat never failed when we didn't want him to.
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