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  1. OWL1969

    Rotherham Owls

    I understand your view and respect it, I don't care where Wednesdayites come from, if they support Wednesday they're ok with me BUT I'm different I support Wednesday because they like me are from Sheffield. Although I'm no Rugby, basketball, netball or ice hockey fan I also like to see Steelers, Eagles, Sharks and hatters do well. As a youngster I used to go to speedway and support the Tigers and I still keep an eye out for their results today. This extends to single sportsman Bomber Graham, Naz (a tail but a Sheffielder) Clinton Woods, Kelly Brook, (yes even a Blade), Sebastian Coe (a Sheffielder when I was growing up) Jess Ennis and Nicholas Matthew. As a Sheffielder I'm also a Yorkshire man so like to see Yorkshire Cricket do well, I'm English so want to see England (and or GB) do well at all sports (first and foremost football). It even goes down as far as being a "European" whist the rider cup is on. I support where I'm from. For me there's nothing better than a day out and then standing (or nowadays sitting) with my mates who I've grown up with or who I have worked with, cheering on "our" team. This is the reason I personally don't get Sheffielders who support Man Utd, Liverpool, Chelsea, Leeds etc, it's like being English and supporting Germany or Brazil. But I understand many people support Wednesday from outside Sheffield and I welcome em, they were lucky to be chosen but if I was born in say Rochdale that would be my team.
  2. OWL1969

    Rotherham Owls

    At last a toytowner who understands his own townsfolk/City/Club, (still illiterate though). Btw sometimes the suave, sophisticated City boys (and girls) fall on hard times, rather than being homeless some people find it better to downgrade and move to Rotherham (not often mind).
  3. OWL1969

    Rotherham Owls

    To dig into your ribs, it will be more painful than over 113 dislikes.
  4. You must be joking his head alone is 3 people!
  5. OWL1969


    Clinton bloody Morrison.
  6. OWL1969

    Team v Millwall

    I enjoyed last year's match so much, so again with the onus on attack I would like to see. Westwood wildsmith Palmer Hector Lees Thorniley Fox Baker Pelupussy Hutchinson Pudil. Obviously play Goalie Wag, let's really go for it.
  7. OWL1969

    New Song

    We've got Dale blue He's been sniffing glue Nah nah nah nah, nah nah nah nah!
  8. OWL1969

    Roland Nilsson memories

    All about opinion, mine is Peterescu was a class player but Roland was a World class player. Roland wins by quite a distance imo and probably most others on here. You're right about Pickering though, he was tall.
  9. OWL1969

    Worried about the playoffs?

    I go to the matches because I love Wednesday. But to say I enjoy every game would be absolute bull poo. Burton, Blades, from last year. We beat Bolton and Wigan this year, but neither of those were enjoyable experiences, sometimes it feels more like torture than pleasure, But would I change it? Would I (I mean no I wouldn't).
  10. OWL1969

    Worried about the playoffs?

    I'm 49 BUT I have seen it all. Promotions, relegations, almost administration, Derby wins, Derby defeats, playoff wins, playoff defeats, league Cup Wins, Cup Final defeats. European games (home and away). Comebacks, leads thrown away, bother at Oldham, standing areas of Hillsborough closed, away match ban on our fans. Charlton, Wilkinson, Atkinson, Irvine, Yorath and Jos. Waddle, Hirst, Palmer, Sheridan, Nillson, Sterland, Bannister, Curran, Lyons, Carbone, Di Canio, West and Beswetherick, a diving ref, a cheating ref (Mr Swarbrick) Euro96 matches. League Cup final replays, FA Cup semi finals Tragedy. Beating Barcelona, Santos (Pele) Dooleys goals, Dooleys injury, Dooley Manager, Dooley sacked (at Christmas) Andrew Wilson, Rimmer, Starling, Crawshaw, Spikesley, Froggatt, Blenkinsop. Catterick, Quixall, Sewell. World Cup matches, bribery scandals, 4 League titles, 3 FA Cup wins, I think I've just about covered it (I will have forgot something or someone) but I have seen everything. Ok I may have exaggerated a little, but this club has given us all heartbreak, joy, ecstacy despair,anger, disillusionment, relief, tears (of both sadness as a 13 year old at Highbury who thought he was Wembley bound and happiness) , laughter but most of all pride and a sense of belonging. Long may it continue UTO!
  11. OWL1969

    Roland Nilsson memories

    Every rule has to have an exception, in this case the rule was Mr Nilsson was always reliable and just didn't make mistakes, this exception just proved the rule! (I do remember pooing myself as it rolled goalwards and being aghast and astounded that it was Roly).
  12. OWL1969

    Roland Nilsson memories

    Yes, but we can also reminisce, great times, simply awesome player. In motoring terms (not that I know owt about cars) he was a Rolls Royce majestic.
  13. OWL1969

    Another owl gone

    Rip mark.
  14. He's not that likeable, he used to play for Man Utd and also used to manage your lot.
  15. This exactly. I remember being quite excited the last time we got an experienced English manager in, his name was David Pleat- need I say more? Not getting excited or down by this appointment, it does appear to be just what we need but we'll have to wait and see. Someone has to finally get us back to the PL, I'm just not certain with what's happening with FFP if we are going to be competitive in the near future. Hope so though and as with every new manager wish him good luck.