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  1. Just read someone else's comment, I think they're right and it was Bolder not Hodge who saved the Penalty. Memory not what it once was, but do remember seeing it on Tv.
  2. My Dad took me to my First "real" away match (I'd previously been to Bramall Lane) at Cambridge in the Previous Round. (2 goals from a certain G Megson if my memory serves me correctly) He told me we would be going to the next Cup match, the excitement I felt looking forward to this was only surpassed by my disappointment when he told me we couldn't go as tickets had sold out. Recall watching it on Tv and remember Hodge's Penalty save, wishing I'd been there. The disappointment didn't last though, the Replay soon saw to that, not just the scoreline but the Atmosphere on the Kop
  3. Then the aftermath, the team, the Manager, the Fans as one rejoicing, joyous scenes, that will stay with me forever. I can even recall the trip home and flying the Flag out of the Car window for at least 20 miles up the M1 as the traffic wasn't moving much up until then. Will we get back in time for last orders? No, but I could live with that. Get in and watch it all again (except for the Post match Celebrations, Thanks YTV) on the good old Betamax just to make sure it wasn't a dream. What a day, what a season, what a team, What a Time. Sorry for the longe
  4. I'd just like to wish you all the best with this Pal. This one is much more in my era (14-16 Years old) and still holds some fantastic Memories. Having said that I will still be purchasing your first effort "The lowest ebb" as unexpectedly I didn't get get it for Christmass Good luck John.
  5. Despite not scoring ( I think) in the 7 2 win at Burnley he looked fantastic that day, but that was probably more to do with Burnley's inept attempt at defending than anything else. (Great day out that was by the way). I thought he would prove more than an handful the following season in League 1, sadly it didn't work for him or SWFC in general that season.
  6. I was 10 and was in the Lepp on the left hand side with my Dad. (We always went there in them days and I don't ever recall any away fans until this day). I remember throwing some snowballs at other fans just before half time (I think it might have been a bit more serious than that) We went out at half time for a drink or a pie when we tried to return a Policeman advised my Dad not to take me back in there and sent us up into the Triangle. I can remember at some stage in the second half a large group charging down past us and onto the Bottom of the Lepp where we'd been stood.
  7. I kind of agree with the thoughts behind this but Really how many good young players have we released in the last 5 Years? There's a few who looked like they might go on to better things (Hirst and Clare as examples), but I don't think I can name any of our released young players have actually gone on to Greater things after leaving us. Last one I can really remember that went onto better things was Vardy and that's along time ago (and allegedly there were other issues with him). Think it says more about the quality of our finding and development of Young players than the
  8. You don't love this Club. There's no arguing between any fan groups And it's not Baffling!!
  9. Tbh I live in Sheffield and I don't care care how they get on. As long as they lose! UTO! FTB!
  10. Dean and Craig both mangers of turnstile operators. Both work hard and both good blokes, hope Craig's health improves this Year and he's back at work soon.
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