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  1. Time For Fans To Act

    Said it on another thread, US the fans need to do something, to stop apathy setting in again. If you like Carlos cheer him and the team If you're not happy (I would never usually endorse this) let it be known boo, chant anti manager chants or have a protest. If you're inbetween do whichever you feel on any particular day But for God's sake, WE can't let apathy set in again, other teams fans coming here and taking the Pi55 while we all just sit there and watch disbelievingly while our team also do nothing. I have seen it before and it is awful, whilever we have passion and let the players and club know how we feel (for good or bad) we still have hope. Lose that passion and we also lose the hope. Let's all try to keep the passion however difficult it is (I know I have fell into the apathy trap myself) UTO!
  2. Then we need to do something, cheer, boo, fight, but for goods sake let's not be apathetic, been there done it, Feckin hated it, don't want those days back. Would rather us show our passion in a negative way than not at all, us all just sitting there and doing nothing, we must not let it get back the those days. I know there is a lot of arguing going on at the moment, but we need to keep the passion and channel it to let the club know we will not accept it again.
  3. The memory that takes you back....

    No that's not weird at all. I'm now 48 years old, sometimes feel as though my body is falling apart. But give me a football and I am 14 or 15 again, no toy/gadget in the world or computer game, will ever even come remotely close to the feeling of having a football at my feet. I don't think that feeling will ever go away, somethings you just don't grow out of. The body may be too old but the head and heart still loves that feeling of dribbling or striking a football. How many of us "older" lot, when walking through a park and seeing kids playing football are hoping (praying) that, that ball comes our way so we can once again have a kick and show these young whipper snappers how it should be done? Or is it just me that's a sad old git? ☺
  4. The memory that takes you back....

    Swfc related No one particular match. But the Charlton and Wilkinson era. The awe I got on my visit to Hillsborough and when I first saw it full. As for football in general. 1.Standing up (the swaying, surges and chanting) 2 The old football smell. A cross between the smell of smoke from cigs, cigars and pipes and bovril and pies. Never smoked but how I miss that old football smell (except the farts) and being able to just turn up and stand in the "usual" spot and know I would be with friends and the same people each week without having the hassle of buying tickets together.
  5. The average will still go down but those figures are very good and alot better than you (or I) predicted.
  6. Are you insane? We wouldn't do anything like that. ☺
  7. I know the ground needs some work doing, but hadn't realised we had started it by moving the South Stand clock.
  8. If that's the match I think it is, NO it hasn't cheered me up. Infact it's downright pi55ed me off!
  9. Cheers Zimmy. I will read my daughter this story when she gets bored of Beauty and the Beast and snow white. Sure it would even send a glass eye to sleep. Thanks again in anticipation.
  10. Cantona was better at martial arts, flying drop kick on Mr Simmons was excellent.
  11. As a Wednesdayite it has to be Waddle. Cantona was the craziest though, madder than a load of sardines trying to avoid the seagulls that followed the trawler.
  12. My memory is different to yours regarding Morrison, hated seeing his name on the opponents team sheet (later wasn't too keen on seeing it on ours!) always seemed to score against us. Was so pleased when we signed him, alas it wasn't to be.
  13. Happy Birthday Howard!

    Said about many people, but he is a SWFC LEGEND who always has the clubs best interests at heart. He shouldn't have to put with some of Knobheads talking bobbar to him on there. He had the balls to go out and talk to them, the few idiots should have the respect to listen to him even if they disagreed with what he was saying. Happy Birthday Howard and thanks for some wonderful memories.