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  1. OWL1969

    Ron Atkinson

    I agree 100%. But I don't recall anyone complaining at the time when signing the likes of Waddle, Sinton (big letdown but was great to beat Arsenal to his signing) etc, going to Wembley 4 times in 2 months and genuinely competing at the top table of English football for a couple of years. Hindsight is a great thing.
  2. OWL1969

    Todays attendance

    It meant to say in my opinion wrong. When/ if it happens I certainly wouldn't rip you a new one, I would just be happy to be watching my club play PL football against the countries top sides with the other 30k Wednesdayites. You can guarantee if it happens, some would resent our new found "glory hunters" not me if they come to cheer us on they're ok with me.
  3. OWL1969

    Todays attendance

    Tbh you make some good points and have a valid ( if in opinion wrong) argument. I replied true in relation to your comment "we will only find out when we reach the Premier League." I then made a joke about your user name, it wasn't meant to offend, nor was it a pop, just a joke. There are many clubs who since the Premier League really took off have averaged over 30k (or had huge increases) in the top flight, whose support was less than ours in the 80s and 90s (think Derby, Sunderland, Chelsea, Middlesborough, Birmingham, Stoke, Southampton, Leicester, West Brom, Sheffield United, Blackburn I'm sure I have missed others (even Wigan averaged 20k great for them). I see no reason why our Premier League attendance growth wouldn't match most of these (Sunderland and Chelsea excepted) Unless we were unfortunate enough to get there just as the inevitable PL implosion finally happens we would imo averge at least 30k.
  4. OWL1969

    Todays attendance

    Which all else would that be? You're a bit touchy, you choose your own "cack" user name As you say awesome
  5. OWL1969

    Todays attendance

    True. Understand where you get your name from now.
  6. OWL1969

    Todays attendance

    Considering the pricing it is pretty good. Averaged about 4% less than you last season but paid on average over 25% more. Still think DC is losing a couple of thousand potd per week. Also sadly you will any newcomers to Sheffield by default just simply down to both clubs pricing structures.
  7. OWL1969

    Ron Atkinson

    At the time yes, that was because most if not everybody wanted him to stay. I think that shows how good a manager he was, more than anything else.
  8. OWL1969

    Credit due to stoke city fans

    They sold out their first allocation 1,900 and were then given another allocation presumably 3k. They had sold around 2.1k pre match and were allowed to pay on the day. It wasn't a sell out in the true meaning of the word, just sold out the 1st allocation. Still was nice to em all applauding the young lad.
  9. OWL1969

    Ron Atkinson

    Didn't go last night, but saw big Ron at the League Cup anniversary. Top man. In terms of managers I've seen Big Jack was great, Wilko was/is Mr Wednesday but Big Ron was by far the best, great manager, played great attacking football, attracted big name players, massive personality, flamboyance, actually won us a major trophy (would have been many more given time imo). Legend, Love the man.
  10. No Madden wasn't injured. We had been playing 5 at the back and the fans (me included) had been clamouring for us to go more attack minded and play Chamberlain from the start. Wilkinson did this and the rest is history. That's why he got paid to be a manager whilst us know it all fans aren't.
  11. In keeping with other threads (not read this one so don't know if already suggested) Sean Clare & George Hirst.
  12. OWL1969

    Away Days 1993 - 2002

    So just out of interest have you read any of these said books? Answer yes - that means you were interested enough to read what these "sad old men boasting about thuggish and pathetic behaviour" had to say. Answer No - You have no idea whether what's stated in them is true. Either way it's either hypocritical or assumptious. Though I'm no hooligan I admit I have read a few of them, I find them quite a good read. Yes I'm sure parts are let's say twisting the truth, authors licence. (you can read about one event with 2 totally different stories) But you have to accept this and take it with pinch of salt. (They are taken from that persons perspective so will never fall completely in line) Some people enjoy telling others about what it used to be like (in them days you had stick together and fightback or face a real kicking) some (like me) can vaguely remember em but like to hear about em. Others have no recollection but still like to hear the old tales. Others aren't interested, that's not a problem, but I don't understand how these people can tell us whats said is pathetic or lies/myth if they have not read it. If you've no interest don't read it simple really.
  13. OWL1969

    Away Days 1993 - 2002

    But I'm not sure what sure is boasts and what is fact. Need you to help me sort the wheat from the chaff.
  14. OWL1969

    Away Days 1993 - 2002

    I'm planning on penning a book about the antics of the 70s & 80s. Just for purposes of accuracy can you tell me exactly which half did happen and which half didn't. Thanks in anticipation.
  15. OWL1969

    Remember this?

    Little known fact, or maybe not, maybe my memory playing tricks (I'm sure someone will let me know if so) but I'm sure these were only penalties Blair scored for us, I'm also pretty certain that he only took 5, and the others were both against the same team (QPR?) with the Luton game sandwiched in between the missed ones.