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  1. Im certainly not going down, sheep Muff doesn't sound appealing to me.
  2. Who did they lose to and was there the usual meltdown on OT?
  3. The Chansiri wrong year accounts Stadium. Has a wonderful ring to it.
  4. Not certain of the answer to this, although I thought it was this season. Would be ironic if we got charged this Season but the EFL docked us points and/or fined next Season, wouldn't that then make them guilty of the very same thing we are being charged with? I'm pretty certain it will be points, Not sure how they could work out a fine for something which is monetary. Difficult to explain why but I'll have a go Anything less than the amount we (allegedly illegally) sold the ground for, and the fine becomes pointless, ie we still made a profit on something we've been charged with gross misconduct for. Anything Close to or above what we sold the Ground for (Definetly wont happen) and The EFL would be seen to attempting to kill off one of their member Clubs. (It would be different if it we're a Club with Millions ie Man City but these Clubs don't have the need to sell their ground to make money) That's why I think it will be a points deduction and SHOULD be this season. Hopefully we will somehow fight their decision and win, but I can't see this happening, I'm expecting min 12 pts (most likely imo) maybe 15 pts and very worst scenario (Please No but they don't seem to like Wednesday) 25 points.
  5. So uncharacteristic of us!!! . Ive no Tv or RadioHas it finished yet?
  6. Midfielder Monster for me, box to Box run the show like Toure or Viera in their prime. It's a shame we can't play him, Rb, cb, and cm. Oh and striker in your opinion.
  7. That's the best way to sum how I feel about Wednesday atm. I can see the effort is there, I can see at times we play decent football, I can see no team has outplayed us, I can see we are only 2 or 3 players away from being a good Championship side. I can also see we haven't dominated any team and really battered anybody, I can see we either very nearly create very good chances and spurn most of the ones we do create, I can see when the opposition get a chance they invariably take it, I can see how nervous the players (and fans) get when the opponents have the ball in our half in the last few minutes of a game. I can see how often we give the ball away stupidly, I can we see we often go backwards when we could go forward, i can se we are too pedestrian and need a bit of pace up front and a playmaker to unlock the defences. I can see the EFL punishing us, I can see SAG wanting us out of Hillsborough. I can see we are so close but also so far away from where we want to be and that we are also so close to really struggling. Frustrating very very Bloody Frustrating.
  8. Is this a serious question? Surely any real Wednesday fan will just continue supporting our Club as usual. We won't get thrown out, but if we did I think I'd pack in watching League football and start either regularly watching Sheffield in non League or try to save up and get to some England Away matches. But that's all hypothetical, there's no way we'll get thrown out (even though everybody does seem to have it in for us at present).
  9. To be honest mate, you're right, my issue isn't with you or Mycroft. Just comments like the ones from Kobayashi that rile me. I should know better at my age, but people inferring stuff because you want your country to win at Sport wee wees me off. I wouldn't go all full St Georges outfit. But if someone else does, as you say they're free to, but they should be free to do so without being classed (by some) in a certain bracket.
  10. Yes mate. Spot on I want England to win at sport. (Guess why I'm English!) We then get replies from morons like you, calling us Mini Farages. Correct me if I'm wrong, but that sounds to me that your guessing (incorrectly) people's political opinions and maybe even slyly implying people maybe racist or xenophobic. Just because we want Our Country to win at Sport. Behave yourself fella. UTO!
  11. Hence my respone highlighting the could. It was a direct response to a question. I'm sure no one was ever fined for it, but the fact it was something being mooted by some (Express or elsewhere) is what wee wees me off.
  12. Look inwards Mini Farages? Your words. Need I say more?
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