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  1. HarryJ

    Matthew Le Tissier

    Yes, I remember this rumour. I even heard his car had been delivered. It was around that time he was supposed to be leaving Southampton ans Spurs seemed a likely destination. Anyhow shortly after we signed Chris Waddle and it all blew over. Don't think memory is playing tricks on me but had always wondered if it was just fiction so relieved to see someone else had the same memories.
  2. HarryJ

    Sports psychologist

    I see you've read the chapter on cynicism then
  3. HarryJ

    Sports psychologist

    The Secret Footballer has also published a book about how psychology can be effective in football - "How to Win". It is a good read and has some use to normal humans leading a normal life.
  4. HarryJ

    Best boss?

    I think it depends on how you want to work it out. Taken from a thread a couple of weeks ago, if win percentage then since Charlton (including him) it is Megson at 45.2%. If points per game then it is Wilkinson with 1.61. Megson is 4th on points per game and Wilkinson 2nd on win percentage. Carlos was 2nd on PPG and 3rd on win percentage. Statistics can prove anything. Prefer points per game myself.
  5. Eric McMordie also springs to mind. Scored quite a few in a very poor team.
  6. HarryJ

    No Transfer Fee 11

    If we are including the likes of Dooley, Fantham, Megson then what about Swan or Lyons for central defence and Kay for midfield. I'm sure they would have survived in this day and age too.
  7. I was there too and got the badge as I think it was only given to ST holders. Not sure if I've still got it but not seen for years. The badge came off the pin unfortunately. Quite a magical night and we won 4-2. I remember a David Ford flick header into the Kop goal. I think Alan Clarke was playing for Fulham and we tried to buy him but he chose Leicester instead. Great night though.
  8. Many thanks Millo. Couldn't remember but then again, except for that match I think he had an unmemorable time in S6.
  9. Ticker Taylor. Don't know where he came from or where he went but seemed to be instrumental in the promotion from the third division under Charlton. Then there is the left winger who scored 2 goals at Elland Road in the late 60's to knock Leeds out of the FA Cup after a 1-1 draw at Hillsborough. Can never remember his name. Showing my age I think!
  10. Well he's obviously speaking Double Dutch based on QPR's performances
  11. I also thought it was very interesting that Kirby rather than Jones was brought on last night when Jos was changing formation. It must have given him confidence that the manager trusted he could deliver and from what I saw (albeit from my armchair) he didn't let Jos down at all. In fact none of them did. I'm not sure we can play this many in a Championship match yet but last night was a great step forward for them and the academy.
  12. HarryJ

    SWFC Crop Circle !

    It's certainly been done by some cult
  13. I think there are a few interesting points in this article that show the state of football and SWFC. If/when TV pulls out of paying so much for television rights then most Premiership clubs are stuffed. A large number of clubs have more income from other sources than they do through the gate. In the Premiership I suppose a lot of this is advertising/sponsorship but this is only because they are televised so often and globally. Sheff U are totally dependent on gate income (when they were in the Pub League) but their percentage was much higher than clubs in the same or lower leagues. We weren't one of the clubs with the biggest wage overspends in the season covered. Admittedly it was only the first full season under DC but even so surprising when compared to some of the clubs in there. Finally in the graphic showing that Man U had almost as much revenue as the whole of the Championship, if the size of the shapes representing each of the clubs is in relation to their income then it shows we weren't one of the biggest clubs in the league. When you take out some of the recently relegated we were still mid-table of the remaining. I guess this probably shows why we are getting hit more by the current constraints and why prices have been rising over the last 3 years.
  14. Good one. Yes stand corrected. Will have to join them on the treatment table. Point still stands though
  15. With a name of Hugh Dowd I would have thought you would remember Connolly and O'Connell we got from Celtic. I think they could give Abdi a run for his money (well perhaps not as all 3 would end up on the treatment table)