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  1. its the lure of all that junk food
  2. Next round Chelsea just wont have a clue when they get bombarded with all this 1980's fast food
  3. needs a thick coating of salted lard
  4. mmmm reminded me of mash potato sandwiches....
  5. followed by a bowl of puffa puffa rice
  6. Is it even possible to eat a findus crispy pancake without getting third degree burns to the mouth region?
  7. Sonny Bradley for them can lose his head. target him
  8. Haha see that on periscope chat, if it goes to penalties can you run to the other end...
  9. straight to throwing a coin I think
  10. is there a ball on that periscope video?
  11. bit of atmosphere though innit?
  12. doesn't work in internet explorer but fine on chrome ta