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  1. Strewth!! thats the last time i try washing my kit in the washing machine without getting undressed first. Everythings shrunk!! the contents of my grundies have shrunk that much its as if they've gone walkabout!!
  2. Just remember the last time Brucey got us promoted (through the play offs v you) he walked before the season started as there was no money (plus our owners live on a different planet) he's not that hungry for prem status that he will work under any conditions I will be very surprised if you don't get one of the auto places next season that's obviously if you don't go up in may
  3. when brucie got us up twice we used to keep pinching ourselves because we didn't look as if we were doing anything special and didn't look miles better than most of the division, just kept picking up points and keeping it rolling along this division isn't that difficult most years but this season looks a lot easier as you lot are finding, all you need is a manager who can get results from a group of decent players, sometimes in an unremarkable way but as long as nothing major happens it all seems so simple. (just watch out for the end of season brucie teams slump that we experienced 3 times, keep them holiday brochures away from him)
  4. apologies for my team ruining this accy, we were on fire but our owners refused to invest in jan, we got two bad injuries and never played the same again. adkins hasn't been offered a new contract and neither have a few players and that could have spoiled the team spirit which was our main driving force. I hope you win on Monday and hope you and brucie do well
  5. Next round Chelsea just wont have a clue when they get bombarded with all this 1980's fast food
  6. Is it even possible to eat a findus crispy pancake without getting third degree burns to the mouth region?
  7. Haha see that on periscope chat, if it goes to penalties can you run to the other end...
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