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  1. Thank you for all your lovely messages. All the family have been reading through them all. Photo of dad with his favourite animal. He truly was Wednesday through and through.
  2. Just to update everyone. He loved this club to bits and would have been so proud of all your messages and support. Wednesday was so close to his heart.
  3. Just to update everyone. My dads still missing it’s been 56 hours now. Police are searching land, air and water today. Thank you for all your lovely messages. I have been reading them all to the family. WAWAW
  4. That’s so nice of you. Can’t thank you enough. Hes a massive owl and would be blown away with all the love.
  5. Still no news. It’s been 27 hours now. He has no money, phone or bank card. Hes the kind of bloke who has everything done for him so we’re growing increasingly worried now. Thank you for all your messages.
  6. Still no news. Thank you all for your support and kind words. He has no health issues and is so out of character.
  7. Thank you all so much. Any share on any social media is a great help. Dad left the the family home in the middle of the night for no reason on foot. Leaving behind all his Phone money and bank cards. Were getting extremely worried now has its been nearly 12 hours.
  8. I know this isn’t football related. But my dad has been missing since the earlie hours for no apparent reason. Can you all please spread the word and bring this owl home.
  9. Watching the pig match today I don’t think wilder sat down. I would just like someone with passion like his. But oviously a Wednesday man
  10. It’s true he did. I don’t think his head or heart is in it anymore. Hes played out of position and then starting on the sub bench. He hasn’t looked right the last few games unless it’s match fitness
  11. Think I must have watched a different game. Nuhiu looks like they have just picked a random fan out the stands to have a game. Ya his hearts in the right place but his footballing brain isn’t. For someone as tall as he is he’s still 50/50 winning headers.
  12. Thought the same when they announced 20k. Must have been the biggest game of hide and seek ever.
  13. Felt happier after the Derby game. Least we gave it a go. bolton and us must be the worse teams to watch in the league.
  14. Wasn’t really about what they were saying but more the pricing for kids clothes / kits. 100£ for a kids training tracksuits after touching 100£ a kit.
  15. Black Friday in the Mega Store. Before yesterday’s match I took my two boys to Meadowhall so they could make their christmas lists. Only 10 and 11 but they wanted to wait to see what was in the club shop. Training tracksuits for the kids were the same price as a Tommy Hilfiger one in JD Sports. The club could have discounted everything over the weekend and would have surely made more sense. Monopoly and last years kit along with balloons only to get 25% off. bit of me died as were season ticket holders so it wasn’t just about the money. It’s just last
  16. Not because of this game. Massive fan of Wildsmith and he has stepped up this season but we should start giving Dawson the opportunity of first team football to build his confidence too. As for a manager change I think we need to do it soon if we are or the chairman should just puplicly back him and offer a new contract to stop speculation
  17. Be more happy if he just gave a big discount next season to this years season ticket holders. My two boys already want to renew their tickets. My 9&10 years old they have just fellen in love with the club.
  18. Got myself and my two boys one. You do have to get a size bigger than you are. I’m large and it was tight so sold it on here. My boys are 9amd 10 and are tall lads but had to get 10-11 and 12-13 for them or youth large and youth xlarge
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